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Kolben - Oberammergau For Thrill Lovers!

Confused as to where to head during the holidays? This holiday season choose adventure and fun. You can visit Kolben – Oberammergau, a fun place to visit with your family and loved ones. Kolben – Oberammergau is a famous holiday region located in the Ammergau Alps in Germany. Kolben – Oberammergau provides for 8 km (4.97 miles) of slopes all over the resort for skiing and snowboarding, along with 9 lifts for the convenience of the guests. The main winter sports area is situated at an elevation of 860 m (2821 feet) to 1766 m (5793 feet). Kolben – Oberammergau is ideal and best suited for beginners and if you are looking to learn winter sports, Kolben – Oberammergau offers you with ideal conditions to learn skiing and snowboarding by providing many ski schools to choose from. Since all the lifts are located right in the middle of the valley area, it therefore becomes a perfect location for many ski schools. All the guests and tourists who want to learn skiing can make use of this facility

Kolben Oberammergau Statistics

Base Elevation: 2789 ft

Summit Elevation: 4186 ft

Vertical Drop: 1398 ft

Ski Runs

Kolben– Oberammergau provides for 8 km (4.97 miles) of ski slopes all around the resort. Guests can make use of these ski slopes and make the best of their holiday. Let’s look at the different types of ski slopes available here. For beginners: Out of the 8 km (4.97 miles) of the total ski slopes available, 7.4 km (4.5 miles) of ski slopes are made available to the beginners. That is, around 92 % of the total ski area is readily available for the beginners. Beginners can make the most of these slopes without any obstruction from the mediocre skiers. For intermediate: Only 8% of the total ski land is made available for the intermediaries. That is, out of 8 km (4.97 miles) of ski slopes 0.8 km (4.97 miles) of ski slope is provided for the mediocre skiers. For Experts: There are no ski slopes made available for expert skiers. Kolben – Oberammergau has made ski slopes mainly available for beginners and to an extent to the mediocre skiers and snowboarders.

Apart from the ski slopes

90% of the slopes have snow-making capabilities and there are 20 snow cannons for artificial snow making facility. There is Kolben main run, which is one of the longest run of 2.5 km (1.55 miles) in length and at an elevation of 420 m (1377 feet). This run can be accessed with the help of the Kolben chairlift, which is situated beneath the tree line

Ski Lifts

Kolben – Oberammergau provides for a total of 9 ski lifts, which are 4 km (2.4 miles) in length and has a carryingcapacity of 5800 passengers per hour. Let’s have a look at the different ski lifts made available to the guests at Kolben – Oberammergau. Chair lift: There is one chairlift made available to the guests. This is a fixed grip chairlift which can carry two persons at a time. T-bar lift/ platter lift/ button lift: There are two T-bar lifts and one J- bar lift made available for the convenience of the guests. Rope tow/ beginner lift: There are five Rope tow/ beginner lifts made available to the guests. Sunkid Moving Carpet: Sunkid Moving Carpet is also made available to the tourists visiting Kolben – Oberammergau.

Night skiing

Kolben – Oberammergau offers night skiing facility every Friday at the snowpark. There is 0.3 km (0.18 miles) of floodlit slopes, open from 19:00 till 22:00 o’clock available for this facility. There are two lift / cable cars available for the guests, which are: Wanklift I: This is a J-bar lift of length 380 m (1246 feet) and has a carrying capacity of 600 passengers per hour. Wanklift II: This is a Rope tow/beginner lift of 220 m (721 feet) length and has a carrying capacity of 500 passengers per hour.


You will find number hotels from a small and cosy stays to 5 star luxurious hotels. You can choose from a lot of hotels available online and at best deals. Among the many hotels, these are the top rated and budget friendly hotels with great service. Hotel Zirbelpension Hotel Forsthau Hotel Andre

Ticket prices

The skiing and snowboarding season is open from mid-December to mid-March every year, from 9 am to 16:30 pm. Let’s have a look at the ticket pricing for skiing and snowboarding. During the main season, the ticket price is 28 Euros for an adult, 26 Euros for a youth and 18 Euros for a child. All the tickets are available near the ski lifts and also some of the resorts also sell the tickets at the hotels itself.

Ski schools

Most of the tourists visit here to learn skiing and snowboarding as Kolben – Oberammergau offers for ideal conditions for skiing and snowboarding. There are many ski schools made available for the guests who can make the most of this facility. Some of the famous ski schools available here are: Ski School Peter Frey Ski School Ammertal Top on Snow ski school

Equipment Rentals

You need not worry if you have missed carrying your ski and snowboarding equipment along with you. Kolben – Oberammergau provides many rentals all over the resort and you can pick up whatever you want at affordable prices. Among the many rentals Sports headquarters Papistock is one of the best rental services here. You can rent all types of shoes, ski and sticks at affordable and high quality materials. There you go, now that you have all the required information all you need to do is, book your tickets, pack your bags and head to Kolben – Oberammergau. Have a wonderful stay with your family and loved ones.

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