Kim Jong Un Delays Opening Of Ski Resort In Yangdok-News

Posted On: 23 Oct 2019


The deadline for developing the country’s newest tourists resort, the Yangdok County hot springs, and ski resort would be delayed until December by the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. It was the North Korean leader Kim’s fourth visit to the site located in a remote countryside area with his most recent coming in April this year. The earlier deadline for finishing the project was October 10, the 74th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).


It is necessary to start the operation in December this year said Kim Jong Un. He also said that the workers should take “full preparations for the operation of the hot-spring recreation and medical treatment facilities. They should take a thorough step for the supply of sporting goods to the skiing ground.”


Tunnels and bridges needed for the new rail line have also been built to connect the newly-established Onjong Station built at the resort site. Kim thanked both the soldier-builders of the People’s Army and construction workers for their dedication and hard work.

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