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There is always something exciting about winters. The lazy mornings, the cosy weather is what everyone wants all year long. Winters arises the travel bug in everyone and we all want to visit different places and make the most of the holiday season. Kleinlobming is one such ski resort: small, cosy and easily accessible. The best part is, you need not worry much about your expenses if you are looking forward to visit a place which is exciting, peaceful as well in your budget.  Read on, we will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about this beautiful place, Kleinlobming. 

About the Place

Kleinlobming, a famous ski resort located in Murtal( Austria). Kleinlobming, may be a small skiing area, but it is perfect for beginners and children. It is a fun place to be for families and can also make the most of the facilities available in Kleinlobming. Kleinlobming also provides for night skiing and snowmaking system. Thanks to the snow making system Klienlobming provides for, because of which it guarantees for availability of snow throughout the year. Night skiing is very interesting activity where tourists can enjoy the amazing view of the resort. Kleinlobming, winter sports area is at a height between 764m (7506 feet) and 1000 m (3280 feet) and has a vertical drop of 235 m (902 feet). These conditions are ideal for skiing and snowboarding, right from beginner to expert level skiers. But, Kleinlobming does not provide ski facilities for expect level, due to lack of much area In the resort. 

Kleinlobming Statistics

Base Elevation: 764 m

Summit Elevation: 1000 m

Vertical Drop: 236 m

Skiing Runs

The ski runs of Kleinlobming are beautiful and perfectly made for beginners and children. Children without any hesitation can have fun and make the most of the ski slopes. There are 1km (0.62 miles) of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding everywhere around the resort. Let’s have a look at the levels of skiing facilities available in Kleinlobming. 

For beginners: out of the 1 km (0.62 miles) slopes available, 0.2 km (0.12 miles) is for beginners. 20% of the ski runs available for beginners and their ski slopes are indicated by blue colour. Even beginners without any hesitation can make the most of the ski slopes available to them. 
For intermediaries: out of the 1 km (0.62 miles) slopes available, 0.8km (0.49 miles) is for intermediaries. Kleinlobming has dedicated a proper 80% of the ski slopes for mediocre and is indicated with red colour. Tourists who are trained and have basic lessons of skiing can make the most of the high elevation Kleinlobming is providing them with. 

Since Kleinlobming is of very small area, there are no ski runs made available for expert level skiers. Therefore expert level skiers should not expect much if they are planning to visit this place. 
Other than skiing, Kleinlobming provides for artificial snow making facilities, with snow cannons. The best part is, 100% of the slopes have snow-making capabilities. Kleinlobming also provides for beautiful valley runs, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley.

Night skiing in Klienlobming.

And guess what? Klienlobming is famous for providing night skiing facilities, which is absent in most of the skiing resort. Night skiing is much more fun than day skiing activities.  You can enjoy the super floodlight systems of night skiing, which has attracted tourists from all over the world. 
There is a 1km (0.62 miles) floodlit slope available for night skiing along the slopes. You need not worry much about the safety during the nights, as you can have a safe access to the road and also the parking area is provided right next to the ski lift. 

Ski lifts / Cables in Klienlobming

Klienlobming provides for two Ski lifts, which can carry 1500 passengers per hour. The total length of the lift is 0.7 km (0.43 miles).

Different types of lifts in Klienlobming

1. T-bar lift/platter/button lift: This lift is of 600m (1968 feet) in length and has a carrying capacity of 1000 passengers per hour. 
2. Rope tow/ beginner lift: This lift is of 600m (1968 feet) in length and has to carry capacity of 500 passengers per hour. 

Night Skiing lifts of Klienlobming

Klienlobming provides for two-night lifts. The different types of lifts being: 
1. Skilift: This is a T-bar lift having a length of 600m (1968 feet) and has a carrying capacity of 1000 passengers per hour.
2. Kinderlift: This is a rope tow lift, made exclusively for beginners. This is 100m (328 feet) in length and has a carrying capacity of 500 passengers per hour. 

Accommodation Facilities in Kleinlobming

You can find comfortable stays in Kleinlobmingat a very affordable price. Online sites will provide you with the best deals on the hotels. You may not find luxurious 5-star hotels here, but Kleinlobming will welcome you wholeheartedly with its warm and cosy service apartments and stay in hotels. Kleinlobming is rated number one in hospitality and service, the people of Kleinlobming are warm and welcome you wholeheartedly.

Ticket pricing of Kleinlobming Ski resort

ThorughKleinlobming is open throughout the year, but the Kleinlobming Is at its best from mid-December to mid-March. Skiing facility is open right from 9 am in the morning to 4 pm in the evening. 

Kleinlobming skiing ticket ranges from 13 Euros for Children, 20 Euros for youth and 23 Euros for Adults. 

You can make use of the special family offers available in Klienlobming and save a lot of money. 

Accessibility in Klienlobming

Kleinlobming is easily accessible by car and air. The nearest airport is Innsbruck which only an hour’s drive from here. Cars can move freely and you can access the slopes from anywhere subject to the weather conditions. If there is heavy snowfall you may be able to drive your cars easily. 

Ski School

There is not much information provided regarding the ski school facilities. But there are facilities available for providing camps for school children and interested group of people. 

Equipment Rentals

You need not worry much if you have forgotten to carry your skiing equipment along with you. Kleinlobming provides for easy access to skiing rental equipment all over the resort. You will easily get what you want without any difficulty and at affordable prices.  

There you go, you have all the information you need to have a fulfilled holiday with your family and loved ones. Do not hesitate to book your tickets to grab the best deal available on the online sites. You need not worry much about planning your visit to this beautiful place. You can visit any time of the year and can have an equivalent amount of fun, whatsoever. Surprise your family with loads of fun time ahead. 

The incredible vertical drops, the perfect snow, great weather, and thrilling adventure sports are few of the many reasons why you should visit Kleinlobming. Go ahead, grab tickets and break free from your tiresome schedule. With so much fun on offer, you cannot afford to miss this place!

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