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The Perfect Skiing Location – Hunt Hollow Ski Club

Winter is infamous as the ‘hibernation’ season and pretty true it is. Isn’t this? All we desire in the cold months of winter is to sit in solitude in a warm place- sitting with our blanket, in front on the majestic couch straight in front of the fireplace. With the chilling, biting winds blowing outside and the risk of catching the infamous winter cold and cough, winter sounds a bit boring, right. This winter, compel yourself to get out of your comfort zone and take a break from the cabin fever by going on a trip to the mountains. And not just a trip, but an adventurous journey. This winter, go on a skiing trip to the splendid location of Hunt Hollow Ski Club and have an amazing and the most fun-filled time of your life with family and friends; return with memories to cherish forever.

Let’s take a look at what makes Hunt Hollow Ski Club for an amazing experience and what all the Resort has to offer to you: 



Hunt Hollow Statistics

Base Elevation: 1000 feet

Summit Elevation: 2030 feet

Vertical Drop: 825 feet

Hunt Hollow Ski Club, established in 1967, is a ski resort located in Naples; a city in Florida, New York. Located within a short span from many prominent cities, it has a route easy to navigate and on a highway stretch. Lying within the driving range of many prominent cities, Hunt Hollow Ski Club is only at a distance of 10 miles from Honeoye, 40 miles from Rochester, 25 miles south of Canandaigua, 30 miles from Dansville, 60 miles from Elmira, 35 miles from Geneva and 50 miles from Corning. This resort holds its place within the easily accessible range and serves as the first option for many; making it one of the finest places to visit with your family this upcoming winter and have a fun-filled day out there in the snow.




The resort lays claim to a lift-served vertical drop of 825 feet. The base elevation at Hunt Hollow Ski Club is 1000 feet high above sea level with the top elevation at the height of 2030 feet. The resort experiences an annual snowfall of about 35 inches.

Lifts and Trails

The Hunt Hollow Ski Club has a total skiable area of around 400 acres. The resort features a total of 19 runs, Out of these beginner runs are 32%, intermediate runs account for 21%, while 37 % are for advanced and 11% runs are exclusive for the experts. The longest run spans an area of 1 mile. The resort features one terrain park and 2.5 miles of cross-country trails. Double Black Diamond trails are relatively rare in Western New York resorts, and the resort offers two of them provided you have a membership card.

The resort features the following four lifts:

  • 3,200-foot double chair
  • 800 foot T-Bar
  • 3,000-foot triple chair
  • 600-foot surface lift

The resort has an area of 44 acres reserved for snowmaking, one of the largest snowmaking areas in Western New York.

Unique Attractions



Hunt Hollow Ski Club offers its guests and visitors the following special facilities:

  • Mogul trail
  • Mountainside Residences
  • Four season activities
  • Premier Race Team program for ages six and above
  • Nationally accredited Snowsports School – clinics with nationally recognized professionals

Membership Passes and Rental Service

Hunt Hollow Ski Club offers two kinds of season passes:

The Business Season Pass: These are the transferable season passes, valid for any time be it a weekend or a weekday when the resort is open, during the first year, you also get one free private meeting room rental worth $350. With Business Passes, you also get the opportunity to invite guests and purchase additional lift tickets.

Membership Passes: These passes come under Trial Membership and Permanent Membership Pass. With the Trial Membership Pass, you can avail the benefits only for one year. With Membership Passes, you get to skip the long queues for lift tickets, enjoy the Double Black Diamond Trails and avail attractive discounts on snowboarding and skiing.

The resort also provides with the facility of renting equipment at the resort. It will make you fully equipped and ready before you go on the slopes. The resort offers well-maintained equipment to children and adults alike be it skis, boots, snowshoes or snowboards. Rent anything you need for skiing well in advance for attractive discounts.

Not getting time to get your skiing equipment repaired? Don’t worry. Get your personal equipment sharpened and improved here while you have fun outside.

Skiing Lessons



You should not miss out on all the fun just because you have never skied! The Resort offers training to beginners, juniors and children. The resort also offers six week training program , priced at $250 for all the members of the resort. Hunt hollow Ski Club has also intoduced ski and snowboarding camps that are open to all ability levels. The camps save as a great way to learn how to ski and ride and improve your skill with various others who share a common interest with you. The groups are allotted according to age and ability and you end up making lots of fun friends. 

Lodging and Resort Services



The Hunt Hollow Ski Club has its own Lodge. The Lodge is a comfortable place to hang out around with friends, eat, drink and sleep away the exhaustion of the skiing trip. The Lodge provides you with not only a refreshing and relaxing ambience but also with spacious gathering and restaurant area, meeting rooms, rental shop, ski shop, outdoor grills, private lockers, childcare room and also the convenience of an on – site caterer.

Visitors can also find accommodations at reasonable prices in the nearby hotels and inns of Honeoye and Canandaigua.


A trip to Hunt Hollow Ski Club will cost your pocket about $45- $150 depending on the activities you opt for, number of lifts you go for. The resort scores under the average pricing column as compared to other ski clubs in the area. Snow valley is cost effective not only in the terms of pricing of the facilities offered. Hunt Hollow Ski Club is cost effective not only in the terms of pricing of the facilities offered but also the price is a good value to the skiable area provided.

Activities available



Apart from skiing, the 19 runs, 1 terrain park and 4 lifts, Hunt Hollow Ski Club also offers tubing, snow making, night skiing and snowboarding to the guests. You can also enroll for the annual Hunt Hollow Race Team event. The resort also hosts monthly group skiing events.

Scenic beauty of the terrain, cool winds blowing, snow laden valleys, the snow covered trees and plants – this is just a small glimpse of what the resort will offer you besides the skiing experience. So tie up your laces, put on your warmest coats and gear up for an icy adventure. Come experience the cold air just brushing past your cheeks, the small specks of snow that fly around your head when you ski, the thrill of racing with your friends. Experience a day without the hustle bustle of the city and free from the gadgets that have enslaved us. The feeling that you get when you are sliding down the slope or when the cool breeze rushes down your face as you admire the snow laden mountains can’t be understood unless you have felt it. A solitary walk in the snow opens up your mind to self –introspection, clear up all the negative and unnecessary thoughts and gives you a fresh breath towards life.

With so much on offer at the Hunt Hollow Ski Club, you and your family can have a great time at the resort, enjoying a wide range of activities offered. So go ahead, plan a vacation and come experience all this at Hunt Hollow Ski Club this winter and have a fun-filled vacation time with family and friends and bring home memories to cherish forever.

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