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Germany is a cornucopia of scenic locations to ski and plays winter sports, but none quite match the beauty of the mountain Erlebnisberg Kappe. Located in the Winterberg town in the Hochsauerland district of North Rhine-Westphalia, it is a lovely hill with several provisions for a happy and satisfactory ski vacation in the rustic depths of Germany. At 776 m (0.482 miles) high, it is the perfect spot for a winter holiday. Winterberg is known to be a winter resort town and supports skiing, as well as several other kinds of winter sports and activities.

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Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing in Kappe is a major winter attraction and draws people from all around the world to the town of Winterberg. They mainly specialize in downhill skiing, though snowboarding and cross-country skiing is also encouraged. Cyclists are also known to use the slopes to practice their cross-country cycling in the summer.

The Kappe Mountain ski area has:

Four ski runs A 6-seater chairlift and a 4-seater chairlift, the latter of which had recently been opened up in December 2016 The snow covering the mountain is entirely machine made and is secure enough for safe skiing down the mountain It has a lift connection to the Bromberg Mountain ski area as well There is also the Panorama restaurant-lounge present in the Käppchenhang area of the Kappe mountain for tired skiers after their runs along the hill There is also a ski school named Brabandar near Kappe in Winterberg, certified by all required boards. It is a prestigious ski school, which teaches in two languages, Dutch and German, and has experienced teachers, smaller groups and modern teaching methods to teach beginners, experts and intermediates on the art of skiing and snowboarding well.

Ski and Snowboarding Runs

There are four skis and snowboarding runs presently on the Kappe Mountain, two of which are blue (suitable for beginners), one red (suitable for intermediates) and one black (suitable only for experts). They are: Coated Top (Blue) Wood Snow (blue) Panoramahang Mooring View (red) Slalomhang Descent (black)

Coated Top

This slope is perfect for beginners and families with children. It is a light slope and does not have any steep gradients along it. It also can be used as a perfect exercise slope. This is the slope which contains the 4-person Panoramabahn chairlift to the Bromberg ski area

Wood Snow

This is the longest run down the mountain at 1200 m (0.745 miles) and is still a relatively easy slope, suited for beginners as its gradient is not very high. It is suitable for families as well and connects to the 6-person chairlift that takes them back up to the peak. It runs through a lovely woodland view and is known for beautiful scenery.

Panoramahang Mooring View

This slope is not suited for beginners and families. It is an 800 m (0.49 miles) descent, which may have a few challenging areas. Its gradients may not be entirely suitable for beginners but makes for an engaging growth and challenge for intermediate skiers. It offers a lovely view of snow-covered mountain areas and beautiful natural scenery. It connects to the 6-person chairlift as well.

Slalomhang Descent

This slope is the most challenging descent of the four slopes of Kappe. Standing at 600 m (0.37 miles) long, it is nicknamed the Demanding Descent and is known to be hard for even professionals to ski down. Marathon cyclists sometimes use this slope to cycle down in summer, though they too find it quite hard to get through. It offers a stunning view of the snow-covered mountainside. It too connects to the 6-person chairlift to ride back up to the mountain peak and features a dramatic vertical drop of 190 m (0.118 miles).

Other Activities

Other activities at Kappe include the Winterberg bobsled track, the ski jump, the panoramic adventure bridge, guided Segway tours and the Winterberg bike park.

Winterberg Bobsled Track

Bobsledding is a highly popular sport in Germany, using a bobsled or a toboggan to run at high speeds down an iced track, and the bobsledding track in Kappe, Winterberg is famous for having a professional touch to its stadium. Having been used in several tournaments and competitions, this bobsled track is open for all to use and experience a new winter sport.

Ski Jump

The St. George Ski Jump, Winterberg, is a nationally acclaimed ski jump in Germany and has been used in several national competitions. Currently used as a ski training centre by a local club, this place is a landmark of the area and has been used in German Championships in the Nordic combined sport.


The Winterberg town contains several resorts and inns to contain the tourist wave that appears in the winter season. However, the go-to hotel for skiers has been shown to be the Hostel Erlebnisberg Kappe, which is located in Winterberg and is located only 200 m (0.124 miles) from the ski areas on Kappe. The Hotel Winterberg Resort, located 3 km (1.8 miles) from Winterberg and the Hotel Schneider, located within Winterberg, also deserve honorable mentions as good hotels to lodge in. They all offer free Wi-Fi and shuttling options to take you to the ski area and back. Kappe, Winterberg, is a perfect place for your snowboarding and skiing ambitions and will prove to be an enjoyable winter vacation.

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