Kitzsteinhorn - Kaprun – the perfect winter destination for ski lovers!

With a garland of snow Zeus welcomes the cold and with his feisty ways invites us to a rhapsody of bliss. The warmth of winter sun allures us like a mother, saving us from the ghastly cold. The festivities of Christmas and New Year’s summon the lost traveler home. How do you image your winter holidays to be? Basking in the lukewarm sun or counting the falling flakes of snow? Do you wish to walk on the snow or slide on the horse sleigh along the shining slopes? If you have a holiday plan, we can actualize it. Here is a sneak peek at the famous Kitzsteinhorn- Kaprun ski resort in the snow paradise of Austria. This can be your wintry getaway!


Located in the legendary province of Salzburg, Austria is the ski resort Kitzsteinhorn- Kaprun. The first ever glacier ski resort of Austria, Kitzsteinhorn is celebrated for its long ski trails and wide glacier slopes. Blessed with the “Top of the Salzburg” view and abundance of snowfall the resort is a favorite among the lovers of ski and winters. The best season lasts as long as from the month of October to the beginning of summer; the falling flakes will never disappoint you! Let us look at some of the interesting features of this resort.




Interesting Facts

Kitzsteinhorn Statistics

Base Elevation: 2989 ft

Summit Elevation: 9938 ft

Vertical Drop: 6929 ft

The resort is located at an elevation of 3,029 meters, and the base elevation is 1,978 meters. For activities like skiing and snowboarding, there are 41 kilometers of slopes and 8.9 kilometers of ski trails available. For families and winter- sports beginners there exists a new practice slope at 2.600 meters. The Eagle line offers an adventure filled route with smaller jumps and steep curves; kids can go gaga here! The total number of ski lifts is 17 with an average carrying capacity of 33,598 passengers/hour. The average length the lifts cover is 20.4 kilometers. For a detailed assessment of the ski lifts see the next section.


Lifts and their variety

Given a total of 17 lifts the resort is thoroughly capable of carrying passengers up the valley to the glacier. The newly installed lifts Glestscherjet 3 and Glestscherjet 4 (10 -person gondola lift) travel from the Alpincenter to the glacier. Once on the glacier, you will travel through mainly tow lifts. Surrounding the Alpincenter are chairlifts with weather protectors. A double chair car is built at the snowpark for repeat runs. There is a total of 4 circulating ropeway/gondola, five chairlifts and 5 T- bar lifts. The total number of funicular plus aerial tramway plus combined installation is 3, one each. There are also two people movers.




Slopes and the levels of difficulty

The resort has a variety of slopes, from easy and wide runs to steep glacier slopes. A ski route of 8.9 kilometers is the offer for freeriding. Artificial ski making facility is available at the resort, 94 snow cannons provide a valuable snow cover to 90% of the slopes.


Novices– For the beginners in the game there exist a 13 kilometers long ski piston designed especially for you. Kitzsteinhorn is well known for its easy and wide slopes that offer an easy and fearless experience for the novices in the sport. So go snowing the new ones!

Semi- pros–  Taken your first few steps and still lacking confidence? The 25 kilometers long slope is ideal for the semi – pros in the game. The slope provides a comfortable and safe run yet promising adventure and excitement. So get geared and get skiing!

Pro– If you got the skills and wished to dare this place for you. The 3 kilometers glacier run is suited for the adrenaline lovers. The Black Mamba is the most difficult runs with a breathtaking incline of about 63%. Brace yourself ski lovers; the journey is just begun!


Want to know about some of the most amazing runs? Here it is!

The most difficult run is Black Mamba (Scary? Yes!). The length of the slope 1 kilometer and the elevation difference is 290 kilometers. Starting at the base station of the Kristall lift the run ends at Langwiedboden.


The longest run is Peak-Langwiedboden with a length of 5 kilometers and an elevation difference of 1051 meters. So ski from the mountain station of Magnetkopfl lift to the Langwiedboden in one run!




Snowboarding– Tired of skiing? Try snowboarding! With a fantastic view of the high alpines, the resort is so located as to provide an otherworldly experience while descending the slopes. The shinning slopes run steeply down the mountains and enter the valley to bid a majestic fall to the snow. Feel the steeping slopes and enter the deep secrets mountains!


Excursion- Exploring glaciers is something we do not get to do every day. Here at Kitzsteinhorn one can take a round tour of the glacier throughout the year, with the new Glestscherjet 3and 4. Do not miss this opportunity!



Living here is an ethereal experience. Surrounded by falling snow and shining mountains one can imagine getting lost in the scenery of this place. The resort is centrally located with a number of hotels to accommodate the guests. Krefelder Hutte and Hotel Tauerhof are some of the favorites. For a cozy stay, you can choose from a list of holiday apartments and holiday homes. One can also choose a customized package including accommodation and skiing activities from the resort.


Lift tickets

The prices for the lift passes vary according to season and duration. In peak season a one-day pass for an adult is €50.00, for a child is it €25.00 and for youth, it is €31.00. If you wish to take, a five days pass you are expected to pay €218.00 for an adult, €109.00 for a child and €163.00 for youth. During the low season, the prices for a one-day pass are €47.00 for an adult, €23.00 for a child and €31.00 for youth.


Things to remember!

According to the rules only those who are born between the years 2001- 2010 are eligible for the child fare. Similarly, a youth is to be born between the years 1998-2000. Children born in 2011 and after are transported free of charge if accompanied by an adult.  Personal I.D. is necessary for issuing the tickets. The ski pass includes one glacier trip only for a day.


Opening times for lifts

The cable cars are open from 8:10 am to 4:30 pm. For the Glestscherjet, one must visit between 8:35 am to 3:40 pm. Headquarters are open from Monday to Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.



How to reach here?

One can choose a car route from Salzburg to Kitzsteinhorn lasting for about 1 hour 40 minutes. If you choose Munich as your starting point, the total journey will last for about 2 hours and 32 minutes. There is a bus line no. 660 (every hour) between Zell am See, Kaprun, and Kitzsteinhorn. There is also a free ski- bus service from October to May. The guests at Kitzsteinhorn can use the bus between Zell am See- Kaprun to Kitzsteinhorn for free. The closest railway station is at Zell am See. For air, rout chooses the Salzburg airport and take a shuttle to your final destination.


Skiing and snowboarding at Kitzsteinhorn are a once in a lifetime experience. This mystic exploration is incomplete without the comfortable stay at the ski hotels and homes and the local delicacies. Add flavor to your vacations by choosing a family or group package, travel cheap and safe! For those who prefer lonely rides, the winter hiking trails are meant for you.


With so many things to do here at the Kitzsteinhorn, you cannot afford miss out on all the fun. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head out straight for this awesome skiing destination. Get exploring and enjoying!

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