Visit Konigswalde For the Chill and the Thrill!

Winter is the most relaxing of seasons that let you be yourself inside those covers. Winter is literally the best to snuggle up in your blanket, drink a hot chocolate and watch your favourite television series. Winter lets you chill because it has no sweaty and scorching heat. Winter is great because it is not summer. Summers are usually torturous with their heat and humidity. But winters are cool, and you can wear the clothes you want and not worry about sweating. Winter is just not about the chill but also about the thrill. It’s the perfect time to go on that vacation you’ve been planning since you were in college or school. Winter is about rolling down the snow, making a number of snowmen, throwing snowballs at each other or going skiing or snowboarding against perfectly prepared pistes. Winter also lets you explore the beauty nature holds for you like when the sun shines against the panoramic view of the sun. Sunrises are late but better in winters amidst peaks you’ve always wanted to be around.

Konigswalde Statistics

Base Elevation: 570 m

Summit Elevation: 710 m

Vertical Drop: 140 m

About the resort

Located in Saxony, Germany, Konigswalde is a ski resort that is known to be an epitome of winter sports activity and the fun and frolic you’re looking for. It is a place that has the best of natural snow throughout the year and a well-based system of ski lifts and aerial airways to make your journey a smooth one. A lot of accommodation facilities in and around the ski resort make it an attractive destination for all fun and activities while it is easily accessible by different means of transportation.

Ski Resort Details:

The ski resort of Konigswalde is located in the German Ore Mountains of Saxony. They are situated between elevations of 570 meters(1870 feet) and 710 meters (2329 feet). There is a difference of 140 meters (459 feet) between the elevations. There are a total number of 2 ski lifts that help in the transportation of visitors and tourists up and down the snowy slopes. This ski resort has a notable network of aerial airways that help it to be in operation throughout the year.

Skiing and Snowboarding Details:

The ski resort of Konigswalde is situated German Erzgebirge. There is a total of 1.2 kilometres (0.74 miles) of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding activities. This ski resort has skiing slopes available for every level of skier and makes sure you do not only enjoy yourself with the winter sports activities but go home enriched. It also has a number of toboggan runs, ski jumps, snowboarding trails, hiking trails and night skiing. Let us have a look at the varied facilities provided at this ski resort: For Beginners: This ski resort is a paradise for beginner skiers as all the 1.2 kilometres (0.74 miles) of skiable slopes is allotted to them. These slopes are comparatively easy and bet to give you enjoyment while you’re busy learning the sport. Though smooth slopes, these make sure they give you the kind of fun and excitement you’re looking for in a resort famed for winter sports and frolic activities. For Intermediates and Expert Skiers: Unfortunately, this ski resort doesn’t have any skiable area allotted to intermediate skiers or expert skiers due to the paucity of slopes. The slopes are comparatively easy and should be a cake walk for intermediate and expert learners. It is sure to give them the feeling of invincibility besides providing a fun fraught experience skiing among smooth and perfectly prepared pistes. This ski resort is fraught with snow throughout the year and has optimal weather conditions for visitors and tourists round the year. Night skiing is a reality in the ski resort of Konigswalde as the entire slopes of skiing of 1.2 kilometres (0.74 miles) are floodlit and are great spots for night owls and adventurous souls, away from the crowd or humdrum of people.

Ski lifts:

The ski resort of Konigswalde has an efficient network of ski lifts and aerial airways that are responsible for the effortless transportation of visitors, tourists and skiers up and down the slopes and rocky edges, at intervals, throughout the day. There are two ski lifts spread over a total of 1.2 kilometres (0.74 miles) in length with a carrying capacity of approximately 3000 per hour. The hours between which the aerial airways function is often from 9.30 in the morning to 5 in the evening. There might be changes in the schedules depending upon weather or other snow conditions. The price for a ski ticket for an adult is around 12 Euros while the price for a ski ticket for a child for a day is around 6 Euros. The rates are pretty affordable in comparison to other ski resorts.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities:

The ski resort of Konisgwalde in Saxony, Germany has risen to popular applause due to the availability of a multitude of lodging facilities in and around the region. If you want to have a five-star stay, enjoy the luxurious hotels of the area that come with an edge for quality and class. If you do not want to pinch a hole in your pocket, you must be lured to check into the really fantastic places that are also affordable and promise to give you an authentic experience in all. There are also a number of fancy stays beside youth hostels which are really inexpensive and meant for the adventurous young souls seeking out to satiate their wanderlust. Let us have a quick glance at the most recommended and most preferred stays in the region: GaststtateBrettmuhle – This is a three-star accommodation really popular among tourists for its unmatched services and hospitable staff all-round the year. It has modern convenience like Wifi, parking facilities and is kid friendly. If you’re coming with your beloved pets, do not worry – this place adopts them as their own. A standard room for two adults is priced around US$ 80. Fichtenhausel am Pohlagrund – This is a five-star accommodation that comes with award winning staff and best of services at its disposal. This is a perfect family stay that has room for two adults for a day between US$100-US$150.

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