Johanngeorgenstadt – the perfect place to spend your winter vacations!

  Winter is the most feasible season for a lot of us. It is the season where you can not only chill but also enjoy the thrill. Winter is the best season to snuggle up in your cozy bed, wrapped within layers of blankets and sip your favorite hot beverage. Winter is the best time to relax, rejuvenate and refresh your inner soul. You can do much more than restraining yourself to the loveliness of your home and venture outside and rejuvenate yourself with the vacation you have been meaning to go, for a long time, now. Winter is the best time of the year to go on that vacation you have always postponed. Go skiing, skateboarding, rejuvenate yourself in spas and water bodies and watch the sunrise against the backdrop of mountains. If you thought your winter couldn’t get better, now we’ll make sure you have the best among the rest.

Johanngeorgenstadt Statistics

Base Elevation: 768 m

Summit Elevation: 869 m

Vertical Drop: 238 m

About the Place

Johanngeorgenstadt is a town located in the suburbs of Saxony’s Ore Mountains. It is a part of Germany which falls on the border of Czech Republic and is notable for the health resort it possesses. It attracts a number of tourists and visitors throughout the year, who are often looking for some refreshment and fun. It is a recognised resort that is a popular winter sports area. Not many ski resorts possess the credibility of being known for being in operation for a century.

Ski Resort Details:

The ski resort of Johanngeorgenstadt is reputed for hosting Nordic winter sports events which include cross country skiing and ski jump. The fifth highest ski resort in Saxony is situated between altitudes of 768 meters (2520 feet) and 869 meters (2854 feet). The vertical drop is at an elevation of 238 meters (784 feet). It has one ski lift to transport the visitors and skiing enthusiasts. Their ski resort system is in operation throughout the year and is a well-maintained network.

Skiing and Snowboarding Details:

miles). It is among the top ten ski resorts of Saxony which is notable for having the best snow throughout the year. It is also one of the largest ten ski resorts in the region and supports toboggan running, night skiing, snowboarding and ski jumping. It has the best and longest ski jumps in the area. It has optimal snow conditions throughout the year and shares a considerable number of sunny days. It offers skiing opportunities to one and all – from beginner skiers to expert skiers. Let us have a quick glance at the skiing facilities provided by this beautiful ski resort often reputed as a health resort as well. For Beginners – Out of the entire 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) of skiable area, the beginner skiers are offered most of the skiable area. 1.2 kilometres of skiing slopes (0.74 miles) are allowed to beginner skiers in this region. The slopes are comparatively easy which allow skiers to enrich and enjoy themselves at doing what they are very new to. For Intermediates – Out of the entire 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) of skiing slopes available, the intermediate skiers are only allotted 0.80 kilometres (0.49 miles) of the entire slopes. Though the slopes are limited, these promise to provide the best experience for intermediate learners who are passionate about skiing and enjoying themselves throughout Besides learning valuable instructions. For Experts – Unfortunately, not many slopes are allotted to expert skiers in the ski resort that has been reputed to be in existence for more than a century. However, expert skiers can relish the beginner slopes and intermediate slopes and embark on this venture for fun and frolic. The trials and slopes might be limited but are well-groomed to provide enjoyment to every level of skier who visits the region. For night owls and adventurous souls, night skiing option is also available. This region is one of the few regions that actually endorse ski jump, a Nordic ski event. It has beautiful and large ski jumps which are bound to make your heart skip a beat.

Ski lifts:

The ski resort has a well-trenched system of the ski lift. Though it has one single drag lift, it has the capacity of carrying more than 1000 people per hour. The drag lift is notable for carrying passengers and tourists throughout the day at scheduled intervals. It helps visitors and skiers to move up and down the ski resort gleefully and almost effortlessly. The ski lift covers a total area of 0.80 kilometres (). A ski ticket for a day for an adult is priced around US$13.88 and 13 Euros. The ski pass of a child for an entire day is priced at US$7.47 and 7 Euros. The system of ski lift makes skiing a cherishing experience to all and reduces inconveniences and troubles.

Lodging and Accommodation Facilities:

The ski resort is noted for a variety of housing facilities squirming in and around the region. If you want to have a five class stay with room service and spa and sauna facilities, there are luxurious hotels to help you have an excellent time. If you don’t want to pinch a hole in your pocket, there are a number of affordable lodging facilities available throughout the area, as well. There are fancy stays, cottages or youth hostels to help you enjoy the ethnic authenticity of the region without worrying about the expenses. Let us have a quick glance at the most preferred as well as the most recommended stays in the area or in Saxony. LandhausSonnentau – This is one of the most recommended hotels which offer the most modern conveniences, and guests love the quiet repose of the rooms. It offers free parking, free Wifi and is extremely kid friendly as well as pet-friendly. A standard room for two adults for a day is priced around US$200. Jugendherberge Johanngeorgenstedht – This is one of the most inexpensive stays in the area that come with all modern conveniences and aim to give you an authentic experience of life in Saxony. This is a youth hostel meant for all groups to coexist together. A standard room for a single person for a day starts from US$28. This winter, come to Johanngeorgenstadt Ski Resort and let the snow work its magic on you. Because with so much on offer, you cannot really afford to miss out on all the fun on offer here. Think about it – the cold breeze rushing past your face while you ski down an adventurous slope gives you a feeling second to none. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pack your bags, books your tickets and head out straight to the Mount Snow Ski Area with your family and friends and enjoy these winters to the fullest. Have fun!

Winter Hiking

Madly in love with hiking? What could be more adventurous than hiking on mountains while the cold wind brushes through your hair gently? Hence to get bewitched Brandnertal also offers winter hiking on different levels of difficulty marked by altitudes, terrains, and routes of the mountains.

Ski Mountaineering

With great power comes great responsibility and hence with great skiing skills and a craving for adventure one must also ensure for the proper arrangements of equipment required for skiing so that safety is not hampered. Brandnertal not only ensures safety but also provides all its visitors with varied options for exploring different mountain ranges at different levels.


Everybody wants to travel back in memory lane reliving those amazing moments that they had back when they were a kid. Brandnertal, as it promises you unlimited fun, provides you with an amazing opportunity to do tobonagging. At every Tuesday and Friday there is lots of fun at the night drops in Brand and Bürserberg. Either by lift or on foot, our toboggan runs can be reached directly from the town center.


There are in total 14 lifts which carry about 18936 members per hour with a total lift length of 13 km (8.077 miles). Aerial tramway: it is reversible ropeway and has the capability of carrying 60 passengers in a go without hampering the comfort. Circulating ropeway: also called as gondola lift and has the capability of carrying eight persons in a go. Chairlift: i) High-speed chairlift (detachable): has the capacity of carrying six persons ii) Chairlift (fixed grip): has the capacity of carrying four persons and two persons differently. T-bar lift carries two people at a time. J-Bar lift: carries one person at a time.

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