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Winter is the best season out of all the others and the coldest one as well. The mesmerizing view of multiple layers of snow that gets spread across the place is a treat to one’s eyes. As the Halloween spirit ended, setting in a good cheer for the upcoming festivities like Thanksgiving and Christmas, an ideal vacation at Kissing Bridge Ski Resort would be a good idea. Winter is always related to sweaters, jackets, blankets, heaters and indoors so kicking your blues away and make elaborate plans to go out there and enjoy yourselves to the fullest.

Snow is beautiful everywhere and while winter sinks in we see all the flakes looking beautiful than ever on roads and tree tops. Every one of us gets excited like young kids because indeed all the snow makes you go back to your childhood. This is the very exact time of the year when all the family members come together for celebrations and get-togethers and what if you plan this meeting atop the high mountains near New York City.


Kissing Bridge Statistics

Base Elevation: 1150 feet

Summit Elevation: 1700 feet

Vertical Drop: 550 feet

Once all the snow sets in then, the kids like to goof around and play with it making a snowman and castles or fairies. Most of these fun times will be missed if we stay at home wrapped in our blankets and sitting by the fireplace; reading a book while enjoying a cup of hot coffee. In winters, you should let lose all of your hidden inhibitions and have a jolly good time embracing your childhood and relive your youth. You are never too old at heart it is just the mind so stop not till you have a fun filled experience atop one of the most beautiful mountain range close to the city of New York.

The weather experiences freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall, and people are found clothed in warm clothes shoveling snow off their driveways. In case if you do not want to be stuck at home doing the regular chores and be bored then think of a short getaway to these mountain ranges just a few miles away from New York.

New York is one of the many cities that receive high amounts of snowfall, so winter activities are organized in order to keep people active and entertained. Skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing are some of the major sports everyone enjoys as the weather gets colder during the winters. For once leave all your workload behind and lock your stress out in the office room and get your spirits soaring as the festive season is here to stay.


Moreover, New York is the hub for all sorts of jobs and the city also has a large population which keeps everybody busy throughout the year. So, a trip to the Kissing Bridge could be a sought after the break for a lot of people here. Also, family time is important, and amidst the busy lifestyle, one tends to forget their family moments as well.

Skiing is an art of relaxing your body and having specific body movements that are monitored by your brain. It is a very easy sport and quite an entertaining one too, and once you have basic knowledge about it and start practicing with vigor, you can enjoy it to the fullest. This sport helps you calm yourself and divert all your energy into learning the basic art. In winters we need to keep ourselves active and always indulge in some or the other thing during the holidays.




Kissing Bridge Ski Resort is located in the western region of New York and sees a good crowd every year during the winters due to its location and in-house facilities.


The Kissing Bridge Ski Resort is situated at a base elevation of 1150 feet and extends up to 1700 feet at the top and thereby has a smooth 600 feet vertical drop for all the skiers


Any ski resort is incomplete without the trails that let those people who wish to hike around explore the place and go on adventurous runs. The trails are under three categories 20% for the beginners and learners, 50% for the intermediate those who are halfway to being the best and the rest 30% which are for above average performers mostly the experts.


Usually, all the resorts are spread far, and people need a means to commute from one place to another within the premises of the resort and lifts are specially designed for allowing passengers a ride to and fro their destination. There is a total of 10 lifts which include chair cars and pulls that can transfer thousands of people every hour hence managing the crowd successfully. These lift tickets are reasonably priced hence affordable by all and every ticket lets allows you to commute to multiple places at the resort.


This area receives an average of 180 inches of snow every year, and they also have special snowmaking techniques and machines that can replicate up to 90 percent of snow. The fun increases to bounds with knew deep snow as every sport becomes more challenging and it makes you happy when you overcome all the hurdles for victory.




After all the activities that one has indulged into there is a requirement of a comfortable stay. There are various lodging facilities and bed and breakfast options available for the visitors where they can unwind and relax before another day of fun begins. Also, some restaurants serve drinks and fast food varieties for people to fill their stomach. You can enjoy lip-smacking cuisines cooked by some amazing chefs out there. There are quite some impressive deals for accommodation offered by the renowned hotels that can be availed.


None many are born with the inborn talent of skiing so do not worry if you cannot ski yet. Just sign up for the beginners class where there will be special coaches assigned who will teach you the basics. All that you need is practice, and a lot of patience as this sport cannot be learnt overnight by any chance.


In case if you do not have the required equipment say: snowboard, ski, hand gloves, leather jackets, boots or any other accessories then fret not like everything that you may require during your visit is available at stores that let you rent them out according to your needs.

Night Skiing

We all have seen those picturesque night shots of the big shit Hollywood stars dancing with their partners on a snowy night well Kissing Bridge offers you a similar experience. In case if you have always wished to have a date under the bright moonlight on a chilly winter night with your better half, then go ahead and buy your tickets for a memorable time. This night experience is one of a kind as most of the resorts offer only daytime skiing which is common so this is very rare and exciting. Get your snow boots, leather jackets, and snowboards or skis now that you can have fun ever at night. Also, you would not have to worry about anything as there are web cameras around the area and some security measure as well for the safety of all visitors.



November has begun, and winter will set in full force within the next fortnight so do not waste time pondering upon what to do and where to go this holidays. Just book yourself and your friends or colleges or family members a weekend trip to the Kissing Bridge Resort where you can have a mind-blowing experience that will stay with you for a very long time. This kind of reunion is always remembered and get etched into your memories forever so don’t think twice and grab your tickets now and get exciting discounts and offers for it. Have fun skiing and return with memories to cherish forever

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