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Homewood Mountain Resort - Best Place to Enjoy Winters

For every child, winter is very special. Winter brings with it, fond memories of all those extraordinary winter things. The glow of Christmas lights, the stock of gifts, chilly atmosphere and of course, snow! There must be hardly anyone who isn’t fond of all these things. Everyone loves to play in the snow. Be it skiing or making snowman.  One would never want to miss the fun of it. Even though it snows every year, it’s charm never fades away. The comfort of sitting in front of fire to warm up during winter is like nothing else. But at least once, one should leave the fire, go out and enjoy the blessing of nature. The best way to enjoy the winter season is to go for skiing experience. 

It never hurts to go for adventure someday. In fact, if you are in a town like Homewood in the state of California, one should never miss the bliss of skiing there. Homewood is a lovely town situated in the south of Tahoe City. It has been blessed with wide ski area on the western shore of Lake Tahoe. Homewood Mountain Resort is the administration which takes care of the ski area and offers fantastic skiing experiences to people.  If you want adventurous, enjoyable yet safe skiing experience, Homewood Mountain Resort is a good option. It has got to offer you the best of all that a skiing experience should offer.

Homewood Mountain Resort awaits you to give you amazing skiing experience. 

Homewood Mountain Resort is a skiing area located on the shore of Lake Tahoe. It serves as skiing range for around 300 sunny days. It also offers mountain biking experiences during the summer. Spread over the area of 1260 acres; this resort provides widespread are for adventurous activities. It was sold to forest department in 2006, and the resort is open for skiing since 2011. It provides lodging and boarding services too.  At times, it is used as a venue for weddings. Sport wise, the resort has something to offer for a beginner to an expert. It is usually working in full swing from December to April.  There are separate divisions for different purposes, but it all comes under the Homewood Mountain Resort. A perfect place to ski and have fun, Homewood Mountain Resort attracts tourists from all over the region. 

Specialties of the Homewood Mountain Resort:

Homewood Mountain Resort is spread over an area of about 1260 acres with top elevation at 2402 meters and base elevation at 1899 meters. There are total 60 runs, different for beginners, intermediate learners and experts, and seven lifts. Pleasurable activities like mountain biking attract the visitors. But what amazes them more is that the access is given to visitors, especially for adventurous activities beyond the resort’s traditional boundaries. It gives them access to additional 750 acres apart from the accommodation area on the flanks of Ellis Peak. The adventurous activities happen in groups of 10 so as to make sure their safety. The equipment requirement is very strict again for the security of the visitors. 

Advanced and professional skiers are allowed to go on their own. But otherwise private tours are organized for beginners where there can be helpers to guide them. A unique feature of Homewood Mountain Resort is the on-mountain dining service provided by them. Imagine enjoying the warmth of food with your loved one on the top of a mountain where a valley forms a beautiful backdrop! This makes this resort a must visit place on everyone’s list. They also have a sports shop to accommodate to needs of the first time skiers. You can buy from skis and poles to jackets and sunglasses and their souvenirs too.  The equipment is available for rental also. So now, don’t worry about food or preparation or anything. Just visit and enjoy your time, make whatever you like it, adventurous visit or sports shopping visit or a perfect out of the box date. 

Why is Homewood Mountain Resort an excellent option for your winter adventures?

The runs are very comfortable and easy for the beginners, so it gives them a good practice. For those who are experts, they can visit the when they want something really easy, just to enjoy the snow without much of an adventure for them. It offers a training center too which can help you learn well and enhance your skiing skills.

The resort is family friendly. They have something to offer to all age groups. It’s very safe for children too. Special care is taken for the safety of everyone. The staff is also friendly and cordial to make sure that the visitors feel comfortable while embracing new experiences and at the same time, have fun. 

The resort offers different discount offers by issuing season passes and children passes. These are available at discounted rates. They save money of buying a pass every time you visit. Plus your efforts are also reduced. 

One wonderful feature of this resort is that you can do the checking and booking passes online. On the official website of the resort, one can check the availability of the services required and make the bookings right away. It’s done just in a click. 

The resort offers the rental venues for weddings also. Not only the venue but other services too. There are wedding packages available. If you're not happy with already existing packages, you can customize the package as per your choice. All services right from bridal services to photography are available under these packages. You can also enjoy private chef services in case you are not happy with the resort food and relish top quality food on offer. 

Ski school is one of the outstanding features of this resort. There are highly qualified and experienced instructors in the ski school. There are different sessions held depending upon age and level of the person. The classes are from beginner to advanced levels. The instructors understand people who have different skiing experiences, and they guide them depending upon that. Apart from adult sessions and children sessions, there can be private sessions and classes planned and held just for you and your family. 

Skiing is a sport but more importantly, it is a way in which you enjoy the blessings of nature. It allows you to connect to the natural environment and takes away all the stress you endure every day otherwise. It gives you the opportunity to rejuvenate your mind and body and get back to routine in a fresh mood. For nature admirers, it offers beautiful and picturesque landscapes which relax their mind. For the people who love adventures, it gives the opportunity to spend their energy on and take home much more than skiing experience. It adds on to their personal experiences as well. And Homewood Mountain Resorts takes care of both these things. 

Due to smaller group sizes, there is a sense of unity and responsibility of each other which increases chances of bonding well with them. It definitely adds on to your people skills and gives you stories to tell years down the line. The accommodating staff makes you feel like coming back again which multiplies your happiness.  Natural beauties and discounts are just like the cherry on top. 

And if you want to plan an outing for your group for skiing, you can safely think of Homewood Mountain Resort as your first options. After all, with every outing, what you take away from it depends much upon the management of the place and you can be assured to take home a bundle of memories from here. So pack your bags and go. With so many things on offer, you must not miss out on visiting this place!

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