Kreuzberg Bischofsheim - White and Wonder!

Located on the north side of the Kreuzverg near Bischofsheim in the Bavarian part of the Rhon, the Kreuzberg ski resort has a length of 250 m (820.21 feet) to 1408 m (4619.4 feet) ski area at an elevation of 600 m (1968.5 feet) of 900 m (2952.8 feet). The slopes are eleven in number and with varying degrees of difficulty. Their length ranges from 250 m (820.21 feet) to 3000 m (9842.5 feet). This 15 km (9.32 miles) slopes are the largest of its kind in the Rhon. These challenging and steep slopes are provided with roughly four ski lifts, one jumping system with ski mats, cross-country ski runs and also winter hiking trails.

Kreuzberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 2001 ft

Summit Elevation: 3045 ft

Vertical Drop: 1043 ft

Ski lifts

There are three tow lifts in ski region- each with a capacity of 3600 persons per hour. Skilifte Kreuzberg includes three lifts, namely the Dreitannenlift, the Rothanglift and the Blicklift. These three are dependent on each other, all lying close with passengers being able to transfer from one slope to the other. Fischzuchtlift, the fourth lift is the only independent lift available in the region. Blicklift- This oldest ski lift of Rhon stretches across a length of 600m and four portal supports. They are connected horizontally and with a rope bearing difference in elevation of 110 m (360.9 feet) – 780 m (2559.1 feet) to 890m (2919.6 feet) above normal. Located on the northern slope of the Kreuzberg this lift caters to three runs of lengths 620m to 940m with varying degrees of difficulty. The downhill runs include Haflinger Alm – 620m (2034.1 feet) long with medium difficulty, Look II – 630m (2066.9 feet) long with medium difficulty, View of the family runway – 940m (3084 feet) long with light difficulty. Rohtanglift- This 580 meters (1902.9 feet) long ski lift is supported by six gantry ones to fulfil the difference in elevation of 100 m (328.1 feet) – 775 m (2542.7 feet) to 875 m (2870.7 feet) above normal sea level. Located on the northwestern slopes of the Kreuzberg it involves three runs of lengths 580 m (1902.9 feet) to 890 m (2919.95 feet) and light to medium difficulty levels. The downhill runs include Rohtang I- 580 meters (1902.9 feet) long and of medium difficulty, Rohtang II – 580 meters (1902.9 feet) long and of medium difficulty, Rohtang family run- 890 meters (2919.95 feet) long and of light difficulty. Dreitannenlift- The longest ski lift covers a total length of 1,408 meters (4619.4 feet) and remains supported on 13 portals with a difference in elevation of 318 meters (1043.3 feet) – around 575 m (1886.5 feet) to 890 m (2919.95 feet) above sea level. Located on the north-eastern slope of Kreuzberg it provides four runs with lengths of 1460 m (4790 feet) to 3000 m (9842.5 feet). The downhill runs are fish farming- 1700 m (5577 feet) long with medium to heavy difficulty, Cannon and cane- 1800 m (5905.5 feet) long with medium difficulty. Large family run – 2600 m (8530.2 feet) long with light difficulty, Steep canoeing – 3000 m (9842.5 feet) long with medium to heavy difficulty. Fishcatcherlift– With a total length of 250 meters (820.2 feet) it overcomes an elevation of 50 meters (164 feet), 590 m (1935.7 feet) to 640 m (2099.7 feet) above mean sea level. Its valley station is above Dreitannenlift station, and passengers are carved with a low cable guide, to which passengers are strapped to their backs. Lift prices include 1700 Euros for adults and 1300 Euros for children as day tickets, 1300 Euros for adults and 1000 Euros for children as Half-day tickets. An annual pass is 150,00 Euros for adults and 100,00 Euros for children. Point cards include large block for adults with 5300 Euros, dozen cards (three) for children with 1350 Euros, a dozen cards (Rohtang and Blick) for 450 Euros, Neuter card for adults for 1450 Euros, Achterkarte (Rohtang and View) for adults with 700 Euros, Three cards (Rohtang and Blick) for adults with 350 Euros and children with 250 Euros, Two cards (three) for adults with 450 Euros. The opening hours are from 9 hours to 17 hours.

Ski Jumping

The Kreuzbergschanzen provides a ski area about 600 meters above normal sea level. There are the ski jumps listed under FIS standards – 190 (K-16), 191 (K-30) and 192 (K-50) denoting 16 meters (52.5 feet), 30 meters (98.4 feet) and 50 meters (164.1 feet).

Cross-country ski trails

There are two trails for cross country skiing. Rundleipe Neustadter Haus, also known as Kleine Schleife covers over 7 kilometres (4.35 miles) and is roughly 630m (2066.9 feet) to 750m (2460.6 feet) above normal sea level. It is highly difficult to cross and often preferred by experts.The entrance point is at Kloster Kreuzberg. Rundleipe Kreuzberg, also known as Grober Schleife covers nine kilometres and is located 750m (2460.6 feet) to 820m (2690.3 feet) above normal sea level. The difficulty level is the only medium. The entrance point is at Neustadter Haus.

Winter hiking trails

A 4 kilometre (2.49 miles) long hiking trails start from Haselbach over the Kreuzbergschanze to the summit. The second, 4.5 kilometres (2.8 miles) long starts from Haselbach and ends at the transmitter Kreuzberg on the summit plateau. The third connects Arnsberg to the monastery and is 4.5 kilometres (2.8 miles) long. The lowest ski area hosts a trail of 4.1 kilometres (2.6 miles), from Haselbach to the Caritasheim, then back to has Eibach.

Ski course

The DSV ski school Rhon is situated at the valley station of the Rohtanglift. This school offers ski facilities and courses for activities including snowboarding for all people – young and old, novice and expert. The price is 20 euros per person for 3 hours and 30 Euros per person for 1 hour in case of private lessons.

Winter Hiking

Madly in love with hiking? What could be more adventurous than hiking on mountains while the cold wind brushes through your hair gently? Hence to get bewitched Brandnertal also offers winter hiking on different levels of difficulty marked by altitudes, terrains, and routes of the mountains.

Toboggan slopes

The toboggan slopes are two in number. One is a railway of length 300 meters (984.3 feet) to 840 meters (2755.9 feet) above normal sea level at the end of Kniebreche. The other is next to the monastery Kreuzberg, 880m (2887.1 feet) above normal sea level with an elevation of 250 m (820.2 feet).


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