Keystone Ski Resort – Skiing Paradise!

Winters will be here soon, and so will lethargy and gloom. No more setting foot out of the house, because who would want to go out in the snow right? While most people lock themselves in their homes during winters, there are also few who look forward to the season with excitement and joy! This is because they know very well that one of the best ways to enjoy the snow in all its glory is to get your equipment out and visit a ski area such as the famous Keystone Resort.

Keystone Resort is located in Keystone, Colorado and is the largest ski resort in the Summit County of United States. The Resort is located at a short distance from the ski resorts of Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Loveland and Arapahoe Basin and is just about 90 minutes away from Denver International Airport. Keystone has an enormous ski area which offers modern state-of-the-art lifts, outdoor concerts, a vibrant village along with plenty of activities such as the famous night skiing. The slope of the terrain which harbors the Keystone Resort is quite diverse in nature and ideal for adrenaline junkies, with a North Slope measuring 47%, East slope of 13%, West slope almost 30% and the South slope approximately 10%.

The resort is owned and operated by Vail Resorts and consists of three mountains, namely the North Peak, the Outback and the Dercum Mountain. A series of gondolas and ski lifts connect the three mountains together.  The region also consists of five Bowls which are known as Erickson, Bergman, Independence, North and South Bowls which offer skiing at all levels. These bowls and mountains collectively form the largest facility in Colorado to offer night skiing with lift operation until late at night and where trails are lit by floodlights to facilitate necessary visibility. But why would someone ski at night? Surprisingly, the Keystone Ski Resort is one of the many resorts where night skiing takes place after sunset on fifteen of the resort's trails until as late as 9 p.m at night. 

This region experiences an annual snowfall measuring approximately 230 inches or 580 cm and has a total skiable area of approximately 3,148 acres (12.74 sq km), with the longest ski run ‘Schoolmarm’ measuring almost 3.5 miles or 5.6 km. The Keystone ski area features a base height of 9,280 feet and a vertical rise of 3,128 feet. The region enjoys a summit elevation of around 12,408 feet and has a terrain consisting of 135 trails with a rating of 0% expert, 57% advanced, 29% intermediate, and 14% beginner. Even though Keystone does not have truly extreme terrain, intermediate level skiers will absolutely love Keystone because of the smooth cruisers and also the nice steep groomers here. Also, if you’re looking for something a bit more exciting, there is also cat skiing which is offered in several alpine bowls including the mighty Independence Bowl.

A15 Terrain

The resort is also home to a section known as the A51 Terrain Park on Dercum Mountain, where one can experience the best skiing and snowboarding in Keystone. The A51 Terrain Park has been ranked as one of the best in the country year after year and is the largest park in Colorado to be lit during ski night evenings.

It is very popular for being one of the more progressive terrain parks in the region with over hundred features, including jumps, half pipe, tables, rails, and jibs. At the A51 Terrain Park, you can ski, ride and snowboard after all the other mountains close. If relaxing is your agenda, you can also watch the sun set over the beautiful Rocky Mountains after a long adventurous day of skiing. The park also has its own chairlift, which will keep you right in the heart of all the action for as long as you wish.