June Mountains-USA

June Mountains – California’s 50-year-old Ski Resort service.

Every snowfall has a tale to tell, what is yours? Winters are always about cozy beds, warm blankets, hot cocoa, heaters, indoor activities, leather jackets and lying around lazily at home trying to get away from the snow and chilly weather. Think out of the box, not the regular winter drill of being snowed in at home or sleeping when the sun rises and waking up while it sets. Stop complaining about how cold it is outside or how your plans get canceled because what if once, like you see in movies you along with your family enjoy some holiday time at a top-notch Ski Resort near June Lake, California. If you have wanderlust gene and wish to explore some mountains to experience adventure with family or friends, then June Mountains would be your one stop destination. Gather a bunch of people you love and have a blast this winter skiing and snowboarding like never before! 

Wondering how to re- bond with some quality family time then what better than a snow experience which will give you unforgettable memories and cheer up the holiday spirits. Wear your leather jackets and pull up your boots to have some fun and frolic amidst the beautiful, majestically snow-covered peaks of Southern California. Make it a trip to remember by indulging in various activities like snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing, skiing and a lot more! It is not about letting another season go by without having a blast; winter just brings the best festive opportunities to plan with family be a sport and convince everyone for some boot kicking action this time of year.

Location & Elevation:

Situated in Southern California near Lake June, June Mountain Ski Resort is the most sought after spot as it has easy access to transportation to and from the Resort and is even a major part of high school winter trips and creates a Winter tourism base for most of the events in that area. This mountain has the most picturesque view and looks enticing while it is snow covered from the base to the summit.  The range consists of two different mountains June Mountain with a peak of 10,090 feet top elevation and a base elevation of 7,545 ft of base elevation while Rainbow Mountain with a top elevation of 10,040 feet. The vertical rise of June Mountain from the bottom up till the summit is 2,590 feet. 


June Mountain is also known for having hosted the Ski Mountaineering Race Series and the snowboard and ski events of the California Winter Games in March 2006. At June Mountain, they also offer chair lift rides during summer and organize hiking trails and other adventure related activities throughout other months of the year. On 21st June 2012 it completed 50 years of continuous successful operation. 


One can use seven operational ski lifts, four doubles, and two high speed quads to reach to the top of June Mountain to begin their snow experience. The total lift length is about 7.5 km and can commute 8523 passengers hourly, and the uphill capacity of lifts is around 10,000 rides an hour. This lift provides access to all the activities offered at June Mountain from the terrain park to snowboarding are and food beverage counters so you need not worry about walking around in the snow. Due to the lifts, the riders are able to view multiple ski locations during the ride which otherwise is a long day hike. 

Terrain & Trails:

The entire ski area stretches across 1,500 acres and has 35 named trails of which 35% are a beginner, 45% intermediate and 20% advanced. The program is spanned over five months, and it has 70% sunny days due to which riders can explore the area and get access to snow covered mountains at normal temperatures. It is indeed the most sought after spot as it has small crowds and is very well organized in case of storm conditions. 

Other Activities & Services:

June Mountain averages 250 inches of snowfall every year which could be enjoyed to make snow mans and have snow fights. Unique trail parks, skiing activities, snowboarding, hiking activities, ski resort facilities is all that they present to their visitors. Every activity is organized and provides with the required equipment for the same. June Mountain ski area has special ski school, merchandise store, snowboards and other supplementary requirements made available. Also, they extend food and beverage services with a sought after restaurant and bar on the base of mountains near the parks. 

What time better than Christmas and New Year to bond with friends and family? 
The apt plan and the breathtaking snow clad mountains are calling out to you and your loved ones to join hands and celebrate a spirited and sporty winter with a lot of fun activities and togetherness. Build your snow castle, be your daddy’s little princess/ mama’s boy or help your young sibling build theirs. Watch your young ones learning to do things on their own and grow up into responsible adults. Neither money nor success can ever replace the time that one spends with the family and so, have a scrumptious family dinner in this majestic mountain resort and cherish those long lasting memories before you it’s too late.

Everyone must have had a tough year at school, college, office and now you can all finally get to spend some quality time with each other to share stories, inside jokes, pleasant memories. What’s better than a family getaway to a Mountain living in a Resort and getting to know each other's sorrow and happiness. Well not just this, one also gets a chance to spend some alone time to discover their talents or to solve personal issues that they have been battling with all year long. 

The beauty of nature, refreshing weather and the happy family time rejuvenates you for the upcoming challenges in the New Year. If you are looking out for someone special you may find them here; we have heard a lot of ski love stories yours could be next! Meet new people, some maybe like you some totally opposite to you but your common interest could be skiing or snowboarding or hiking if theirs is too then you may become inseparable friends post this memorable trip. 

You could take your school friends or your office mates to get to know them better which would help you bond better. It could be one of those crazy adventures you had with your best buds at school that you’d cherish forever and even while telling it to your kids. Moreover, there are no bounds to the happiness you get when you finish your trails or set a record on the snowboard while sliding off the powdery white snow along the mountain base. 

 “Winter is coming”, follow the motto of the House of Stark and get your place at the Ski Resort, go kick off your tiredness and switch on the spirit of joy and merry and “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game” like Michael Jordan says. Remember it’s not just some game it is precious time spent with dear ones atop a beautiful mountain that will leave an etched picture in your heart forever. Go ahead, pack your bags and have fun with family and friends at the grand June Mountain ski resort. You cannot afford to miss out on visiting this ski resort!

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