A Taste of Winter - Laax Ski Resort

The sight of fresh snow drizzling from the sky, the bright yellow sun peeking from between the mountains, the glittering ice on the mountaintops as the moon sheds its light- these are a few things which bring a different essence to the season of winter. Although winter is characterized by cold and snowy weather patterns, we cannot help why we feel all warm and fuzzy with emotions. Perhaps it’s because of the endless festivities and occasions which keep us engaged throughout the season of winter. Children coming home from colleges far away, soldiers returning home to their loved ones, families reminiscing over past, joyful memories; such nuances and celebrations are only possible during the season of winter. No wonder all the great men of literature have exhausted their ink and paper personifying the beauty of winter season. 

Winter not only means celebrations and festivities but it also allows us to engage in playful winter sports and activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, sledding, tobogganing, mountain hiking and the sorts. It helps us discover the hidden childhood which we have outgrown from a very long time ago. Now if you are a vacation type of a person, then I am sure you would agree with the notion of taking a holiday during this season. Not only would it help you relax and rewind after a long, hard year but it would also make way for enjoyment and fun with your family and friends. Located in Via Murschetg 17, 7032 Laax, Switzerland, the Laax ski resort is the perfect combination of traditionalism meets modernity. Situated in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, the

Laax ski resort is a luxurious ski and snowboarding resort which aims to provide an enriching experience to all its visitors and patrons. Winter sports and activities are stapled in this region and the Laax ski resort makes sure to include the likes and dislikes of all its guests and tourists. It is not every day when you come across a resort which makes your happiness and comfort its goal, but the Laax ski resort is sure to take your breath away. 

Know your Resort

The Laax ski resort is perched at an elevation of 1100 meters (3609 feet) at the base level and 3018 meters (approx. 9902 feet) at the summit level. So precisely, there is a difference of about 1918 meters (6292 feet) between the two levels of altitudes and the winter sports area is exactly situated between the elevations of 1100 meters and 3018 meters. 

Laax Statistics

Base Elevation: 1100 m

Summit Elevation: 3018 m

Vertical Drop: 1918 m

Skiing and Snowboarding 

At the Laax ski resort, there is a total of 188 kilometers (approx. 117 miles) of skiable slopes and trails and each slope are perfectly groomed and well-maintained to provide maximum fun and satisfaction to its users. 

For Beginners: Out of a total of 188 kilometers, a whopping 88 kilometers (approx. 55 miles) or forty-seven percent is allocated for the optimum use of beginners and novices. Such trails and slopes are effectively tailored to educate the art of skiing and snowboarding to first-timers and also those skiers and snowboarders who need a little practice before heading onto the major tasks. These trails involve easy curves and twists for the smooth facilitation of beginners and amateurs. 

For Intermediates: A total of 81 kilometers (50 miles) or forty-three percent of trails and pistes are reserved for the extensive utilization of intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Such trails and slopes involve moderate and mild curves and bends which are only designed to provide entertainment and fun to intermediate skiers and snowboarders. These trails are also utilized by professionals and experts who wish to grasp the basics of skiing and snowboarding yet again. 

For Experts: Experts and professional skiers and snowboarders are awarded a substantial 19 kilometers (approx. 12 miles) or ten percent from the total 188 kilometers of ski runs and slopes.

These slopes and trails, however, involve challenging twists and turns which can only be undertaken by an expert or seasoned skiers and snowboarders. The more one practices on these trails, the closer you find yourself achieving perfection.

NOTE: All safety measures and precautions are abided by the Laax ski resort to ensure well and safe execution of all activities and sports. 

SnowPark at Laax

The Laax ski resort boasts of a majestic expanse of a snow park which has earned the reputation of a leading freestyle resort open for all freestyle skiers and snowboarders in the Alps. It hosts the longest, continuous half-pipe in the world, a professional kicker line of an Olympic size and stature and a total of over ninety twists and obstacles spread across this vast area of a land. For beginners, the experts here at the Laax suggest the park between Crap Sogn Gion and Alp Dado and practice yourself on these trails and slopes. Intermediate skiers and snowboarders are given the area of Snowpark IIs Plains and experts and pros are given access to Snowpark P60 for full coverage. The Laax Snowpark lift ticket costs 52 CHF. 

Cross Country Skiing

If it is too crowded in the mountains, just make your way to the Cross country skiing section of the Laax ski resort where you can see all the action happening. A diversified cross-country ski trail with 62 kilometers (approx. 39 miles) of double tracked trails and slopes available for unlimited fun, adventure, and frolic. 

Freestyle Academy

This is one of the most satisfying inventions of the Laax ski resort and such a service has been applauded the time and again by its several guests and visitors. For all those skating and skiing freaks, this Freestyle Academy is the perfect venue to showcase your skills and in fact, help other aspirants reach the pinnacle of greatness. It is the first freestyle indoor base in Europe, equipped with all the facilities and amenities- a modern playground for all freestylers. Spaced out with a thousand square meters of skiing and snowboarding at your disposal, trampolines, and skate ramps, you are all sorted for your vacation. 

Skiing and Snowboarding School

Sometimes the professionals also need a light nudge to help them regain that confidence before embarking on these trails and slopes. Therefore, the Laax ski resort has skilfully identified the need to educate first-timers and novices about these winter sports as well as help intermediate and professional skiers and snowboarders to advance their level further. The best instructors and professionals are here at the Laax ski resort to teach you all the basics of skiing and snowboarding while also maintaining the safety precautions to avoid any unforeseen contingencies. You can practice in groups, families, and friends to learn this fabulous sport with all the more fun and vigor. 

Day Tickets and Season Passes

Day tickets are your go-to passes which will help you to travel across the region and engage in the uninterrupted fun all throughout. 1-day tickets for adults (18 years and older) cost CHF 77, for youths (13 to 17 years) cost CHF 51.40 and for children cost CHF 25.70. 2-Day tickets for adults cost CHF 151, for youths cost CHF 100.60 and for children cost CHF 50.30. 3-Day tickets for adults cost CHF 223, for youths cost CHF 148.60 and for children cost CHF 74.30. 6-Day tickets for adults cost CHF 432, for youths cost CHF 288 and for children cost CHF 144. 10-Day tickets for adults cost CHF 689, for youths cost CHF 459.40 and for children cost CHF 229.70. 14-Day tickets for adults cost CHF 930, for youths cost CHF 620 and for children cost CHF 310. 

Season passes for adults cost CHF 1100, for youths cost CHF 760, for children cost CHF 395 and for families cost CHF 2500, applicable until 30 April 2017. Season passes for adults cost CHF 1300, for youths cost CHF 865, for children cost CHF 445 and for families CHF 2700. 

So get, set and go! Imagine the blissful atmosphere prevailing in the Swiss Alps and you amidst that surreal and breath-taking scenery. Have fun!

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