Winter gusto at Kellerjoch

With winter at its peak and temperature at its lowest, all we can think of is woolen blankets and comfy jackets and a fireplace. However, why not glide through the snow with the chilling winter winds gush past you and make your holidays more sporty and adventurous. Loved the idea? Well, then we suggest you plan your ski trip to this incredibly amazing and adventurous ski resort Kellerjoch.

The ski resort Kellerjoch –Schwaz is situated in the Silberregion Karwendel in Austria (Tyrol (Tirol)). It has approximately 10 km (6.21 mile) of slopes and 1 km of ski route for skiing and snowboarding. Moreover, there are four lifts to transport the guests. The whole winter sports area is present in between the elevations of 857 (2811 ft) and 1,887 m (6190 ft). The elongated sunlit slopes, the snowy crests and troughs and the breath-taking view panorama attract newbie, skiers, families, and mountaineers from all over the globe. This ski resort is one of Tirol’s best places to visit if you want to make your winter amazing and stress-free. The location ensures fun for everybody starting from children to professional skiers. Skilled skiers can look forward to beautiful and steep terrains. Nevertheless, there is a Kellerjoch Ski School for newbie and kindergarten for children that offers free ski instruction for children and families. The toboggan run is a real-time adventure with the winter winds gushing past as one cruises down from Grafenast to Schwaz or Arzberg. With ski lifts bringing one back up the hill, one can get the best of this place.





As you move through the entire area, you will get to see the nature at its best. The astounding panorama of the mountains in the south the Tuxer Alps is a big treat to the eye. Moreover, you will witness an outstanding view while moving towards the north the Karwendelgebirge. The place is full of well-maintained hiking trails that will let you discover some rare natural beauties and hidden, valuable monuments of the rich culture.


The “Kellerjoch” ski area

Kellerjoch Statistics

Base Elevation: 535 m

Summit Elevation: 1884 m

Vertical Drop: 1349 m

The ski area here has perhaps the finest panorama in Tyrol. The well sculptured and maintained ski area is one of the major attractions of this place. The cable car at Kellerjoch drives skiers up to a height of 1900 meters (6233 ft) above sea level. The resort guarantees snow all the time. The place is perfect for relaxing and having great and stress-free family skiing time without bothering about queues. It is situated in the middle of the Tyrolean winter landscape, away from those busy larger ski resorts. The well groomed, sunlit slopes and breathtaking scenery over countless peaks and the valley ensure relaxed skiing fun for all the family.




Height meter:

The place has a minimum altitude of 545 m (1788 ft) and a maximum altitude of 1887 m (6190 ft). All ski slopes extend up to 10 km (6.21 miles), and the cross-country slopes are around 2 km (1.24 miles).



One can always find trains and buses. Visitors can find direct buses from the railway station one can also find the direct shuttle from the railway station.




There are four lifts, one Double chair lift Grafenast–Arbeser, one chair lift Arzberg – Grafenast, T-bar lift Bockstallift, and T-bar lift Grafenast (Kinderland). These lifts take you up to 1,887 m (6180 ft) where 14 km (8.69 miles) of well-sculptured slopes await you.



There is a total of 14 kilometers (8.69 miles) of slopes,  7 km (4.34 miles) of easy slopes, 5 km (3.10 miles) of medium slopes and 2 km (1.24 miles) of heavy slopes, namely, Familienabfahrt, Übungshang Kinderland, Sportabfahrt, Waizer etc. All these slopes on the Kellerjoch are marked in color based on their difficulty levels. Visitors are advised to choose the slope according to their own skiing ability. 30% of all slopes are technically covered.




This place is a must visit for every person who loves snowy winters. Beginners, experts or families, the place has fun plans for everyone. The Kellerjoch is situated in a silent area and is perfect for families, individuals or groups, who would like to enjoy silent and peaceful skiing without having to wait. The whole team of the Kellerjochbahn takes all sort of responsibility for perfectly cultivating and grooming the slopes every day. This place is also very suitable for children as it has great stuff for children like the child carpet lift, Child lift, Children’s park, Child slope, etc.


Toboggan run Bruderwald

Just next to the chair lift, one can you find their 4 km long toboggan run Bruderwald from Grafenast to Arzberg. The natural toboggan run is very family friendly and comfortably connected to the chair lift. So it serves as a great relief for families with small kids. It is also possible to borrow toboggans at their cash point present at Grafenast. The many possibilities of this area include Ski tour walking, snow- shoe walking and winter walking. Moreover, the skiing area has its own family downhill run. Moreover, for the athlete, there is the Waizer ski slope (2,400 m long) as well as another sports downhill run. Also, the 4 km (2.48 miles) long toboggan run Bruderwald from Grafenast to Arzberg is part of the skiing area.


Cross-country skiing at the ski resort Kellerjochbahn

The resort also offers extensive cross-country skiing experience to its visitors. Cross-country skiing is considered one of the healthiest sports. The cross-country ski runs around the ski resort Kellerjochbahn, at the Silberregion Karwendel, are known for their scenery and beauty.


If you are worried about your winter plans being jeopardized by nature’s betrayal, there is good news! This resort has excellent artificial state of art snow making machines that guarantee ample amount of snow round the clock.




Are you new to the slopes? Don’t worry. The resort has ski schools that train you how to ski.  So, with variety, fun and joy newbie can also learn how to correctly ski at the team of the ski school and ski rental Schippel.


SUMMER in Kellerjoch

Whether active sports people or families, this resort guarantees fun for everyone. What more? They guarantee snow and great skiing experience even during summers. During summer, they put forth a big offer of activities thus making it one of the most favourable hiking destinations. The splendid Tuxer Pre-Alps is a beauty, and the panorama around is very impressive. If you love to travel, adventure and nature, this place is a must-visit for you.


So, these winters step out and enjoy the snow. Go for a thrilling, adventurous and stress-free vacation. Buckle up to ski and snowboard in this peaceful place. Skiing is always fun with a little of crumbling down and messing up with snowflakes. Experience skiing in the hub of snow covered mountains and bushes and trees covered with snow. Don’t worry if you are a beginner. Preparatory training will be provided for newbies, and effective safety rules will be discussed. Plan your trip and come to explore the adventure and gather the unforgettable memories with your family here at Kellerjoch.


This is because with so much on offer at the Kellerjoch, you cannot afford to sit at home this winter. Pack your bags and head out for this amazing skiing location with your family and friends and enjoy yourselves to the fullest. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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