Kligenthel- Muhlleiten and jagerstrasse ski resort - Double the Cheer!

The season of snow is here with double the cheer! It is the time for relaxation and full enjoyment because during the holidays the only thing holding you back from a fun filled time with your family is you. Imagine all the possibilities you can explore and the several surprises that you can behold during winter. There are so many activities for you to choose from spending a fun filled evening with friends down a snowy hill to a lovely evening spent warm in your cabin along with a cup of hot chocolate. There are innumerous fabulous vacation destinations that you can look into which is especially famous for their winter sports. When it comes to sports, you will find yourself becoming very choosy as there are so many incredible options as well. Get a chance to try out sports like skiing, sledging, snowboarding, air boarding, dashboarding and even ice-skating. Sports enthusiasts and visitors from all over the world migrate during this time of the year especially to indulge in an adrenalin elevating thrill on the thick slopes of ice covered ranges. Germany possesses a plethora of snowy destinations offering splendid icy delicacies.

Kligenthel-Muhlleiten Statistics

Base Elevation: 580 m

Summit Elevation: 870m

Vertical Drop: 85 m

About the place

Klingenthel is a lovely town in South Eastern Germany with a lovely view of the Asch Berg Mountain which towers above 936 meters (3070 feet). Located here are the spectacular Muhlleiten ski resorts and Jagerstrasseski resort that facilitates all that a new skier would need to experience the fresh gush of air that the sport provides. The Muhlleiten ski resort is covered with extravagant snow each year and is particularly famous for the Kammloipe cross-country ski track. For the best view of the Aschberger land visit the Jagerstrabe ski resort that rooms are always well conditioned to suit all skiers during the winter season. Other than the best lodging facilities that a ski resort can offer, these two ski resorts offer a memorable experience for you and your family!

Resort Details:

The Muhlleiten ski resort is situated between the elevations of 800 meters (2624 feet) and 830 meters (2723 feet) with a difference of 30 meters (98.45 feet). It possesses at least 0.2 kilometres (0.12 miles) of smooth ski slopes that are quite suitable for those at the beginner’s level. The Jagerstrasse ski resort is located between the altitudes of 590 meters (1935.7 feet) to 670 meters (2198.6 feet) and has a difference of 80 meters (262.4 feet). It also has splendid skiing slopes of 0.4 kilometres (0.24 miles) which are the slightly more challenging course for both casual and professional skiers.

Skiing Statistics:

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pass time skier, the ski resorts here at Kligenthel are more than enough to keep you occupied during your winter trip here. They are well-groomed slopes that are profoundly maintained and are as good as any resort in Germany that offers a fantastic chance to ski on the slopes of the Aschbergan Slopes. These ski resorts possess 0.2 kilometres (0.12 miles) to 0.4 kilometres (0.24 miles) of skiing pistes with over 100 kilometres (62 miles) of cross-country ski slopes. Several winter sports other than skiing like dashboarding and sledging are also quite suitable for these slopes especially when you want your children to have a safe experience. The slopes of the Muhllentein ski resort are perfect for Alpine skiers as they can ski or snowboard down the undulated hillsides. This feature is also similar to the experience you shall receive at the Jagerstrasse ski resort as the pistes available at these resorts are well equipped T-barred drag elevators and are also lit with bright floodlights during the night.

For Beginners:

The total course of 0.2 Kilometres (0.12 miles) available at the Muhlleiten ski resort is allotted for all those skiers who are trying their hand at the sport for the first time. There is also a valley run available for them, and the skiers would face very few obstacles on these well-groomed extraordinarily smooth ski slopes. It is recommended that the parents who want their little ones to enjoy the sport as well, book a room at the Muhlleiten ski resort.

For Intermediate:

The ski course comprising of 0.4 kilometres (0.24 miles) available at the Jagerstasse ski resort is ideally suited to fulfil the need for some excitement. When you have developed a love for skiing and want to try and challenge your newly attained skills a little further, you ought to move to the Jagerstrasse ski resort. The ski resorts at the small village of Klingenthel are quite attractive when you desire a comfortable and safe experience at these exciting sports. Ice skating facilities are also available if you wish to spend some soothing time in the ring with someone special. If you are a tourist and wish to take a stroll through the home of the Aschberg Mountain, a cross-country ski tour would certainly give the best opportunity to make some visually extravagant memories. Also do not miss out on the night skiing facility as not all ski resorts allow that, the well-lit slopes are a spectacle during the night, while also hikers can enjoy their trips and not get lost in the trail because of the clear and well-marked trails which are designed to be absolutely safe.

Ski lifts:

The ski lift available at the Jagerstrasse ski resort is a towing or plate lift that has the capacity of carrying 500 people per hour and is around 0.4 kilometres (0.24 miles) long. The fare charged at the Jagerstrasse ski lift is 10 Euros for adults and 5 Euros for children which is a highly affordable price. The ski lift that you can find at the Muhlleiten ski resort is a Rope tow lift designed especially for beginners in 1983 that has the capacity of carrying 450 passengers per hour and stretches up to 0.2 kilometres (0.1 miles). The passenger charge at the Muhlleiten ski lift is 10 Euros for adults and 6 Euros for children.

Accommodation and Lodging facility:

The most recommended lodging facilities in the area include: Hotel Haus am Ahorn – This is a luxurious five-star stay that comes with all modern conveniences you could wish for. A standard room for two adults for a day is priced around US$250. With so much on offer and so many things to do, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this place. Have fun!

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