It’s all About Snow - Lachtal Ski Resort 

The winter season is here again, and the cold winds and the smell of the snow are making the atmosphere magical and cheerful.  You look outside and see the children playing with snow, throwing snowballs at each other, building snowmen and Eskimos. Not only children but adults too are busy engaging themselves in winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating tobogganing. All these things make the winters special and memorable for us. This beautiful and exquisite season starts off with the most awaited holiday that is, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This is the time when all of the family gathers and celebrates together. And no doubt the prospect of taking a family vacation always comes up and there is no time better than the winters for a family vacation.  

If you are looking for a place to vacation this winters and wants to take your family along too to give them the joys and thrill of the winter sports then, Lachten ski resort is the perfect place for you. This resort is situated in an incredible location in the Murtal (Austria, Styria (Steiermark)). There are 25 kilometers (approx. 15.5 miles) of slopes and 10 km (approx. 6.2 miles) of ski routes available for skiing and snowboarding. The resort is appropriate not only for families but for couples and friends too. It is an incredible destination for every vacationer who is looking for some peace and quiet, away from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

Resort Details

The Lachtal ski resort is located between the altitudes of 1600 meters (approx. 5249  feet) and 2222 meters (approx. 7290 feet). Lachtal is well known for its 2015 FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championship.  One of the features of this resort is that it has one of the largest ski resort in Styria. One of the highlights of this resort is that it provides the skiers and snowboarders with wide slopes and unlimited deep snow. One more additional feature of this particular resort is that it takes only one hour by car from Graz and two and a half hours from Vienna to reach. Lachtal offers the free riders with an ideal terrain and also offers greatest slopes for carvers. 

Lachtal Statistics

Base Elevation: 1600 m

Summit Elevation: 2222 m

Vertical Drop: 622 m

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

The Lachtal ski resort offers ski slopes and trails which are suitable for all types of skiers and snowboarders and accommodates the needs and requirements of all its guests and tourists. There are a total of 25 kilometers (approx. 15.5 miles) of ski slopes and are generally located above the tree line. The ski slopes are categorized as easy, intermediate or difficult level.

Easy: Out of the total 25 kilometers ( approx. 15.5 miles),  7 kilometers of ski slopes is reserved for skiers and snowboarders who are at the amateur level. Such slopes are made specifically for the beginners so that they can learn this sport properly and with necessary ease. 

Intermediates: From the total of 25 kilometers, 16 kilometers (approx. 9.94 miles) is kept aside for the skiers and snowboarders who are still learning this particular sport and are at the intermediate level. These slopes and trails are made to help them build their skills and provide them with enough practice to reach the expert level.

Difficult:  The remaining 2 kilometers (approx. 1.24 miles) is assigned to the skiers and snowboarders who are at the expert level.  These slopes and trails are specifically designed for the professionals to offer them with adrenaline rush who are skilled enough to handle the many dangerous twists and turns which this slope offers. In order for the advanced skiers to get their exercise, there are several marked ski routes all through the resort and also the steep slope at the Zinken lift.

Learn to ski

All thrilled, excited and eager to visit a ski resort but still a little sceptical since you do not know how to ski? Do not be afraid my friends! The Lachtal ski resort has a ski school which offers both private and group lessons for those who wish to learn this amazing winter sport. If you want full attention of a ski instructor you can go for a private lesson or you can also go for a group classes if you wish to learn along with a group of people. It also offers special courses for children too. 

Group courses for adults for one hour cost 150 Euros. 1-hour private lesson costs 42 Euros and for each further person, additional 10 Euros are added. They also offer 1 private day with 4 hours which costs 150 Euros and additional 10 Euros are added for each further person. This ski school also offers half day courses. for adults, 2 half days costs around 35 Euros, for 4 half days it costs 40 Euros and for 6 days it costs 110 Euros. Freeriding for beginners for half day for 1 person costs 150 Euros, for 2 persons costs 170 Euros and for 3 persons costs 185 Euros

Ski Lifts

Ski lifts are crucial to any ski resort as it helps you travel up and down the slopes conveniently which also saves you time and energy. The Lachtal ski resort provides a broad range of 9 ski lifts with the total capacity of carrying 10620 passengers per hour and the total lift length is about 7.9 kilometers (approx. 5 miles). There is a total of 2 chairlifts, both of them are high speed capable of carrying 6 persons at a time, 6 T-bar /platter/ button lift with 5 T- bars and 1 J-bar lift. It also has 1 rope tow/beginner lift. The lift ticket prices for Lachten ski resort for adults costs 40 Euros and for children costs 21.50 Euros. 

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities 

The Lachtal ski resort is situated in an amazing location which offers not only thrilling winter sports but also offers comforting and superior hotels and lodging facilities. All of these lodges and the apartments provide you with the mesmerizing view of your surroundings. These hotels are all in the vicinity of towns and cities which are easily accessible whenever required. Have a look!

Hotel Monarchiapark Lachtal: this hotel offers a variety of facilities like restaurant, parking lots, accommodation for pets, swimming pool, dry heat sauna, etc. Standard double room apartment for 1 to 6 people at this hotel costs around 79 Euros per night and for 4 room apartment for 1 to 10 people costs 159 Euros per night.

Chalet Geissler: this is a vacation home capable of accommodating 1 to 8 people. Some of the features of this beautiful vacation home are free Wi-Fi, free car parking, separate guest lounge, accommodation for pets, ski storage room and much more. The cost for renting this vacation home is 185 Euros per night.

Rentals:  Lachten ski resort offers a wide range of rentals for skiers and snowboarders such as snowboards, soft boots, touring skis, ski helmets, skis for adults and children including poles, freeride skis, and boots. They also provide cross country ski equipment too like skis, boots, and poles.

So, now that you know all about this beautiful vacation spot what are you waiting for? Start packing up your bags and book the flights immediately to indulge into the winter sports and experience fun like never before.   

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