Jackson Hole-USA

Jackson Hole – Skiing Lovers’ Delight!

In between the Gros Ventre Range and the Teton Mountain Range in Wyoming, lies a valley called the Jackson Hole Mountain. Men and trappers who entered the hole earlier had to go through steep slopes as they entered in through the East and North, and so they added a ‘hole’ after its name. Mountains surround these valleys and many rivers and streams flow through this area, making them a suitable habitat for fur-bearing animals like beavers.

In 1893, when there was no post office in the town, Margret Simpson named the town Jackson after David Edward Davey Jackson, as she had, until then, been receiving mail at her home. Davey Jackson was also among the first men who spent entire winters in the valley of Teton Mountains. The first people to settle here for year round establishments were the Native Americans, who were followed by fur trappers, who were followed by homesteaders. The valley was used for feeding cattle, as it was unsuitable for farming. It soon became a tourist hotspot after the establishment of dude ranches.