Kasberg- The Iceberg Land

When you think of Austria, the Alps and all of its sub-mountain ranges comes to thought. While this is a correct conclusion, there’s a whole another dimension to Austria, with winter sports like snowboarding, sledging and skiing taking the forefront of said dimension. There are much breaths taking action centres for these sports in Austria, which makes it the perfect place for both amateurs and professionals alike to show off their skills, either individually or against each other.

One such ‘perfect’ spot for an action packed schedule is the snow covered Kasberg.  You’ll be seeing white for a while in Kasberg, as it is completely blanketed by snow. The trees are drowned in snow, but you’ll be able to see a little bit of brown as the Pine trees are indigenous to Kasberg. Thanks to the resorts and the staff that work there, you certainly won’t be lost for long at all! It’s advised to travel in groups or preferably with the company as it’s tricky to traverse in and around Kasberg on your own. Either way, exciting adventures await all visitors, tourists, travellers, adventurers, hikers, skiers, snowboarders and free boarders alike. However, Kasberg is an especial spot for winter sports, so that’s the focus of most tourists!




KASBERG Statistics

Base Elevation: 620 m

Summit Elevation: 1600 m

Vertical Drop: 1073 m

Being approximately 1747 metres is just the beginning of Kasberg’s tricks. Its overwhelming presence has toppled over many spirits before. But halt! There is more.

This Upper Austrian ski area will bedazzle you with its incredible 7.3-kilometre dominance, making it a tough climb from the base to the top of the slopes. Its folding height stands at 870 metres downwards. It is a proud member of the Austrian Pre-Alps, now making it obvious why it’s such a dominating and difficult mountain to conquer, whether it is by the method of skiing or hiking.

Kasberg is situated between the two districts namely Gmunden and Kirch Dorf a der Krems, forming a border mountain between the two picturesque and scenic districts. It is flooded by the rivers Alm, Grunau Bach and Steyrling. The summit has a truly ghastly name; “View Podium before the Dead Mountains”. This isn’t even a spooky or haunting place; the name has been placed on the summit as it boasts of an unobstructed view to the south of the mountain, or so it is said. Visitors are free to explore, even for a reason behind the thrilling summit name! That’ll mark a good entry to your diary; I’m sure of it.



Kasberg’s ski slopes are rated in the same fashion as the other ski resorts or ski spots; easy, medium (or from the centre) and difficult. To give you a run-down, the easy slopes cover 20 kilometres of Kasberg, the central slopes’ (medium difficulty) range rounds off at 17 kilometres, and the difficult (dangerous) slopes only span at 3 kilometres. The bases are well equipped with tow lifts and magic carpets to the start of the downward slopes, with nine from 10 lifts being operational. The slopes are 20 kilometres, about 19 kilometres being playable in. This makes Kasberg a challenge to conquer. Are you up for it yet? It’ll just be you, the blue sky and a whole lot of white!





Snowboarding constitutes a major chunk of the activities you can partake in as a visitor. This major portion also includes skiing, but since the density of the snow and the amount of snow are both slightly higher than usual, it’s deemed more fun to snowboard than to ski down the slopes of Kasberg. Chances of an injury with snowboarding at Kasberg are also less compared to the chances of an injury with skiing at Kasberg. This does not include the fact that avalanches also occur often, as they pose a threat to both snowboarders and skiers.


Skiing and snowboarding in Kasberg are well equipped with shuttle buses to drop you off at the slopes and pistes. This facility makes it easier to travel around to different difficulty slopes so you can advance in your snowboarding accomplishments. What’s more is that the shuttle bus services are free to avail if you stay at the Kasberg ski resort, which is wise as their accommodations are both, affordable and up to the mark.

With Kasberg you’ll notice many snow parks built for free boarding and snowboarding. You’ll even find that some will have an arrangement that provides you with equipment for snowboarding and free boarding. There are workers who’ll help you determine what size of the board and what equipment you should use, whether you are a beginner, an amateur or a professional. One fact remains that you’ll surely have a great time slipping, sliding and busting moves which will undoubtedly make you feel alive, rejuvenated and fresh! You’ll take home these wonderful thrills and find yourself doting on them for days, even weeks!



Surely, after all, your adventures and merry making in the snow, you would fancy a sip of coffee, hot chocolate or even brandy, along with a toasty meal, wouldn’t you? Well, Kasberg has more than a few places you can dine in. It also has a few different variations of cuisines just in case you don’t get your taste buds accustomed to a particular cuisine.

If you fancy some pizza, then you can bet your adventures on getting some at Arriba’s Express! It serves up some fiery hot pizzas to thaw down your frostbite. But if you’re down to get some continental, then do try out either “Bobby’s Restaurant” or “Café Everyones.”

Both are really good après-ski bars which will definitely give you some much-needed fuel in any form you want, whether its hot pepper noodles or a bowl of pasta! Indulge into these fineries as you take a back seat from the busy winter life of Kasberg.

But if you can’t decide what you want, then take a gander at the Bayreuther food court, with a range of choice foods to pick from, mixing and matching as you please and to your will. Let the food court ‘wow’ you with its wide variety of hot foods and cold alike, spicy and sweet if you wish.

And finally, to round off the list of best places to eat at Kasberg; definitely visit Aphrodite Heroldsberg, a fine dine restaurant which gives you top notch service and wonderful food as you relax and enjoy the company of your near and dear, or even enjoys your own company in solitude.

Whichever eatery you choose, you’re sure to have their tastes lingering for days.




If you still need convincing and find yourself saying, “Hmm. What’s in it for me?” Just note that Kasberg is one of the most happening ski resorts, although it goes beyond skiing and snowboarding. Are you a budding food connoisseur? Enjoy a nice dinner at a beautiful little après ski bar, and rewind by warming up with some coffee coupled with the perfect warm liquor to go with it. Kasberg is like a coin; its icy cold exterior being one side and it’s warm, luxurious experiences being the other side of the coin. Whichever you prefer, you can have a taste of both sides and have a delightful stay at Kasberg.

The place has a lot on offer for people from all age groups, and you can have a great time at Kasberg ski resort. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pack your gear and head out straight For Kasberg with your family and friends and make the most of your vacation time. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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