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Ski resort Hörnle – Bad Kohlgrub – enjoy skiing at one of the finest ski resorts in Germany!

The people who haven’t tried skiing yet need to know what they have been missing out in their vacations. Why does anyone need a vacation? It is required so that one can take some time off his or her hectic and tiring life and enjoy some peace. So that one gets to spend some quality time with his friends and family with no worries surrounding whatsoever. And you need to know that skiing is a very relaxing sport once you get the hold of it. When you smoothly drift your way in the snow with amazing picturesque natural beauty on your sides, there is not even a single thing in your mind that has the capability of taking your peace away because that experience is unbeatable. So to try out this beautiful sport, there are a lot of ski resorts for you to choose from. One such excellent resort is Ski Hörnle – Bad Kohlgrub ski resort which has all the things a skiing enthusiast might be looking for. Located in the Ammergauer Alpen Holiday Region, Bavaria, Germany, The Ski Hörnle – Bad Kohlgrub ski resort has just what beginners and intermediates of skiing might be looking for. With an astonishing view, the resort offers you just the calm your soul needs. It is a beautiful location to spend time with your family.

Hörnle – Bad Kohlgrub Statistics

Base Elevation: 2953 ft

Summit Elevation: 4593 ft

Vertical Drop: 1640 ft

Being located in Ammergauer Alpen Holiday region, the resort offers you beautiful mountain ranges to relax your body and soul. It is a small resort but offers a great range of slopes and awesome views to the visitors. The ski resort’s winter sports area has an elevation range between 1000 meters (3280 feet) and 1400 meters (4593 feet). The resort offers slopes optimum for beginners and intermediates.

How to reach

The Ski Hörnle – Bad Kohlgrub ski resort is accessible by all means of transportation. One can reach there by driving his car or taking a bus and even by air. If you are driving your car up there, then you need to reach Garmisch Autobahn, and the resort is at a distance of 30 kilometres from there with an approximately 31 minutes of driving time. You need to access via Autobahn A95 Munich-Garmisch and take the exit from Sindelsdorf to reach Tannenbackerl Lift, Stickelsgrabenstraße, 82433 Bad Kohlgrub, Germany where you can park your car. There’s only a 2 Euro fee per day for parking your car. A direct train connection is not available, but one can reach Munich via train or by air. The resort is 129 kilometres from the Munich airport which is approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes driving time. One can make use of the scheduled buses that can take you to the resort.

Ski Lifts

It is necessary for a resort to have ski lifts because they are required to take passengers up and down the slopes. A total of 5 lifts is available in the resort with a full capacity of carrying 3220 passengers per hour. The total lift length is 3.6 kilometres (2.23 miles). Out of the five lifts, 1 is the chairlift type, one rope tow lift and 3 T-bar type lifts. The chairlift type is a unique one being a double chairlift which means the chair automatically swings back when leaving. The main season day ticket costs a $21.34 (20 Euros) for adults and $14.93 (14 Euros) for children.

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

The Hörnle – Bad Kohlgrub ski resort offers just the right slopes for easy and intermediate level skiers. A total of 9 kilometres (5.53 miles) of slopes is available for skiing. The longest run available has a total length of 3.8 kilometres (2.36 miles). Also available are two valley runs for both easy and intermediate levels both from Hoernle to Bad Kohlgrub. Beginners: 6 kilometres (3.72 miles) out of the nine are allocated to the beginner level. So if you know only a little about skiing, then you need not worry about anything because you have just the right slopes available to suit you. Intermediate: 3 kilometres (1.86 miles) of slopes have been allocated to the intermediate level skiers. So, if you want to enhance your skills in this winter sport, then you’ve come to the right place. The resort features family run type of slopes. The beginner level slopes are located near the base of the Hörnle – Bad Kohlgrub ski resort. Also, the run location in the resort under tree line is available.

Ski School

If you don’t know how to ski, you need not worry at all because the Hörnle – Bad Kohlgrub ski resort offers you a skiing course where expert trainers teach you how to ski from the very basics. So book your skiing course right now at the Bad Kohlgrub ski school. The course fee is $96 (90 Euros) for two people.

Accommodation and Lodging facilities

A lot of options for accommodation and lodging are available in the Ammergauer Alpen Holiday region where the resort is located. The available hotels feature all kinds of amenities one can wish for on vacation. One can choose from the wide range of options on the basis of one’s budget or comfort or whatever factor he looks for. Some of the available options are: Parkhotel is Soier See Hotel: Located in the Ammergauer Alps, the hotel offers a serene view of nature to enjoy on your vacation. The hotel has 66 rooms and a 1500 square meters of the spa area with Panorama Pool. It has multi-cuisine restaurants and a bar as well to offer. The hotel is close to SoierLake and is at a distance of only 7 kilometres from the Hörnle – Bad Kohlgrub ski resort. It is the top most accommodation facility available near the resort. So the hotel facilities are excellent and offer all kinds of modern amenities like free Wi-Fi, spas and what not. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your flights and your stay in the Ammergauer Alpen Holiday region to enjoy the skiing, the king of winter sports at the Hörnle – Bad Kohlgrub ski resort. Have fun!

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