When anyone mentions snowfall, most people tend to imagine themselves cuddling under the quilt with their loved ones while they watch the snow outside and quietly sip their tea. But now the trend has changed. Winters are no more lazy and comfortable but exciting and energetic. It is no longer in the heat of a quilt, but the heat of your body is firing up. Skiing is now one of the leading recreational sport. Acres and acres of land wearing a cold white quilt, snow covered mountain tops covering all around you as far as you can see and you skiing down the slopes covered with snow while the wind gushes up against your face and you reach new levels of excitement with each descent. It is thrilling when you are new at this, and your first attempt is always scary and exciting and when you come back again, which you obviously will, it gets more and more exciting.

As kids we all remember snowball fights, making a snowman, sitting on a sledge and having friends to push around, skiing down from a slide covered in snow and what not. But as we grew up, that got lost somewhere between getting an education and then a dull, monotonous job. Skiing gives us back the moments when we use to live a carefree life when the only thing that mattered was to have fun. Skiing takes out the monotony out of our lives and gives us moments where we can be children again. Even for those who were afraid of such activities in childhood and were not able to do all that as kids then skiing is the perfect opportunity to break through the wall of fear. The fun you once feared will change your lives in an unimaginable way. Just picture yourself on top of the mountains and facing down to limitless beautiful slope covered with snow. And then you forget everything and just slide through. Cold wind rushing by your entire body but the excitement gives you the heat of the fire and you cut through the wind. You might fall, or you might stumble, but you will get up and finish what you started and keep that as a beautiful memory. 

So if you are planning to take a short trip to ski alone or with friends, then no place gets better than Kirkwood. Kirkwood is in the country United States in the state of California. It is elevated at 7,690 feet. Situated amidst snow covered mountain peaks the place is truly mesmerizing with nature’s beauty at its best. This is where Kirkwood steps it up and gives everyone the opportunity to ski, cross country ski, snow board, snow shoeing, sled dog tours and backcountry expedition. Being within the Eldorado National Forest the place has wildness anyone seeks for. The average annual snowfall over there is 354 inches. The skiable area is a treat for all skiers as there is 2300 skiable area. The ski resorts over there offer eighty six trails and fourteen lifts. The elevation of resorts is 7800 feet at base and 9800 feet at the summit. So just get on State Route 88 and let’s get started. 

Why Should You Love Skiing in Kirkwood?

The best thing to love about Kirkwood is that it is for all. Beginners, intermediate skiers and for professionals. The place has a terrain that is suitable according to the needs. There are more than sixty five kinds of runs there. Out of which 15 % are for beginners, 50 % for intermediate skiers and 35 % for professional skiers; the longest run being of 4 km.  

The place has 3.2 KM of the ridgeline at the top of the mountain with the most popular resort of Kirkwood. This makes Kirkwood very popular among skiers as it is the perfect opportunity for cliff drops and cornices. 

Another attraction of this place is that many ski resorts offer skiing courses for rookie skiers. This is provided for so that people who give it the first shot can completely enjoy this wonderful sport and also be safe. The courses can be fixed according to the need of the tourist by the resort they desire. 

The majority of skiing is offered by the resorts over here, and facilities depend upon resort to resort. But what all resorts have in common is that the place is available for tourists all-round the year. Skiing and snowboarding are best done in winters. 
High speed quads, fixed grip quad, triple chairs, surface lifts, magic carpets and tubing lifts are all available here but would depend upon resort to resort. You can order lift tickets according to your choice online. All this makes Kirkwood one of the finest skiing areas in the region. 

Terrain To Love And To Get Challenged By

Kirkwood is the mother of skiing opportunities. Placed in Alpine and Amador counties the place has everything to offer. The place has a total area of 14 km square and out of that 11 km square is land, and 2.6 km square is water. The place has a Mediterranean climate. Kirkwood has unrestricted slopes that every skier desires or every wannabe skier could need. The terrain ranges from easy to difficult depending upon the parts where skiing is being done. 

For beginners, there are smooth portions where they can enjoy the sport without facing any risks. That portion of terrain is meant for the purpose of the pleasure of a rookie skier. The professionals are there to not only teach you how to ski but also to show you how you can enjoy each and every moment of it. The terrain will be smooth and gentle descend with more than enough snow to send chills through your spine. The thrill and excitement this place has on offer is truly second to none. 

For intermediate skiers, the terrain can be boosted up to a little more complex. As the place falls within a forest, the skiers can choose to slide around trees. This increases the risks as you never know when something shows up on your path and that also increases your excitement as this is a test for your reflexes. You may fall, but there is pride in accepting that fall and trying again. This is where the fun lies!

For professionals, the terrain has many opportunities to offer to surprise you. To show you some dangerous paths and to teach you to get through. This will not only take good reflexes but control over your body and mind but letting your soul free.

The terrains would depend on upon the resort you choose. Kirkwood Mountain Resort offers the best terrains. They not only have skiing terrains, professional help but also fabulous cuisine offered at affordable prices to fit every individual’s pocket. They have a front side and back side skiing areas according to the experience level of an individual.

Other Activities

At Kirkwood summers and winters have different faces. While during winters skiing and snowboarding dominates the area during summer rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and fishing dominates the area. With fields filled with wild flowers and will captivate not only your eyes but also your soul. These activities are offered by every resort and are a delight for anyone. So, whether you are a kid or an adult, Kirkwood has plenty on offer for everyone. 

Just get away for the weekend and find out the adventurous side of yourself. Do it alone to challenge yourself or do it with friends to make some unforgettable memories for your entire life. So go ahead, pack your bags and visit Kirkwood with your family and friends to make the most of this winter. With so many fun things to do, Kirkwood would leave your family with memories to cherish forever!

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