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Keep Calm and Go Skiing at Holimont Ski Area!



Most of us have already prepared a “to-do list” for the upcoming winters. While some will prefer watching a TV series on Netflix while enjoy a cup of hot coffee, classic lovers will wrap themselves in a warm blanket and read a book sitting by the fireplace. Only a handful of people wait for the winters to arrive so that they can pack their gears and head out for skiing. If you want to be one of the adventure-lovers this year and break the monotony of your life, this might be the right time to do it and break the shackles free.

Holimont Statistics

Base Elevation: 475 m

Summit Elevation: 689 m

Vertical Drop: 214 m

“Skiing is the next best thing to having wings.” When you ski, you fly down the mountain on the powdery snow in several turns, breathing the fresh air of mountains, and taking in all the beauty of nature. All this might sound like a dream, but this is real, this happens when you are skiing down the slopes or snowboarding down the terrains.

Deep in the foothills of Allegheny Mountains is a private ski area called the Holimont Ski Area which is accessible to the families of the United States and Canada who have the membership of this ski resort. But on non-weekdays, the non-member families can also avail the facilities, and the other new members are welcome here as well.

Nestled in Western New York, near Buffalo and Rochester, Holimont Ski Area has become a home for all the skiing and snowboarding lovers and other adventure lovers as well because Holimont has a lot to provide, yes, a lot! With the snowfall being an average of 200 inches per year, this ski resort provides various snow activities as well as summer adventures which keeps that thrill active from the very beginning itself and which never fades away.

Since this resort is a private area for skiing, the visitors do not get tired or have to stand in long queues in order to wait for their turn. They can enjoy the snow as long as they want to. They can ski for hours in a much less crowded place and enjoy the ride down the powdery slopes with their eyes feeding on the fantabulous beauty of nature for as long as they want to.

The skiable terrain stretching up to 135 acres makes Holimont Ski Area an ideal place for skiing and snowboarding and also its several unique traits make it a place where you can never run out of fun. It will be injected throughout.




Holimont has several elevations to provide. The top elevation of the Holimont reaches up to 2260 ft; the vertical drop is about 700 ft while the base elevation is 1560 ft. It has a total of 52 slopes and provides eight lifts which give access to the skiing spots. Holimont has 135 acres of snowmaking area as well.

The total number of runs provided by Holimont is 53, 26% of which is for the beginner skiers. 28% of the total run is for the intermediate skiers and 45% for the advanced runners. However, there are no runs provided for the expert level of skiers.

The facility of 3 terrain parks, six jumps, and 40 rails are also provided in Holimont Ski Area. The access to cross country trails and skating are limited because of the construction going on at the Westmont Ridge.

Lifts, snow guns, and snowmaking stations are managed by the mountain men. The ski conditions out here are unparallel. The eight lifts include six chairlifts and two surface lifts. The vertical descent is of 213 meters.

A half pipe is also provided along with the terrain parks for the snowboarders. The snowmaking covers all the trails in the Holimont Ski Area. The ski area at Holimont is best suited for intermediate skiers. However, beginner and advanced terrains are also available.

The facility of Field Stone gas fireplaces in A-frame Chalet is also provided so that people get the warm and fuzzy feeling in the cold and chilly winter. The Holimont Ski Area is not only for the ski lovers, but it is a home to cookers as well. Various hot meals are also served here so that people do not get too snowy.

Slope side ski shops are also available just in case anyone forgets to gear up; these shops are there to provide them with what they need.

Lessons and Programs



The Holimont Ski Area provides a large variety of lessons and programs for people of all age groups.  These lessons include Adult Programs, Children’s Programs, FLITE Team, Adaptive Lessons, Private Lessons, Weekday Lesson Specials, and Groups’ programs.

Several Snow sports school and racing programs are also included in the Holimont lessons and programs package.

The Holimont Racing programs include Interclub Racing, Holimont JIV, JV, and JVI Travel Entry Program, Adult Racing, Junior Snowboard Team, Freestyle Snowboard, Junior Alpine Travel Team, and Christmas Racing Camps.

Events and Attractions



Holimont Ski Area is not only famous for its comfortable and private skiing experience but also for the different events, festivals, and attractions.

Hike The Park, HoliCross CycloCross Race, and the Holimont Job Fair are among such exciting events that grab the attentions of tourists from all over the world.

Also, apart from the skiing and other snow adventures, Holimont is also a hub of different exciting activities like mountain biking, road biking, hiking, paddling, fishing, golf, music and arts, shopping, lodging, and dining.

The Ellicottville Summer Music Festival has acquired its name among the most amazing fests. All these events, attractions, and festivals have helped in making Holimont Ski Area a popular and amazing place for vacation, and it works like a magnet to all the ski and snowboard lovers.




The accommodations in Holimont Ski Area are affordable and are at a few distances from the resort. A number of hotels, cabins, cottages, etc. are provided here.

The Midscale, downtown Ellicottville hotel is one of the best hotels with four floors and 84 rooms. The facility of the heated indoor swimming pool and exercise room is also available. Microwave and refrigerator are also available in every room along with free breakfast buffet and free internet.

The Midscale, the smoke-free hotel provides 68 rooms and suites in a total of 2 floors. Heated indoor swimming pool and all the other facilities are also available.

Apart from these, several inns are also available which are built keeping in mind the necessities and comfortable levels of the people who come to stay here. So, there is no such problem related to lodging and stuff because Holimont takes care of all that apart from the snow sports, adventures, and different events.

Everyone loves the fresh smell of snow. The white crushed and powdered ice can enslave even the strongest of minds and bravest of hearts. There is no escaping when it comes to the snares that the mountains and the snow lay upon us. The snow covered peaks and slopes serve not only as a mesmerizing beauty to the eyes and soul but also as an adventure and thrilling ground to all the ski lovers and snowboarding freaks.

When the beautiful chilling aura pervades your senses, then skiing is all you need to warm you up from the core with its thrill and challenge. The transportation to freedom, that magical sense of feeling, all these can be achieved by advancing down the big balls of ice on your skis and snowboards. The sudden rush of blood in your veins can be felt by the mere mention of skiing because this is not just a sport but something more.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to have the greatest and adrenaline pumping, amazing experience of your life at Holimont Ski Area, and for that, you do not have to wait in long lines because this is a much less crowded place. And with a host of fun-filled activities on offer, every member of your family can have a great time at this place. Go on, plan a vacation and experience the thrill in the amazing Holimont Ski Area and have fun with family and friends. You cannot afford to miss it!

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