Kleine Scheidegg-Switzerland

Dashing through the Scheidegg snow – Kleine Scheidegg ski resort

Attention all winter sports enthusiasts, who are looking to spend some quality time skiing down perfectly groomed slopes and enjoy the feel of the crisp, cold air in your face, the beautiful mountainside of the Kleine Scheidegg is the one for you. The Scheidegg ski resort located in the Bernese Alps range in Switzerland is one of the best places for a winter vacation filled with lush sceneries, thrilling ski parks, and a beautiful view of the Bernese Oberland region. The Kleine Scheidegg is close to the Jungfrau mountain range that is considered a UNESCO recognised world heritage site. It is also the ending destination of the Jungfrau marathon, a mountain race that takes place in the early September of every year.

Scheidegg Statistics

Base Elevation: 944 m

Summit Elevation: 2320 m

Vertical Drop: 1376 m


The Kleine Scheidegg ski resort sits at an altitude of 796 m (2611.5 ft), and the winter sports area has a base elevation of 944 m (3097 ft), and the highest slope is located at an elevation of 2320 m (7611.5 ft). The resort is accessible via a cog railway from the village of Grindelwald as well as Wengen.


The resort offers a total of 102 km (63.4 miles) length ski runs ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert pistes. The easy courses cover a total distance of 33 km (20.5 miles) which is 32% of the total slopes. The intermediate slopes run a distance of 56 km (34.8miles) and cover 55% of the park. The expert level pistes are around 13 km (8 miles) and cover 13% of the overall slopes. The longest run covers a distance of 13 km (8 miles) and starts off at Lauberhorn passes through the Kleine Scheidegg and runs an easy course along the Wengernalp with the end at Grindelwald Grund. The hardest run aptly named as the ‘Oh God No.27’ covers a length of 1.3 km (0.81 miles) and has a 71% incline which makes it one of the toughest runs in the park. Almost 70% of the slopes have snow machines to help groom the slopes for a smooth and safe experience. Another highlight of the park is that it offers a free of charge speed measurement course and even a public race course with time measurement. This lets you test your skiing skills against others in a friendly competition.


The ski resort houses a total of 24 lifts that provide transportation starting from the Grindelwald Grund or Lauterbrunnen. The cog railways from Grindelwald Grund to Kleine Scheidegg as well as the one from Wengen to Scheidegg have a carrying capacity of 1350 persons/hour. It is best to pick up a train schedule as they leave only every 30 minutes. All along the park, there are chairlifts, T-bar lifts and rope tow lifts to help access the many slopes. There is a total of 10 chairlifts that are either meant for 6 persons, 4 persons, or 2 persons. They are high-speed chairlifts that are detachable with a carrying capacity of more than 1500/hour for the 4-persons and 6-persons and up to 1050/hour for the 2-persons. The T-bar lifts have a carrying capacity of 1040/hour while the beginner lifts/tow lifts can pull around 600/hour. There are also 2 Sunkid moving carpets available for the kids.


The ski range is open during the late November until the mid-April months and is open for 8 and a half hours starting from 8 in the morning till 4:30 in the evening. This is of course based on conditions such as weather, school holidays, public holidays, or any other special circumstances. The price for the tickets during the open season starts at 59 Euros ($63) for the adults, 47 Euros ($50) for the youth and 30 Euros ($32) for children.



There are several ski schools available that provide lessons, helpful tips, and even have one-on-one lessons with professional trainers to help you enjoy the experience to the utmost level. For those planning to stay on for more than a day, there are some beautiful and lovely accommodations in all the price brackets, whether you are looking for a cosy bed and breakfast or a luxurious 5-star hotel.

The Kleine Scheidegg ski resort offers the perfect getaway for those seeking the thrill of the snow-capped mountains or wishing to spend time with their family on vacation. The park is kid-friendly and provides fun for all ages and challenges the winter sports enthusiasts with its spectacular slopes and pistes. The location of the resort against the breathtaking and panoramic view of the mighty peaks makes this a must-see destination for skiers and families alike.

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