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Laterns Gapfohl – Ski Lovers Delight!


If you plan to sunbathe at some cozy beach overseas this winter, think again. Would you have done that as a child? Can sand ever be the same as Snow? A winter away from snow is a winter wasted, your younger self would tell you. And a chilly retreat in Europe is perfect for reconnecting with that child in you. The skiing resorts in Austria would be the perfect place to relive your wintry memories.

At the top of these popular holiday destinations is the Latern Gapfohl skiing resort.



The Place to be, The Place to Ski:

Laterns Gapfohl Statistics

Base Elevation:1040 m

Summit Elevation: 1785 m

Vertical Drop: 745 m

Armed with ten snow cannons, nearly three-quarters of the slope -covering all main runs- is capable of generating snow on demand, making sure your snowy escapade isn’t spoiled by the whims of the weather.

Laterns Gapfohl offers an interesting juxtaposition of vibrant sunshine infusing life into the frigid serenity of mountain snow. It has a total of 10 runs, with the longest stretching 4.8 km (3 mi). With a cumulative slope length of 27 km (17 mi), the labyrinth of ski tracks stretch from an elevation of 1785m to 1040m (5944 ft to 3463ft). Marked ski tracks make up 11 km (7 mi) of the slope. Much of the pistes take you through densely wooded slopes, and there’s also a 4 kilometers long, fun-filled, natural toboggan (sled) run.

From beginner to expert, every visitor has reason to rejoice at Laterns Gapfohl.

Located near the Gapfohl mountain station of the quad lift is an easy slope that novices can waltz through and consolidate their moves on. This run takes you from the mount Nob station to the base. The catch: Standing between you and this cakewalk run is a stretch of the intermediate level run.

You’re good to go on the valley run if you’ve mastered your first curves. It’s easy and wide and offers a chance to pierce through and absorb the tranquility of alpine woods in the Innerlaterns district.

If you think you can ski with your eyes closed and seek more of a challenge, head to Fallenboden Nord (north) and hurtle down a 4 km (2.5 mi) long expert level trail.

Skiers can also flaunt their maneuvers on some mogul tracks the place offers. Besides these, there are some freeriding and deep snow areas. If luck favors, you could also feel the coveted joy of streaking across virgin powder snow and kicking up a snowstorm in your wake.

Everyone is welcome at the Snow park, located near the six person chairlift. Beginners and pros alike can launch themselves off kickers or hit the rails. The piece-de-resistance is a mega jump at the end of the park, and is not to be missed!



Six lifts are available to ferry you up and down the resort.  Two of these are high-speed chairlifts with a capacity of 6 and 4 people and ply from one end of the resort to the other. The total length of a one-way trip is  6.1 km (3.7 mi).

T-bar and pommel lifts facilitate access to all the other slopes.

Basic Training and Equipment:

There’s a ski school that offers various courses, and you can buy or rent gear. Experts will help you fine tune your gear to suit your needs, ensuring a great experience with maximum safety. Sports Herbert, the sports gear agency, remains open throughout the week, from 08:30 to 17:00 hours.

The trail map of the area makes life easy as it covers not just ski routes and free-riding areas, but also lifts, slopes, restaurants and even pricing. If skiing is not your thing, the resort has a host of fun options for you. One can go on guided snowshoe hikes or choose from the many ski tours that promise a picturesque view of pristine Laterns Mountains and the Rhine valley.




Warmer Delights

The resort also has something to offer to those with a preference for warmer, adrenaline free pleasures.

A stone’s throw away from the middle station of the quad chairlift is the Falba Stuba. One doesn’t simply go skiing in Laterns Gapfohl and not visit this cozy restaurant. Big on regional cuisine (homemade cheese and fresh apple strudel (Kaiserschmarm) to name a few), the place exudes warmth and life. A sun terrace offers a breathtaking view of the Latern Hills and the Rhine valley, minus all the labors of a hike (not to mention the unpleasant sweat).

Restaurant Working hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: 09:00 to 17:00

Wednesday: 09:00 to 22:00

Guided snow shoe hikes every Wednesday culminate in celebration and merriment at the Falba Stuba.

Life in winter is so much better with a sip or two of wine. Or whiskey, if you prefer. Whatever your poison, a visit to The Schnall ‘Ab umbrella and the Kuhstall bars at the resort base is a must if the chills are getting to you.


You do not have to let your concern for the little ones get in the way of the adventure of your lifetime. Children’s country care center, located close to the Falba Stuba, offers a safe and supervised environment for your children to run wild and have their share of fun while you have yours. There are slides and a 3 km (1.8 mi) cycle track to keep them busy, and a cozy room to doze off in. The service is free of charge and accepts children over three years of age.



Location and Access:


Laterns Gapfohl is situated in the municipality of Laterns, , district Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria. It’s located 3 km(1.8 mi) away from the city centre, and 11 (7 mi) from the city of Rankweil.

The resort is just 14 km ( 9 miles) off the Rhine Valley Autobahn, and can be accessed by road. Ski buses ply regularly to and from the base from the cities of Feldkirch and Rankweil, with the latter being free.  And fret not about having to scout for parking space if you’re driving to the place yourself. The premises offer a parking facility and can accommodate over a thousand cars and buses.

The closest international airports are Friedrichshafen, Germany (79 km/49 mi), Zurich, Switzerland (145 km/90 mi) and Munich, Germany (230 km/143 mi).

There’s no direct rail connection, however.

Laterns is located 921 meters ( 3021 ft) from the mean sea level, though the resort and the tracks are located further up.


Pricing and Accommodation:

This fun-filled escape has been made for the family with a budget. Affordable prices and a family-friendly element in accommodation deals and policies are the hallmarks of the hospitality at Laterns Gapfohl.


Adults: 35 and 68.5 euros (37 and 73 dollars) for 1 and two days, respectively.

Children: 18 and 35 euros (19 and 37 dollars)for 1 and two days, respectively.

Free for children below 6 (accompanied by an adult).

Who says you need to spend a fortune for fun with the family? Remember those old snow boots and the sled? The snowball fights and the snowman? Would you rather let the winter go by sleeping on that beach?

It’s your choice to make.

If you have a change of mind and a skiing vacation in Europe is on the cards, then Latern Gapfohl is one of the best places to be

With so much on offer and a wide range of things for you to enjoy, you cannot afford to miss out on all this. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, book your tickets and pack your bags and head out for this charming place with your family and friends. It is here you will experience what true heaven feels like; it is here you will ski freely with no obstacles at unbelievable heights and it is here that you will have the best ever vacation of your life!

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