Skiing in the Alps - Isny, Germany

No matter how tired you are, nature always has a way to soothe you, to heal you and to refresh you. Be it any season of the year or any time of the day. During summer, the colorful world and breeze will welcome you. During spring, blossoms will welcome you. And during winter, snow will welcome you. Open fields, countryside, villages are some of the best places to spend your summer and fall. But for winter, if you want to enjoy your winter with a touch of adventure to it, you have no other option but find a good mountain resort. There are several places to have fun playing winter sports in Germany, but none beat the rustic Alpine beauty of Isny im Allgäu. Located in south eastern Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Isny is known for its lovely view of the German Alps. At an elevation of 704 m (2,310 ft), hosting a total of 5 ski lifts, Isny’s skiing provisions allow you to participate in two kinds of skiing: Alpine skiing Cross country skiing

Isny Statistics

Base Elevation: 740 m

Summit Elevation: 960 m

Vertical Drop: 220 m

Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing in Isny is generally for toboggans, sleds, families going skiing with their children, and beginners looking to boost their way to the bigger ski areas in Germany. Three main ski lifts operate here, the Feldhalde lift, the Fluckenlift and a large lift on the Iberg peak near Riedholz. The Feldhalde lift is present close to Isny’s Old Town and is a beginner’s ski slope, mainly used by children and beginners. There is a ski school, the Snow Sports School, which teaches Skiing and Snowboarding at three levels: beginner, advanced and special, for children. This ski lift is open on weekdays from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm, and on weekends from 10 am onwards. The Fluckenlift, located 6 km (3.7 miles) from Isny, consists of the main slope, which experienced skiers use, and a flatter practice slope used by children and beginners. This lift is more suited for experts and has a functioning floodlight system, which allows skiers to stay out later than on the other slopes. The Iberg lift is a large lift which takes the skier to three ski slopes marked red, exclusively for practised expert skiers. There is also a small lift in this area which takes the skier to two downhill beginner runs, marked blue, and an exercise slope. There are several schools, apart from the Snow Sports School, in Isny and Maierhöfen which help beginners and children ski down the peaks of Isny, such as the Rudhart Ski and Snowboarding School, which teaches Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding and Nordic Fitness.

Cross-country Skiing

Isny also has the provision of nine certified cross-country skiing or hiking trails in the Allgäu region, all of which together are approximately 60 km (37.28 miles) long. As per regulation, these cross-country ski runs are laid simultaneously with DSV-certified tracks.

There are four main tracks of the nine total in Isny:

Beurener Loipe Badseeloipe Jägerhof Loipe Waldloipe Beurener Loipe is about 6 km (3.7 miles) long and starts at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. It is a moderately difficult run and provides a view of a lake from the higher slopes of Braunenberg, as well as a Höllenmoos forest through a valley on the way. Badseeloipe is another moderately difficult run, about 9 km (5.6 miles) long, starting at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. It runs around a 47 hectare (116 acres) frozen lake, descending steeply from the village to the lake shore. Jägerhof Loipe is an 8 km (4.9 miles) long run along the northern slopes of the Menelzhofer mountain. With steep ascents and descents along the mountain and a flatter terrain in the valley, this run is mainly for experts, rated difficult. It starts at the Parish Church of St. Margareta and goes through mixed coniferous forests as well as open plains. Waldloipe is a 2.1 km (1.3 miles) long run which is directly connected to the cross-country stadium of Isny. As the stretch of the turning point of the run is flat, it contributes well to the technical learning of classical styles of skiing. Disabled or retired athletes with are known to use this ski area to train for cross-country ski competitions due to its perfect condition. It is family friendly and is a moderately difficult run. These trails are mostly illuminated using floodlights and have several safety precautions along the way. There are also trails which allow for hiking without skiing, such as the trails of Feldholzhöhe, Gschwend and Rotmoos, all of which are clearly marked trails to enjoy the lovely views without the burden of ski equipment. These trails are accessible to intermediate levels and open up into light forests, moorlands, streams and ponds, all at promising heights. However, hikers must stay on the marked trails and must be careful not to disturb the protected animals in the forests.


The cross-country and alpine skiing areas are generally only open in the snow season, which is from December onwards. However, as Isny is at a relatively low altitude on the Alps, snow cover can be variable, and thus prospective skiers must look to the forecast over Isny to know the ideal season to ski in.


There are several hotels and ski resorts in Isny, such as the Schwärzenlifte, which is 22 km (13 miles) from Isny, about 30 minutes by car. The resort is perfect for families with children as it provides towing, skis and toboggans. Other hotels include the Hotel Gasthof Krone and the Allgäuer Terrassen Hotel, both of which are close to both cross-country and alpine skiing areas, and also provide skiing amenities to families that stay there. Isny proper is a one hour’s drive from three airports, the Friedrichshafen Airport, the Memmingen Airport and the St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, therefore allowing tourists to reach the skiing areas more quickly. For the purchase and maintenance of Ski Equipment, there are several Isny sports shops. Outdoor and Sports offers ski, snowboard and snowshoe rentals, as does Sports Lingg, and Sports Haschko offers a repair and wax service for equipment. Isny im Allgäu is, thus, a go-to destination for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts, as well as families out to enjoy the peace of nature.

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