KRANZBERG-MITTENWALD - The Best Place To Enjoy Skiing For Thrill Lovers!

Winters depict wistfulness of thrilling days of past. Nearly everybody in this world concedes an indescribable association with the winter season. It carries along with it a variety of unending fun and enterprises. Individuals from all walks of life sit tight for this season and plan their upcoming occasion’s months. A mini heaven situated right between the Alpenwelt Karwendel in Germany, Bavaria, Upper Bavaria and Zugspitz region. The Kranzberg – Mittenwald ski resort is a paradise to all those who love winter sports and snow sports. There are 15 km (9.32057 miles) of slopes available here for doing skiing as well as snowboarding. In addition to that, it has about eight lift to carry the guests and tourists. The area of indulging into winter sports activities is situated between the 980 m (3215 ft) and 1350 m (4429 ft) of elevation.


Base Elevation: 980 m

Summit Elevation: 1350 m

Vertical Drop: 370 M

The ski resort at Kranzberg for friends and family has been in presence for over past 40 years. It was made by Peppi and Lindenwurmer in the winter of 1969/70. Before any technology was as such installed here, the skiers were still pulled up using a ski-bully, and after that pulled chances on the Luttensee slope and the practice slope. A considerable amount of time with numerous advancements and expansions has gone forward from that point. The beautiful ski resort has numerous pretty inter landscapes to offer to its visitors and tourists and never fail to leave each one of them awestruck with sheer beauty. There is Bruno’s Children’s Park located at the valley station of the ski resort at Kranzberg which offers immense play area to the young ones, and beginners for learning their first ever turns in the snow field. While on the other hand, for bigger and more experienced skiers or snowboarders the region of wide slopes in the Karwendel Mountains is always there to have a great fun time. The cross-country circuit network of the Alpenwelt Karwendel Mountain, 1.6 km (0.99 miles) long toboggan run and also the well-groomed hiking paths that are covered with snow altogether make Kranzberg the ultimate desirable ski resort that anybody would love to visit.


  Primarily, the ski resort can be accessed using tow lifts. Some of the tow lifts are a bit steep and are only best suited for the advanced level beginners. While at the beginner ski region of Luttensee there is 1 tow lift, 2 rope lifts and 2 people movers. There is also a chairlift which provides easy access to the valley run towards Mittenwald. In all, there is a total of 8 ski lifts which have summarily a capacity of carrying 5850 passengers per hour. The total length of the lifts is somewhat around 4.1 km (2.54762 miles). There is 1 chairlift, 5 T-bar or button lift or platter kind of ski lifts and 2 rope tow or say beginner lift. Kranzberglift is the chairlift which was constructed in the year 1950. It has a capacity of carrying 450 persons per hour and has a length of 1424 m (4671.916 ft). The other T-bar ski lifts are Gipfellift (YOC 1981) and Korbinianlift (YOC 1972) with a carrying capacity of 1000 person per hour, then there are Wildenseelift (YOC 1981) and Sonnenhanglift which have a carrying capacity of individual of 800 per hour and also the Luttenseelift (YOC 1969)T-bar ski lift which can carry 700 visitors per hour. Besides, there are two Rope tow/beginner lift kinds of ski lifts present at the ski resort in Mittenwald. One of them is Kinderskipark Bruno which has a length of 100 m (328.084 ft) and a carrying capacity of 500 individuals per hour. The other ski lift is the Übungslift Kranzberg Comfort Star, constructed in the year 2012. The manufacturer of this ski lift is SunKid. It has a length of 120 m (393.701 ft) and can carry round about 600 persons in an hour. In addition to these, there are other types of ascension mechanism available that include one people mover and one Sunkid moving carpet.


The majority of slopes that one witness here at the Kranzberg Ski resort in Mittenwald are either easy slopes or are intermediate slopes. In totality, the runs or slopes are of about 15 km (9.3205 miles). The run location is set right under the tree line which gives a really exquisite landscape view to the location. Further, there are 8 snow cannons installed here that help in the process of artificial snowmaking at the ski resort for the purpose of keeping winter sports open even when it is the odd time of the year. 60% of the slopes that are there at this ski resort are made using the artificial snowmaking technique via the use of snow cannons. The facility of valley run is also available at the ski resort to the Kranzberg chairlift. However, the valley run is only open for visitors when the conditions are suitable, and there are sufficiently enough snow levels. The longest run at the Kranzberg resort runs from the mountain station of Gipfel lift to the base station of the chairlift having an elevation difference of about 370 m (1213.91 ft). The length of this longest run is 2 km (1213.91 miles). The slope which is next to the Gipfel lift is known as the most challenging run which is there at the Kranzberg ski resort. It has a length of about 2 km (1213.91 miles) with an elevation difference of 189 m (620 ft). The Kranzberg ski resort at Mittenwald also provides for a kinder ski park where beginners and younger visitors can have the time of their holiday. This kinder ski park is called Bruno’s Children’s Park. There are a plenty of things available here to let the children have a great time such as the bear cave, Sealift or the magic carpet and the bear carousel. Night skiing is also available at the ski resort and can be enjoyed in the Luttensee region of the ski park. Further, there are snow parks and fun parks available for the tourists, families and friends who come to the resort. So there you go! This is all you need to know before traveling to this beautiful country for your winter getaway. Right from skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding and a wide array of other snow sports on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on all the fun. So haste not, start packing away and be ready for a spectacular vacation amidst the snow covered mountains! You won’t regret it, we promise!

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