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Everyone has their way of welcoming the new seasons and celebrate its arrival.  Some enjoy the drizzle of the rains, while some enjoy the fall. Some enjoy the summer breeze while some enjoy the snowy winter. One factor that stands important to enjoy any season is the connection with nature. If one has that, then there is nothing like that feeling.  One can simply enjoy the rain whenever he wants. He doesn’t need a special preparation for that. Same goes for fall and summer too. But for winter, one needs to have special safeguards in place to protect oneself. Also, you can enjoy the rain in your backyard simply. But if you want to enjoy the snow, there is no place better than a ski resort.


Hoodoo Statistics

Base Elevation: 4668 feet

Summit Elevation: 5703 feet

Vertical Drop: 1035 feet

A ski resort is very important for anyone to learn skiing and to do it rightly and safely while enjoying the joy of it. It’s quite a task to find a well-equipped and safe resort. But if you are anywhere near Oregano, you need not worry because Hoodoo Ski Area is to your rescue.

Hoodoo ski area- Oregano's pride



Hoodoo ski area is situated on the west coast of the United States of America. It is located near Santiam Pass in Oregon. Spread over an area of 806 acres; this resort offers a lot of adventurous opportunities for the snow lovers. In total there are 32 runs in this resort and the longest run is one mile. This resort has a long history. It was built in 1938 and was owned by different authorities over time. Gradually, little by little, facilities were added to this resort. Initially, it was used only for skiing and snowboarding was started later. In 1940, the three-story lodge was built up which could house as much as 100 guests over there. After that, it took a few years before the other developments took place. In later years, chairlifts facility was also started for the visitors. In 1999, this resort was acquired by a developer and the changes were made to make it suitable for a modern day resort.


The Hoodoo Ski Area resort is one of the most popular resorts of the west coast. Situated in north-western part, this resort receives good snowfall. The Hoodoo Ski Resort is located at an elevation of 315 meters. Top elevation is at 1738 meters, and base elevation is at 1423 meters. Lifts available are in good quality. Three of the available are quads, and there’s one of each double and triple.

Distinct features of this Mountain Resort -



Hoodoo ski area resort offers the thrilling experience of night skiing. It is available there on Fridays and Saturdays. This adventure assures you fabulous weekend with a refreshing experience

Skiing at night with chilly air breezing past you while watching breathtaking view of the mountain is one must have experience for everyone. Adding to that, if it is offered to you on weekends, you can enjoy this fabulous experience with your friends and family.

Another feature of this fantastic ski resort is its rental packages. Not everyone owns all the essentials of snow sport and taking this into consideration; the resort has opened a rental shop where you can rent all the equipment as per your requirements. The packages are specialized for adults and children. There are different packages available which usually vary on the hours you need them for. The packages range from all day packages to marathon and swing packages. They also offer a demo of the equipment which adds a distinctive element.  The packages start from $20 and go up to $50. There are also rentals that are available for the whole season for only you. Regular skiers prefer then that way. Apart from skis, there are also Nordic rentals. There are snow toys made available to cater to the needs of children who rather prefer to play rather than ski.

The ticket deals available at this resort are very well priced and affordable when compared to other resorts, but their qualitative value is very high. There are various packages and special deals on offer for people from different age groups.  Kids who are five years or younger are permitted to the resort free of cost. There’s an adult package which costs the most. Children who are aged from 6 to 12 and senior citizens above the age of 65 are permitted at a discounted rate inside the resort. The rates are a little higher during the peak days of winter break and winter carnival.  One can easily upgrade his or her day package tonight package with slightly more cost. They also offer good packages for beginners which are limited to only easy lifts, but as one gets used to it, it is easy to upgrade the packages to higher lifts.

The lodging packages of the resort are extremely attractive.  The hospitality being excellent, visitors are excited to spend their winter vacation at this resort. The accommodation facilities allow you to stay in the resort and enjoy the resort for two days. The rates start from $185 per night. The catchiest feature of this overnight package is that it fetches you either two adults skiing passes for free or tubing passes for the entire family of four people.

For the ones who do not know skiing, there is a training facility as well. Almost all the ski resorts have this facility of training centers. But what makes this resort different from the others is their quality of training on offer.  These trainers help people to ski and ride. They offer extensive practice sessions which allow the learners to develop and enhance their skills. The mentors are experienced and very careful while giving lessons to the learners.

Safety wise also Hoodoo Ski Area Resort has taken many precautions. There are chairlifts for children. They have well-defined codes of conduct, and there are guards around the skiing area. Beginners aren’t allowed to ski in areas that are steeper. The resort is family friendly. They have something to offer to all age groups, and it’s very safe for children too. Particular care is taken by Hoodoo Ski Resort to ensure the safety of everyone. The staff is also friendly to make sure that the visitors feel comfortable while embracing new experiences.

Skiing is a sport but more importantly, it is a way in which you enjoy the blessings of nature. It allows you to connect to the natural environment and takes away all the stress you endure every day otherwise. It gives you the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your mind and body and get back to routine in a fresh mood. For nature admirers, it offers beautiful and picturesque landscapes which relax their mind. For the people who love adventures, it gives the opportunity to spend their energy on and take home much more than skiing experience. It adds on to their personal experiences as well. Snowboarding is also amazing to experience during winter. It satiates your adventurous needs as well as offers a feeling of serenity.  And Hoodoo Ski Area Resorts takes care of both these things.

Due to smaller group sizes, there is a sense of unity and responsibility of each other which increases chances of bonding well with them. It definitely adds on to your people skills and gives you stories to tell years down the line. The accommodating staff makes you feel like coming back again which multiplies your happiness.  Natural beauties and discounts are just like the cherry on top.

If you want to plan an outing for your group for skiing, you can safely think of Hoodoo Ski Area Resort as your first options. After all, with every outing, what you take away from it, depends much upon the management of the place and you can be assured to take home a bundle of memories from here. And with so many fun things on offer at the Hoodoo Ski Area, you can expect a lot of fun, thrill, and excitement here with your family and friends. So pack your bags and go!

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