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The days are getting shorter and so is our willingness to do anything. Along with the winter comes the laziness. Everyone just loves to get cozy with some blankets and hot chocolate and what’s even better is that since the days are short, everyone has to work for fewer hours. Life could not get any better. Or, can it? Yes, a vacation. A little break in between the work might just do the trick. Refresh your mind and connect with yourself this holiday season.


Jiminy Peak Statistics

Base Elevation: 1230 feet

Summit Elevation: 2380 feet

Vertical Drop: 1150 feet

Going on a long tour, with snow all around you and new experiences to uncover, let this be your holiday goal this year. What would be a better way to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 than spending it in the snow-covered hills and mountain tops. Unravel and conquer the mountains with your skiing and snowboarding skills. Also, this will be your chance to skip the commotion of the big cities and spending quality time with your loved ones. Snow has a special effect on children, their face lights up the second they look at snow. Secretly it has the same effect on adults too. To watch that dreamy look on your children visit the mountain tops.

Where should you head to have the best holiday experience this vacation?

Going for a vacation will rejuvenate your spirit in ways no spa can. The number of activities available and the various experiences that await you will help you create memories that you will recall in difficult times. All the hard work that you put in your everyday life can be paused for this little vacation. So, head over to Jiminy Peak. The ski resort is situated about three hours away from New York and Boston.


It is even closer from Albany and Springfield. The resort is mid-sized and located in Hancock, Massachusetts in the famous Taconic Mountains. Located in the western Massachusetts, the mountain is owned by CNL Lifestyle Properties.  However, the company that manages and operates on the mountain is owned by Brian Fairbank, who is also the owner of the resort. The resort is an incredible place with the complete holiday packages for family and friends with outdoor pools, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and fine culinary delights.

Some interesting facts about Jiminy Peak ski resort-



Wait no longer for something happening to take place in your life, make it happen. The adventurous rides down the mountain tops, provide both mental and physical challenges of all levels from beginners to advance. The area available for skiing is 167 acres. The resort also provides night skiing area which is 104 acres. There are total 45 runs, with a longest 2-minute run. The runs are divided into various levels. The beginner’s trail is 53%, 27% intermediate runs, 13% advanced runs and 7% expert runs.

The summit of the mountain is 2380 ft. with a base elevation of 1230 ft. and a vertical drop of 1150 ft. The resort is well connected to the surrounding land with the advanced lifts. There are total nine lifts out of which 7 are chairs, and 2 are surface lifts. The various names of chair lifts are Berkshire Express, Q1/Whitetail Quad, Summit Temple, Q3/ Widow White’s Quad, Grand Slam Chair, Novice Chair and Cricket Triple Chair. The lifts from the past were upper T-bar, lower T-bar, summit double, novice double, exhibition double and J-bar.

The Green initiatives by Jiminy Peak Resort



The employees and staff at the Massachusetts is a responsible one. The people there believe in green development and work towards the betterment of the environment. They also create awareness among the guests and visitors of the Jiminy Peak resort. They believe in energy conservation and take various steps to preserve the environment. It is the first resort to establish a wind turbine in the North America. It helps in producing clean and natural energy. This wind turbine aids in 33% of the total energy supply to the resort annually. All these actions along with a few others, help the resort be a better vacation place for family and friends. The beautiful vistas and clean environment attract more tourists than any other resort.




  • Other than the escapades that the resort provides in the winters, it also offers recreational activities in the Mountain Adventure Park in summers. Hop on the alpine super slide and mountain coaster and experience a new thrill. You can also go on a hike with your friends or try mountain biking at low prices.
  • To celebrate special occasions and days, the team and staff at Jiminy Peak are ever ready to help you make these occasions remarkable for you. The staff at Jiminy Peak has over 35 years of experience in event planning, so you can rest assured that your anniversary or meeting will be successful. Space is 15,000 square feet which is ample. Therefore the area does not get crowded. A treat to the teenagers is that it has free Wi-Fi service. The guests will be treated well with the catering services and all-suite accommodations. You would not want to leave the resort for anything; they provide you with the best of the best there.
  • The staff is frank and really helpful. It is available at your service at any hour with a smiling face and helping hand. You want extra towels or food; you can go to them without any hesitation.
  • You can get the best skiing experience with the various terrain parks. The Coyote Ridge is a large park located at the very top of the Ace of Spades trail. A Jiminy Park’s pass is compulsory to enter this terrain park. The Alex’s Park has small, medium and large terrain park features which enable the riders to experience different levels at the same place. It is located at the base of Grand Slam trail with its very own surface lift. The Grommet Ville is the last terrain park. It is a small park situated below the Chair C near the top of 180 trails. It has all the features of a small terrain park. Here, the skiers can learn to ski and build their confidence with acquaintances who are at their level.
  • Parking is not a problem at Jiminy Peak. You can easily reach the mountain slopes if you follow the parking staff’s instructions. They will quickly guide you to an empty spot to park your vehicle and then you can either walk or hop on the shuttle which will drop you at the base of the mountain. Their service helps one to save time and money.
  • The mountain gears shop by Potter Brothers which will provide you with everything you could want or need on the snow. If your feet hurts, you can buy professional boots. The shop owners will help you find the correct pair. It is common to forget packing some cold weather accessories but to keep the cold away, you can buy gloves, hats, face masks, hand and toe warmers and other accessories from Potter Brothers. Also, you can purchase ski boots, ski boards, snowboard gears, helmets, goggles, and other necessities from them at a low price.
  • After exhausting yourself on the mountain tops, you would not have to get down from the mountains. You can eat and drink at the mountain in some special restaurants like John Harvard’s Restaurant and Brewery, Christiansen’s Tavern, JJ’s Lodge and others. These food joints have something special up their sleeve for all their customers.
  • The various country inns and vacation homes make you feel as if you are at home only. They are exceptionally comfortable and suit all your needs. Moreover, they are not expensive.

The list of specialties at the Jiminy Peak is endless. Once you visit the resort, you will be hooked and soon would be planning your next vacation there. Experience all the adventures and luxuries it provides you this vacation and decide yourself. With so much on offer, you cannot afford to sit at home and miss out on all these adventurous activities. So pack your gears and head out straight for Jiminy Peak with your family and friends and make the most of the upcoming winters!

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