Kaunertral - A Paradise in glacier!

Kaunertral Statistics

Base Elevation: 2180 m

Summit Elevation: 3108 m

Vertical Drop: 928 m

The gush of fresh air, the thrilling encounter with the snow, and the sense of triumph felt on conquering the steep and gnarly peaks all in the company of friends and family. This is not the description of heaven but simple perks which come in the bag with skiing. Skiing is the most ravishing and exciting sport which is loved by the adventurers who have a hunger for the thrill. With exhilarating virtues, skiing is certainly the queen sport of winter.

One of the first ski resorts in Austria to introduce snowboarding from America, Kaunertalar Gletscher is quite a happening ski resort situated in the holiday region Tiroler Oberland, Austria, Landeck. The glacier road stretches through the valley of the Kauner at 1.273 m (4.17 ft) above the sea level from the village of Feichten. The altitude difference differs over 1.500 m (4.92 ft) over a distance of 26 km (16.2 miles). It is different from other ski resorts for the exhilarating experiences it rewards you with skiing in powder snow ski runs.

The glacier offers piercingly amazing views of the mountains. Skiers get to enjoy the exciting ski runs in powder snow amidst a life filled, big, White Mountains. Freestylers here can manipulate their own curves through the snows-capes, provided huge runs and slopes. If you are touring in winters, you get to witness breath-taking panoramic view from the sightseeing platform 3 country views at mountain station located in cable car Karlesjochbahn.




Kaunertalar has a vertical height of 958 m (3143 ft.), elevations of 2180 m (7152.23 ft.) and 3180 m (10433 ft.) covers the winter sports area.



Ski slopes cover a total distance of 21.8 Km (13.54 miles). Easy levels are covered in the majority which is 68% (14.8 Km (9.2 miles)) followed by intermediate which is 20% (4.3 Km (2.67 miles)) and then followed by difficult ones being 12% (2.7 Km (1.67 miles)). The longest run offered by the place is 5.63 Km (3.5 miles). On the glacier, there are no cross-country trails. But 27 Km (16.77 miles) from the glacier is the village of Feichten, offering Kaunertal cross country center with 25 Km (15.53 miles) of trails. 8.5 Km (5.28 miles) of these trails is barrier free.



Ski Lifts

Getting on to the cable cars and traveling across the chilled snow winds, many feet above the ski runs is one adrenaline injected experience at ski resorts.  At Kaunertal glacier, the majority of the slopes are accessible with two quad chairlifts with weather protectors and seat heater inclusive eight people Gondola. Rest of the slopes can be accessed through five tow lifts. In total there are eight ski lifts with the total capacity of 13200 passengers/hour. 10.4 Km (6.46 miles) is the total lift length covered.

Under eight lifts, one is circulating ropeway/Gondola lift, two are chair lifts, and five are T-bar lifts/platter or button lift. Currently, the ski lifts which are in operation are OchSenalbahn I, OchSenalbahn II, Norderjoch I, Norderjoch II, WeiBseeferner I, WeiBseeferner II, Falgin lift, Karlesjoch cable car and Dorf lift in Feichten. All the above mentioned operates between 09:00 hours to 16:00 hours except for Dorf lift in Feichten which runs between 13:00 hours to 16:00 hours.


Skiing with families

Wide runs, powdered snow, challenging slopes do not stop families from visiting Kaunertalar for holidays. The ski resort offers many fair deal advantages for families, making it a popular family ski area. Children under the age of 10 accompanied by a parent can ride free of charge on the Kaunertal glacier slope by using Bambini Freipass. Not just those, children between 10-15 years get cheap tariffs. As if this wasn’t enough, youngsters up to 17 years get a youth tariff, with priority given to the ones wanting to let off steam at the Snow Park.

Ensuring no room for boredom, there are ski schools in the Kaunertal where parents can enjoy the wide slope areas, while their kids learn the basic of skiing. Parents can also watch the activities of their children from the terraces if they choose not to involve in skiing. After this amazing skiing experience, you can end up your day with night skiing in the chills of bright white snow in Fendels. Food for your children is taken care of by Bergrestaurants providing delicious children’s meals.




At the end of the road, after touring Kaunertal, you can visit a number of places of attractions. There are lot many little options available to complete your journey with almost fun.


Observation Platform

At the top terminal of the Karlejochbahn, at 3.108 m (10.91 ft), lies 3 country view and mountain tops of the Weisseespitz and Weizzkugel, Outler and the Bernia mountains. It can be guided over to the accessible crevasse. The view of 3 different countries and mountains from several levels is spectacular.


Accessible Crevasse

Walking through the glacier tunnels is as exotic as it sounds. Visitors get to pass through two crevasses and a glacier cave. Crevasses are approximately 40 m (131.23 ft) long, 3 m (9.84 ft) high and about 1.5 m (4.92 ft) wide. Ice dates back to about 100 years. It is absolutely safe to reach the crevasse through footpath in the summer time. Adding on to the vivid beauty of caves, the glacier tongue is kept illuminated throughout!


Weisssee Restaurant

Decorated in architectural touch ups of glass and wood, the glacier restaurant Weisse is the perfect place to (or “intending to”) relax, eat and enjoy the touring. Various Tyrolean and international cuisines are available with free Wi-Fi facility. Also, there is a large playground beside the restaurant, adding up to the surreal view.


For the little ones

Kids along with adults get to dig the mystery tour “on the secret traces of Kauni the ibex” which is actually a very strategic, adventure filled method to get into nooks and corners of the beauty of Gletscherpak in the Kaunertal. There are small presents kept at Glacier restaurants for kids with mystery papers. Easy trails lying through the upper third of the road can be accessed directly. In the wild, through two small mountain lakes, kids can explore frogs, amphibians, lizards, and water scooters. This activity can last for over ½ hour. The playground in front of glacier restaurant holds various offers for little ibexes such as tunnel slide and ropeway swings, rafting on the little lake, free trampolines and rock climbing with easy routes.



Mountain Guides

The very famous, Alpine Region provides various other opportunities for summit climbs and crossings which can be explored with the help of a guide. Various courses for ski mountaineering, Shoshone hikes, Ice Climbing, Alpine Climbing, Hikes and Summit experiences, Trekking and Hiking are offered by the experts. The guides have long-term experience in the challenging alpine terrain, ensuring unmatched personal experience and training for you. Various Mountain guides available in the region are Kaunertal mountain guide, Alpinschale Top Alpin, Sima Alpin and Bergfuhrer Karl Praxnrarer.



Apart from public ski slopes fun, people can also avail training facilities at the Kaunertal Glacier. You get to choose from various training courses and training slopes.


Hassle-free transport facilities in attractive price deals are available to get to and fro Kaunertal Glacier. Visitors can use ski bus free of charge through valid ski pass. These ski buses are valid during the skiing time. A facility for low floor ski bus is also provided on request.


There are many options to choose from, for staying purpose at the glacier. The available options are guest houses, vacation rentals, farms, private residences and holiday homes/cottages. You can either book directly from the Kaunertal’s website or other booking portals.


Having mentioned such promising holiday treat and training, Kaunertal is a sure place to visit. Get hold of your holiday dates and get ready to surrender to the spell bounding beauty and the adventures of the glacier.

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