Killington Ski Resort Planned $29 Million Base Lodge-News

Posted On: 22 Oct 2019


Killington ski resort has initiated the construction on a new $29 million base lodge. It’s the latest big investments the ski area has made in recent years which is one of many upgrades happening at ski areas statewide. The director of mountain operations at Killington, Jeff Temple said the resort was finally able to break ground this month on the new lodge project that’s been the works for years.


Jeff said that parts of the old lodge were built in the 1950s with additions over the years. The new structure will be three stories high and 58,000 square feet that will be 21,000 square feet larger than the current base lodge. Space will be more convenient and users friendly.  Jeff also elaborates that traffic flow was being redesigned so that buses and cars would have better access.

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