Kaiserau – The Ski Lovers Delight!

Winters are always a well needed escape from all the stress and strain one goes throughout the year. There is surely something special about winters, which awakens the traveller in everyone. People long to go on vacations and enjoy the fun of skiing and the amazing view the hills have to offer. Kaiserau is one such beautiful place where you can relax and make the most of your holiday season. 

Kaiserauis located in the south of Admont at an elevation of about 1100 metres (3608 feet). This beautiful place is on a high raised plateau, with the most appealing view of the slopes. Kaiserau has got gift fromMother Nature, come winters and it wraps itself in beautiful coat of snow. Kaiserau is located near the national park Gesause which is part of the Reichensteingruppe:

Reichensteingruppe peak is a form of a pyramid which is 2196 metres (7204 feet) in height. Kaiserau is a very famous ski resort and has the best suited tracks for both beginners and trained tourists. Kaiserau promises a splendid scenic view along with well-prepared skiing tracks for the tourists.  

Skiing Runs 

Kaiserau may be a small area, but since it is located on a high plateau and provides for ski tracks all over the resorts. It has well-laid ski slopes for beginners and mediocre skiers. It doesn’t provide tracks for expert level skiers, as it covers only a small area as compared to the other skiing resorts. 
Kaiserau has a total of 3 km (1.86 miles) of ski track. The slopes of Kaiserau are smooth enough, which has helped for the better foundation of the ski tracks. Kaiserau offers excellent skiing conditions for beginners and families. Let’s look at the different slopes Kaiserau has provided us with.

Kaiserau Statistics

Base Elevation: 1130 m

Summit Elevation: 1370 m

Vertical Drop: 240 m

For beginners: Out of 3 km (1.86 miles) of ski slopes, 2 km (1.24 miles) are provided for beginners. Around 67 % of land in Kaiserau is covered with slopes solely for beginners. Right from children to the old who are new to skiing and snowboarding can have utmost fun without any hesitation. 

For intermediates: Out of 3 km (1.86 miles) of ski slopes, 2kms (0.62 miles) is dedicated to the mediocre level of skiers and snowboarders. Tourists having experience in snowboarding and skiing can have fun skiing without the obstruction of the beginners.  

Kaiserau also has the facility for artificial snowmaking and provides with 24 snow cannons to make snow. Almost 70% of the slopes of Kaiserau have snowmaking capability and can make snow anytime. Therefore skiing is open for a longer stretch of time when compared to the other ski resorts. 

Kaiserau also has a facility for a valley run. You can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the valley along the valley run. It also has the facility for cross-country runs, which are held every now and then in Kaisarau.

Ski lifts and trails 

There is a total of 3 ski lifts, which are capable of carrying 2728 passengers per hour. The lift covers a length of about 1.38 km (0.86 miles) in total. Further, the lifts are open from December to march, but this may totally depend on the weather conditions. 
The three different types if lifts available are 

1. T-Bar lift 
2. Platter lift
3. Button lift 

In addition to this Kaiserau also provides for two Sunkid moving carpets for kids to enjoy and have fun in the snow. These lifts are very comfortable and the platter lift provides for relaxation in between your runs. 

The Sportalm- Lift and the Schloss-Lift are available for all, but the Brunntal-Lift is solely available for advanced/ intermediary skiers. Therefore the advanced skiers can have fun both with their family by taking the same life and also if they want some extreme fun they can opt for the Brunntal- lift which is differentiated with a black slope. Let’s have look at the different type of lifts. 

1. Sportalmlift is a J-bar lift of length of 153m (501 feet). It has a carrying capacity of 728 passengers per hour.
2. Brunntalliftis T-Bar having a length of 900m (2952 feet). It has a carrying capacity of 1000 passengers per hour. 
3. Schlosslift is a T-bar of the length of 900m (2952 feet). It has a carrying capacity of 1000 passengers per hour. 

Accommodation facilities 

Kaiserau provides for accommodation all over its slopes. You can book your accommodation from a luxurious 5-star hotel to a small rented apartment. Accommodation can be done easily and with ease. You need not worry much about stay in Kaiserau, as you will find budget friendly hotels all over the resort. You wake up to the most amazing view if you book your stay on the slopes overlooking the valley. You will get the best deals on hotels if try booking them online. 

Here is a list of some of the famous hotels in Kaiserau.

1. Hotel SpirodomAdmont: considered as one of the best hotels in Kaiserau.It is located in the valley and is only a two-minute walk from the EnnsRiver. 
2. Hotel SchlossRothelstein: This hotel is easily feasible to everyone as it is nearby to the Admont train station. Hotel SchlossRothelstein is considered to be the best hotel in providing good service to the tourists.
3. Hotel Traube: This is a 3-star hotel, provides the best ambiance for the guests. This hotel is a 2-minute walk from Lake Zell. 

Ski School 

You need not have to worry much if you are new to skiing, asKaiserau will provide its guests with a ski school sooner this year. This school is going to be managed by Patrick Brugger who is a well-known State certified ski instructor and mountain guide. He is from Ardning. 
You can take classes here and enjoy your vacation without worrying much about not knowing how to ski. 

Equipment Rentals

You don’t have to panic if you have forgotten your skiing equipment at home. You can still have an equivalent amount of fun, thanks to the Ski rentals that Kaiserau is providing the tourists with. You can rent whatever you want from these rentals, at a very affordable price. Kaiserau, therefore, is a perfect place for your vacation and have a relaxed holiday. 

Ticket Prices

Make the most of the deals available during the holiday season, as Kaiserau provides for special family fares. You can choose your deals from one-day tickets to the whole package. You can select from hourly based tickets to weekly tickets for your loved ones and kids. Kaiserau recently became the member of Salzburg Super ski Card. This ski card gives you reasonable ski accessibility, avoiding long waiting hours. 

Seasonal tickets for skiing cost around 163 Euros for a child, 252 Euros for juniors and 357 Euros for an adult. 

Lift Tickets Price

Lift ticket pricing range from

Weekday: 16.50 Euros for the child, 21.00 Euros for Junior and 25.00 Euros for an adult. 
Weekend: 16.00 Euros for the child, 21.00 Euros for Junior and 25.00 Euros for an adult.
Half day: 13.00 Euros for the child, 16.00 Euros for Junior and 19.50 Euros for an adult.
2- Day pass: 31.00 Euros for the child, 40.00 Euros for Junior and 19.50 euros for an adult.
6- Day pass: 99.50 Euros for the child, 126.50 Euros for Junior and 150.50 euros for an adult.