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Another year and yet again, another winter! Winters are the most anticipated season of all. There is possibly no substitute for the picturesque scenic beauty of snowfall, the chilly weather when we yearn for a cup of cocoa, the snow-covered mountain peaks and the essence of a winter wonderland. As the years go by and we continue to fulfill our responsibilities, we are entitled to a respite to get us back on our tracks with more vigor and the willingness to progress further. The oncoming of the winter is the perfect indication for you to take a break and enjoy your vacation with your dear and near ones. So stop having any second thoughts and prepare to brace yourself for many snow fights and various other adventurous SnowSports!


Jay Peak Statistics

Base Elevation: 1815 feet

Summit Elevation: 3968 feet

Vertical Drop: 2153 feet

If you are planning a weekend get-away and searching for places to reside in, just book your reservation at Jay Peak Ski Resort which is the exact combination of Fun and Comfort. The resort is based at 830 Jay Peak Road, Vermont 05859, USA and is specifically located in northern Vermont, close to Canada and Burlington. Jay Peak Resort is a four-season resort and also one of the venerable preferences of most skiers and riders. The highlight of this resort is that it is, very confidently, the East’s best skiing and snowboarding resort. jay peak is one of the biggest and fun-filled ski resorts in the area with a passionate group of loyalists who keep going back to fulfill their desires. So, the Jay Peak Resort stands out as the perfect winter retreat for all you people who are starving for some fun and frolic.




The resort is located in the western part of the United States, and is a ski resort that finds itself located in the Colville National Forest in Stevens County, Washington. It is at a distance of 10 miles (16 km) east of Chewelah and 42 miles (68 km) north of Spokane which makes it readily available from the highways connecting these towns.


The resort lays claim to a lift-served vertical drop of 1851 feet. The base at 49 degrees north ski resort is at an elevation of 3,923 feet (1,196 m) from the sea level while the highest peak is located at an altitude of 5,774 feet (1,760 m) on Chewelah Mountain, which gives a vertical drop of 1,851 feet (564 m). The resort experiences an annual snowfall of about 301 inches.

Terrain Map



The Jay Peak Resort is sprawled across three hundred and eight five acres of land and provides a massive expanse of terrain for skiing and other snow-related activities. It also offers a graded terrain of one hundred plus acres.  There is a total of seventy-eight trails with nine lifts (One Tram, Four Quads, One Triple, One Double and Two Surface lifts) and the entire three hundred and eighty-five acres make up for the skiable terrain. It has a summit elevation of 3,968 feet and the base elevation being 1,815 feet, and all this guaranteed to ensure you a time of your life!

For Learner: Out of the total seventy-eight trails, twenty percent of it belongs to beginners and amateurs who are grasping the knowledge of skiing and snowboarding. These runs are relatively easy, and they are purposely designed in that to ensure the safety precautions as well as the learning capacity of every individual.

For Transitional: Forty percent of the total number of trails is allotted for the intermediate skiers who are still learning the details and intricacies of such snow activities. These trails and slopes are slightly challenging than the tracks available for the beginners but are not overly difficult which will help the transitional skiers to master their level of skiing and also practice efficiently.

For Advanced: A total of forty percent of the total seventy-eight trails are allotted for the masters of skiing who are prepared to take on challenging curves and slopes when it comes to skiing.  This terrain is reserved for those skiers who have easily conquered the rest of the trails and are ambitious to take on the formidable ones.

So as you can understand, the Jay Peak Ski Resort has been sincerely methodical to create trails and slopes in accordance with the suitability and ability level of al skiers.

Back To School



The Jay Peak Resort has never missed out the opportunity of introducing the form of skiing and snowboarding to the first-timers of this sport. It provides generously allotted ski and snowboarding lessons to anyone whether they are novices at snow sports or veterans. Together, they help to achieve the task of firmly securing the sport of skiing and snowboarding. For private lessons of all ages, an hour costs $85 for one person, for two hours private lessons, it is priced at $195 and for three hours private lessons, it is priced at $275. There is a whole range of other programs for kids and beginners at the Jay Peak. Essentially, the important point is that the instructors at Jay Peak are heavily committed to their task of educating their guests.  

Lodging Facilities



The Jay Peak Ski Resort offers a host of inns and lodges to accommodate its loyal visitors who prefer to stay close to the mountains to enjoy the authentic feel of a hill station. There are several reasonable ski and lodging packages constructed to suit the needs of every guest at Jay Peak.

Village Condominiums and Townhomes: Jay Peak offers the most beautiful village condos and cottages with blissful scenery and is furnished with remarkable amenities such as kitchen, ski in/ski out television and internet access. The condos and cottages comprise from 2 bedrooms to 5 bedrooms with larger units being ideally suited for multiple members of a family.  

Mountainside Condominiums: Enjoy the heavenly feel of the Jay Peak Mountain during your stay at one of these mountainside condominiums. These condos offer a two bedroom option which is perfectly selected for the small family and is also pocket sensitive for the frugal traveler. The best part- Mountainside condos allows you to bring your pets which are all the more exciting as you imagine cuddling up with your fur ball in front of the fireplace.    

The lodges mentioned above are only to name a few from the varied options of other equally comfortable and beautiful lodging facilities.

Tickets and Passes

Evidently, skiers would require lift tickets and passes to help them get on their desired location of the mountain and then engage themselves in their myriad options of snow sports. The half day lift tickets cost $66, one-day tickets costs $82, and two-day tickets cost $153 for adults between the ages of 19-64. For juniors between the ages of 6-18, half day lift tickets cost $54; one-day lift tickets cost $64, and two-day tickets cost $118. For seniors above the age of 65, lift tickets cost $57 for one day and $107 for two days. There is also the option of lift tickets for more than two days. You can also avail the tickets online.

Season passes are priced at $1149 for adults between the ages of 30 to 59. Season passes cost $759 for people between the ages of 19 to 29. Junior season passes cost $829 for kids between the ages of 6 to 18. The Jay Peak Resort provides a variety of discounts and massive benefits for season pass holders.

Rental Packages

The Jay Peak Resort rental shop is furnished with high-quality skiing, snowboarding, and helmet equipment to facilitate your skiing in a different dynamic altogether. The resort has a generous stock of high-end gear and specialized equipment from Rossignol, Elan, and Burton which is suited to enhance your performance, speed and quality as you are speeding down the snow. The rental packages cost $45 for one day for skiing or snowboarding, $80 for two days and $115 for three days for adults. This package includes high-performance skis, boots, and poles. For young skiers and snowboarders, the package costs $20 for one day, $40 for two days and $60 for three days. This package includes skis, boots, poles or snowboard, and boots. So, every need of every skier is met by the exhaustive resources available at the Jay Peak Ski Resort.

They all work hard and strive to achieve the best and live proudly. So it’s time for us to give our own selves a small break and enjoy every minute of our own perfect vacation at the Jay Peak Resort to the fullest with the people we love.  With so much on offer, Jay Peak can be the perfect winter holiday location you have been looking up for. So, go ahead, pack your bags, and head out straight to the Jay Peak Resort and enjoy a whole range of fun activities with your dear ones.

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