Kornberg Ski Resort – an abode for ski lovers!

Who does not love winter? The desperation for winters is what keeps most of the individuals waiting for the upcoming better days. Spending winter days beneath the glow of the sun is just another negligible joy of life. This winter you can explore the unending checklist of fun and experience at our ski resort and fill it with recollections that will stand with you for a lifetime. This time, don’t give your winter a chance to pass by as repetitively as it does each year merely. Enjoy some sensational activities this time at this delightful blanketed paradise – Kornberg Ski Resort. The majority of the people remove fun and adventurous trips out of their to-do list for the winter season. But this seasons, there is no need to kill your thrilling desires of getting indulged into sports even in winter and that too, winter sports. Sounds cool, eh?

In toto
, the place has got to offer numerous fun things such as skiing, snowboarding and night skiing, too.  There are 1.5 km (0.932057 miles) of slopes available at the resort to indulge in these activities. In addition to that, there are two lifts installed at the place to transport the visitors and the tourists that come to this heavenly abode.  The elevation difference of this region varies from 710 m (2329.4 ft) to 820 m (2690.29 ft). Thus, the height difference at Kornberg ski resort is 110 m (360.892 ft).

Kornberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 710 m

Summit Elevation: 820 m

Vertical Drop: 110 m

About The Place

The Kornberg Ski Resort is situated at 95100, Martinlamitzer, Forst-Süd, Germany. This is a place which is positioned at the County of Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge of Germany. This falls in the region of Bavaria (Bayern), Germany, Franken (Franconia) and Upper Franconia (Oberfranken). The town or village which the ski resort is situated in is the town of Schwarzenbach a.d.Saale, Selb. A trip to this place can be planned even when you and your friends or family are having a day’s off. There is no need to wait for a weekend or a long vacation to arrange for a trip to this snowy place. Großer Kornberg is the mountain peak that is situated closest to the resort, and on the slopes of this mountain only you get to do all the fun that you have at this place. One can access this place only by car as it cannot be reached by flight or train directly. The ski resort at Kornberg can be reached via car from the town of Selb, Schönwald, Marktleuthen, and the way will pass through the town of Spielberg. After you have reached Spielberg, you will find the signpost there that will lead you to the free car parking space. There is a grass parking lot available for visitors to park their cars, and the same can be done at this ski resort free of cost.

Ski Lifts

This is a technologically modern and well-equipped ski resort. We get to see that with the ski lifts and cable cars that are installed at the ski resort. In all, the number of ski lifts at the Kornberg Ski resort is two. Therefore, the overall capacity of both the ski lifts combined is of 1700 individuals in an hour. The total length of both the ski lifts combined is 0.8 km (0.497097 miles). The first ski lift is the Großer Kornberg ski lift. This one is a T-bar ski lift which was constructed and installed at the ski resort in the year 2012. The length of this ski lift is 623 m (2043.96 ft) with about a carrying capacity of individuals of 980 in an hour. The ski lift is manufactured by the well-reputed and known manufacturer Doppelmayr. The other ski lift which is installed at the Kornberg ski resort is Übungslift Kornberg. This one is the oldest ski lift and the first one that was constructed at Kornberg Ski Resort. This is a rope tow or beginner lift kind of ski lift which was installed in the year of 1985. With a length of round about 130 m (426.509 ft), this oldest rope tow or beginner lift has the capacity of taking approximately 720 individuals in an hour.


All the ski resorts that are placed in the County of Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge have a total of 2.3 km (1.42915 miles) of slopes. Of these, 1.5 km (0.932057 miles) of slopes are available for skiing, snowboarding and various other activities at the Kornberg ski resort itself. The slopes that are offered here for winter sports are a total of 1.5 km (0.932057 miles). All the slopes that are here can be enjoyed by the beginner level skiers as they are easy level of slopes present here. Hence, you will not have to think twice before visiting this place that will all the members of your group be able to make the most of this resort because of anyone and everyone, no matter how amateur, can have a great time at Kornberg. There is Valley run available at the Kornberg ski resort. The best part is that, there is also night skiing available here. So if you cannot make a day out for visiting this place out of your busy schedule, then make one plan for the night! For people who indulge in night skiing at the Kornberg aki resort, both the Großer Kornberg ski lift and the Übungslift Kornberg ski lift are available as well as fully funcitional for carrying the visitors. This ski resort is not one of those that will burn a hole in your pocket. With all the pure natural beauty that Kornberg has got to offer you, the tickets of the ski resort are very fairly priced and reasonable. It can be easily afforded by each one of us. The prices of ski passes in the daytime at Kornberg are €16 for adult visitors. It is €14 for youth visitors and for children visitors, the price per ski pass is as nominal as €12 per children. Plan out at least a day’s trip to this heavenly abode for some FamJam or friends day out.

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