Lammeralm: A Winter Wonderland!

Winter is always special in the life of humans when compared with other seasons. It is the festive season. There are some unique activities in which one can participate in winters. Ideal to do in winter, Skiing is one such activity. Winter can often lead to stiffening of muscles due to cold weather and lack of proper exercise. Many people tend to stay indoors to escape the freezing temperatures. However, how far is it beneficial to you? The best way to stretch your muscles in winter is through Skiing.

As an exercise, it has a wide range of positive effects on your body. Skiing helps you go out and explore in the snow. Winters are beautiful and are not meant to be spent sitting at home. One can feel the natural beauty as they ski through the exquisite slopes. One less known fact is about how Skiing can help you get some vitamin D supplement. Skiing under the Winter Sun will make your skin exposed to the sunlight, and hence vitamin D is synthesized.

Skiing is like adopting a different lifestyle, and your eating and exercising habits are sure to change. You can also do some winter outfits and Skiing gear shopping. The activity is physically demanding which may lead to the dissolution of your excessive fat deposits. Overall, you will become physically and mentally fit. Skiing can help you divert your thoughts from your daily routine life and breathe some fresh air. This exciting activity can provide some stress relief and help you meet new people. It is also a perfect family outing. Families can spend some quality time and strengthen the bonds among themselves.



About the Place

Lammeralm Statistics

Base Elevation: 980 m

Summit Elevation: 1230 m

Vertical Drop: 250 m

There are several Ski resorts out there where one can go Skiing. Among the countless of them, there is one which you can truly visit. Located at Murztal in Austria, Lammeralm is a unique Ski resort. It is located at a height ranging from 980 meters (3215.22 feet) to 1230 meters (4035.43 feet). With about 8.8 Km (5.47 miles) of slopes and only 3 Ski lifts, it is a relatively small resort but has sufficient facilities for Skiing and snowboarding.

All the basic amenities like accommodation and good eatery spots are available. This resort is tiny and compact perfect for a short visit. Having a great connectivity through roads is another great feature of this resort, which makes it one of the most popular skiing destinations in the region. People visit the place in large numbers, all throughout the winters. The place is ideal suited for families so you can visit the place with your near and dear ones and enjoy yourselves to the fullest.


The Terrain in the Resort

The terrain of the resort consists of well-balanced slopes. 2.9 Km (1.8 miles) of the total slope comes under ‘easy’ which is perfect from for visitors to enjoy some smooth skiing. The easy slope makes up for 33% of the total length. Slightly experienced skiers and those who wish to test their newly learned skills can use the intermediate stretch which extends up to 42% of the total slopes. That is about 3.7 Km (2.3 miles). This slope provides the perfect opportunity even for beginners to advance their skills further. The remaining 2.2 Km (1.37 miles) on slopes is meant for experts and those seeking some challenge. These slopes which make up about 25% of the total slopes are ideal for professionals to practice too. All the slopes are equipped with snow cannons which provide the artificial snow as and when required. 100% of the slopes have access to them. The total snow cannons present are 24 in number. Valley run is available. However, they are no fun parks or snow parks in the region. Added to that, a half pipe is absent. The shortcomings, however, will not limit the fun you can have in the region.


The Ski Lifts

Two among the three Ski lifts in the region are manufactured by the well-known company Doppelmayr which pioneers in lift manufacturing. Being a small resort, these lifts manage efficient transportation of the guests. The total transport capacity is 2800 passengers per hour. The total lift length is 1.8 Km (1.11 miles). Lammeralmsesselbahn is the fixed-grip chairlift in the region. The length of this lift is 1.1 Km (0.68 miles). This lift was manufactured by the Company Girak and has a capacity of transporting 1200 passengers per hour. The remaining two lifts are T-bar type. Zubringer lift is 400 meters (1312 feet) in length and has a carrying capacity of 800 per hour while the Trau Dich Lift is 300 meters (984.25 feet) in length with the same carrying capacity as the Zubringer lift.


The Weather in the Region

Weather plays a major role in the proper functioning of any Ski resort. It also determines the nature of the atmosphere in the region. The weather conditions greatly influence skiing experience. The temperatures in this region generally range around -5 to +5 degree centigrade during the main season. This is optimum for snowfall as well as Skiing.



The Other Attractions in the Region

There are several other activities to entertain you in this region. If you want to spend some of your time in other activities, these are the things you should look for,

Ice Skating – Another popular winter sport, this is perfect for those who have more patience. This activity requires some good balancing skills. Beginners may find it little difficult to master, but otherwise, it is a pure fun-filled activity.

Curling – This is another winter sport which you can try. Although not very popular, it can be interesting as teamwork is involved. It is a perfect casual activity to pass your free time with some physical activity.

Sleigh Trip – You can find the facilities to go on a Sleigh ride. This is one thing you must not miss. Sleigh trip is not something you can go on whenever you want. It will surely be a special experience.

Winter Hiking Trails – Hiking is always fun, especially if you are the person who likes to hang out in groups. About 5 Km (3.1 miles) of the trail is available here for hiking.


The Season and Lift Timings

The main season time starts from early December and ends in late March. You should schedule your visit within these dates. The Ski resort opens, and the lift operations begin by 8:30 AM in the morning. The resort closes at 4:15 PM. The resort may not be open on all days as it can depend on various factors like weather and the snow conditions and availability. One should keep a check on that too. The resort is well connected by road to various important cities. Reaching the place will not pose any problem. It can be very easily reached by motorway S6. Sufficient parking spaces are available. Both stone parking lot and tarred parking lot are there. There are no additional parking charges charged. All space is available for free based on the availability.

This is a good resort to visit for families and individuals alike. You can have some of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. Plan well ahead for your next vacations. Not everyone can enjoy skiing, but all of those who go skiing would have had one of the best holidays. Because with so much on offer and a whole range of fun activities to enjoy, you won’t be disappointed. Pack your bags and hit the place this winter and make the most of the snowfall. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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