Karwendel Dammkar-Germany

The Best Place to Spend your Vacations - Karwendel/Dammkar

If you are a professional skier and snowboarder and want to make the most of the winter holidays, then Karwendel / Dammkar is your place to be. Professionals can make the most of the ski slopes available here without any obstruction by the beginners and mediocre skiers. Once you reach the peak of Karwendelie at the height of 2244 m (7362 feet) above sea level with the help of the cable car and after a walk of 5 minutes through a tunnel, you will enjoy the most amazing and unforgettable view from here.


Base Elevation: 3061 ft

Summit Elevation: 7362 ft

Vertical Drop: 4301 ft

About the resort

Karwendel / Dammkar is a small and cosy town, but it is one of the highest located resort in the whole of German Alps. It is located nearly at 912 m (2992 feet) above the sea level. Karwendel / Dammkar is very neatly spread over 7 km (4.3 miles) of scruffy land. But the best part is, it is avalanche-free high alpine terrain and is named as one of the best ski routes in this area. Mostly Karwendel / Dammkar ski slopes are for expert skiers, but if you want to enjoy some basic skiing, you can head towards the ski centre of Kranzberg. You can reach there with the help of the chair car and the T-bar lifts made available to the guests. But the winter sports area is situated at an elevation of 920 m (3018 feet) and 2244 m (7362 feet), with an elevation difference of 1324 m (4343 feet). Moreover, you can make the most of the 16 km (9.94 miles) of ski runs along with one lift, made available here at Karwendel / Dammkar

Ski Runs

  Karwendel/Dammkar provides for 7 km (4.3 miles) of ski slopes all over the resort. These ski slopes are especially dedicated to the expert level skiers. It has the longest ski route in Germany. The beginners and mediocre skiers do not have much scope for skiing here in Karwendel / Dammkar. Having said that, beginners and mediocre skiers can go to the ski centre of Kranzberg to enjoy some basic skiing. Karwendel/Dammkar provides for a valley run along the resort, guests can make the best of these runs and enjoy the beauty of Karwnedal along the valley. There are no snow parks or half pipes here in Karwendel. The main skiing and snowboarding season is starts from late December and will last till mid of April. Ski slopes and lifts are open right from 9 am in the morning till 3: 45 p.m.

Ski lifts

There is only one, Arial Tramway/ Reversible ropeway which can carry 320 passengers per hour. Karwendelbahn lift can take around 35 persons at a time and has a total length of 2485 m (8152 feet).

Accommodation facilities

You will find the most amazing stays here at Karwendel / Dammkar. Right from small and cosy stays to 5-star luxurious stays. You can pick your stay according to your convenience at affordable rates. You get excellent deals online. You can choose from a variety of packages that will suit best your holidays. You can also come here and pick your stay according to your convenience and need. Once you are completely satisfied, you can book your accommodation and you will get at the same prices which are available online.

Ticket pricing

Let’s have a look at the ticketing prices Karwendel / Dammkar has to offer us with. For a weekday a child’s ticket will cost you 17.50 Euros, the Junior ticket will cost you 33.00 Euros, an Adult ticket will cost you 44.50 Euros, and a Senior ticket will cost you 42.00 Euros. They are also half day tickets made available here at Karwendel / Dammkar. A child’s ticket for a half day will cost you 15 Euros, for a junior it will cost 28 Euros, an adult it will cost 38 Euros and a senior it will cost 35 Euros. Karwendel / Dammkar provides for seasonal passes as well which will cost you, 240 Euros for a child, 361 Euros for a junior pass, 451 Euros for an adult pass and 429 Euros for a Senior Tickets for the lifts will be provided directly at your accommodation, and you also purchase them from various online web portals. Lift prices may change from time to time; you can call the resorts and get the updated prices.

Ski Schools

Though skiing here is only for professionals, one can make use of the many freeriding courses offered here in Karwendel / Dammkar. You can learn some tactics in skiing and make your holiday worth it.

Equipment Rentals

Since this is a professional ski resort, you will definitely find various rental stores everywhere. You will mostly find them near the lift and at very affordable prices. You can buy/ rent whatever you want if you have forgotten to carry your ski or snowboarding equipment along. Apart from comfortable stay, you can also enjoy delicious meals at the Karwendal which you will cherish forever. Thus, you can easily enjoy your stay at this beautiful ski resort and have fun indulging in various fun activities and snow sports that are here on offer. So, go ahead and get your gears ready because winter is coming and you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this place!

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