Hunter Mountain-USA

Hunter Mountain: A Spellbound and Lavish Affair



Winters have different plans for everybody, everywhere and the sports enthusiasts begin their warm-up sessions as snow sets in around them making everything beautiful. All of you who are active joggers and runners throughout the year this season is no less, get a hold of your snow boots, snowboards, and skis for some active participation. Well if you aren’t much of a sports person not to worry if only you have the will to learn to ski then you are on the right track already. Skiing and snowboarding are exclusive winter sports and are easy to learn for first timers hence a lot of people like to take it up as a challenge to perform and excel.


Hunter Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 1600 feet

Summit Elevation: 3200 feet

Vertical Drop: 1600 feet

Initially, everything seems difficult but eventually after a hit and a drop and some courage you are sure to learn the art of skiing much to your delight. Skiing is one of the easiest sports, and the beginner’s phase is the best because you never realize how good you have become with practice and that too how soon. If you believe in practice and hard work, then you will master this art in very few days. Snowboarding, on the other hand, is comparatively difficult and a rather long process. One needs to practice under supervision and guidance at all times.

You are never too old for anything fun and always keep your inner kid awake for you to revisit your childhood. This winter gets out of your moody offices and takes a trip to Hunter’s Mountain for an experience to cherish forever.




The spirit of the winter season has lightened many souls and to have a memorable time; Hunter Mountains situated just three hours in the northwest region of New York is a real catch. Mountains have their own mysteries and to solve these it is mandatory for one to explore them and unravel their dark secrets. These beautiful mountains have spooky tales to tell and a visit there will let you dwell into these puzzles.

New York City is engulfed with skyscrapers everywhere and it looks like a museum of buildings, and there are no lands or greens in the downtown area. For all those who work five days a week at these corporate offices, their lives get submerged into piles of paperwork behind closed doors. If you are one of those office junkies then let loose from work and take a weekend trip to the Hunter Mountain to relive those childhood memories of family vacations with colleges. Everyone requires a break once in a while so why not treat yourself to an unforgettable snow vacation to regain your jolly self-post long work hours.  This is like a home away from home as the resort provides with top class amenities from lavish dining facilities to comfortable lodging availabilities.


Hunter Mountain ski area is a privately owned resort hence maintaining quality and managing customer service is their priority. The resort was opened by a group of people in business in the mid 50’s who intended to stimulate the economy after the infamous World War II. During that time skiing was becoming a favorite sport. Hence, the resort got a strong head start in the beginning.




This resort is closest from Albany, New York and can be reached by road and is just a few hours drive. It is one of the oldest ski resorts in this region that provides with a great skiing experience till date. This resort is well organized and has all the posh it needs to make it the most sought after place.


The 49 Degrees North Winter Sports Foundation is focused on the promotion and spread of alpine and recreational cross country skiing in the country. The foundation is based on the philosophy of encouraging and thereby helping academic achievements, and also helps in promoting the positive aspects of discipline, character building, sportsmanship and in deciding a goal for one’s life and working towards it with full passion.


The trails are based on preferred difficulty, distance, or scenery. Hikes are for those who want to do some serious walking and climbing. At this resort, people can decide to do something other than snow activities. There are 58 total trails, and 30% is easy which is for beginners and learners while another 30% for intermediate, 27% advanced and the rest 13% of experts and professionals. This makes Hunter Mountain indeed a great place to ski and have fun for ski lovers


The visitors are indeed taken for in every way, from providing parking for their vehicles to proper commute to and fro the resort. A total of 10 lifts is available at the base out of which six are detachable six passenger chairlift with a 5,500m length, 1475 feet vertical drop and with a capacity of 3000 passengers per hour. The others include a Quad Chair, Carpet Lift and transport a total of 16,990 people every hour. These lifts let you have a glimpse of the mesmerizing mountains and the scenery nearby.




Hunter holds records for being the first resort in the world to create history by being able to produce snow from the base to the summit in the year 1967. They achieve 100% artificial snow which provides with an extra special experience for all the snow lovers visiting this place. There are plenty of water resources and enough air circulation on the mountains for all the equipment to work hassle-free. Around 1,100 snow machines and snow, guns are installed to provide snow during times when there is less natural snowfall.


All the slopes and parks are groomed for a better experience. Special machines are bought in for maintaining the terrain parks, producing a consistent land area and skiable terrain.

Other Facilities

New Yorkers love doing everything with class, so to meet their expectations Hunter Mountain offers fantastic high-class amenities at the base lodge that include featuring a grand dining room with 300 seats, sauna, health club, an indoor swimming pool,  and massage rooms for the visitors to enjoy themselves to the fullest. They have a very progressive snow tubing park for all the kids to have some fun of their own. The snow tubing park is a fun activity for kids and adults alike and doesn’t require immense training or coaching and they have a safety measure in case of any issues. Click some family pictures while snow tubing with the entire family. Snowboarding facility is also available.


This resort has a Mountain Club Luxury Hotel and comfortable condos for a perfect couple, family or friend group get away. Even delectable food is available here at the popular restaurants on the base of the mountain. You can relish some of the finest cuisines with your family and friends, cooked by top-notch chefs after a day of fun-filled activities.




In case if you do not know anything about skiing and wish to learn it from the very basics then worry not, they have you covered under expert hands. Their coaching sessions are engaging, and they have terrain according to your needs. Hunter’s Learning Centre has won many awards. Tough jumps for experts as well as plain terrains for beginners everything under one roof is offered here.

Well, you must have visited this place for festive gatherings or weddings before, now is your turn to experience high-quality skiing and hiking facilities with your families. If you are looking out for the best place with top notch facilities and royal amenities, then this resort is where you should be this winter. Also, a number of fun activities like snow shoeing, snow boarding and a wide range of other fun things on offer make this resort a class apart. Enjoy and make some unforgettable memories atop the premier winter destination at Hunter Mountain Ski Resort. So stop thinking and book your tickets for a gala time. Visit Hunter Mountain with family and friends and have a great time enjoying the various fun activities, and return with memories to cherish forever.

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