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Winters are round the corner. Snow is about to fall so just pack your bags and get ready for a fun weekend. Snowfall is everything that you can want. It can be beautiful, peace giving, romantic on the other hand it can be fun, adventurous, breath taking, risky, thrilling and anything you want it to be. Going skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering and many of other snow sports is of the latest trends today. Sports have been inseparable part of human life and keep the fun alive. People need different activities to keep themselves entertained round the year. During winters these activities take a fun trip to ski & snowboarding resorts. Now more and more people are getting interested in skiing and snowboarding as it is not only fun but can be done either alone or with your entire family. So just buckle up and let the fun begin.  


Lee Canyon Statistics

Base Elevation: 8510 feet

Summit Elevation: 11289 feet

Vertical Drop: 860 feet

Lee Canyon Ski Park is just the place for you if you are planning a weekend of fun at skiing and snowboarding. Its official name is Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort. It is situated in Clark County, Nevada, at a top elevation of 9515 feet and a base elevation of 8510 feet. It gives skiers an incredible skiable area of 385 acres. The place truly is a blessing from nature as the beauty of the surrounding is simply mesmerizing. Especially when it snows the ski park turns into a serene place which receives a snowfall of 180 inches.


The Lee Canyon ski –park also has snowmaking facilities spread across 70 acres of the total area. The Ski Park has a total of 4 lift systems out of which 3 are chair lifts, and 1 is a surface lift. The resort falls in Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest and Spring Mountains National Recreational Area. The place is operated under a special permit and is under Powdr Corporation (Private) and in partnership with United States Forest Services. The park offers alpine skiing on 11 different runs. The park also hosts a hike to the beautiful countryside of that area. Snow covered countryside for the peaceful stay and snow loaded terrain for the thrill and excitement to cross your limits are awaiting you. The place has many other comforts like lodging, sports shop, the Big Horn Café for delicious cuisine and the Bristlecone Lounge for leisure. This is the main reason why so many people visit the place during the winters and have fun with their families.

Skiing Area- The Park Has On Offer



Lee Canyon Ski Park has a versatile terrain. It is most famous amongst freestyle skiers. The place has one terrain park. It has 11 different kinds of runs. The terrain is divided according to different levels of skiers. All types of skiers are welcomed here. The runs are famous amongst freestyle skiers because of the freedom it provides, the freedom to cuts turns and do it, however you like it.

Beginner’s level – Out of the total runs 15 % are easy and are meant for people who have no experience of skiing. The terrain is easy so that not only can the guests learn but also have the space to try some of their own moves. They also have Las Vegas Ski & Snowboarding School where guests can avail the facility of taking lessons to ski or snowboard.

Intermediate level – Out of the total runs 45 % are of Intermediate level. These terrains are more difficult but still have the space to try your style. The slopes are steeper, and the risks are higher.

Experienced level – Out of the total runs 40 % are of highest difficulty. They are not only at higher altitude but also more laden with snow. Only those people who have learned and practiced a lot of skiing are allowed to ski there.

The terrain park is called ‘The Strip’ which offers many exciting features like table top jumps or assorted rails and much more. The place is a lot of fun and you won’t be disappointed for sure.

Winter Activities



The resort has many activities according to guest’s need. They are planned according to the age, experience level, money different people can afford and the activity you want to do. The main activities of winters are –

The Snow Experience – this is the complete fun package. In this package, you get access to all day fun without any restriction to lift pass and your choice of snowboard or ski equipment for one day. Along with this, you can take there are complimentary coaches to help any beginner to the intermediate level skier to have a blast. Children younger than 13 years can go to Camp Coaching and also a guardian is needed with them.

Just for Kids – this section is divided according to the age group. The age groups are –

Kids between 6 – 12 years are recommended to Snow Kids where they can have fun in the snow with other kids

Kids between 6 – 13 years can also go to Camp Coaching but must be accompanied by a guardian

Kids between 5 and under can go to Snow Kids or Private Lessons

Kids of 5 years of age and under can enjoy free fun on Rabbit Peak, but they have to rent the equipment for $ 40.

Snow Kids is a skill building environment for the kids where they get to spend the day exploring the mountains while making new friends. They get to learn skiing or snowboarding.

Also, Mountaineer and Freeride programs are available for kids. This is a multi-week program where they can learn skiing or snowboarding and enhance their skills.

Race Development – it is meant for people who are past the beginning phase. It has two courses one is for people between 10 – 18 years of age called the Youth and for people of 19 age, and they are called Masters. This is meant to enhance their tactical skiing skills and get ready to be in the Racing environment.

Private Sessions – if you are a beginner then you definitely need experts to help you. And if you are experienced, then you would need experts to teach you to become better. You will have a personal coach to assist you to enhance your skills. You will have access to hidden runs and VIP lift. For these lessons, it is recommended that you have a prior booking.

Tubing – the Lee Canyon resort has a tubing hill. It is meant for the whole family or groups of friends to enjoy a fun activity together. Just sit tight and feel the tube sliding down faster and faster as the thrill increases. The rates are on an hourly basis. Tickets can be booked prior online.

Also if you are a regular here, you are entitled to a season pass. If you make a prior booking online, then you can get up to 35 % discount on lift passes. The place is open from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Sunday. The contact number for details about the place and other things is 702 593 9500, and their main phone number where you can book your tickets is 702 385 2754. The place was open for 144 days in the previous season. This year it is expected to open on 25th of November 2016. The estimated closing is expected on 26th of March 2017.

The place is a complete package for the fun family weekend. Kids, adults and old citizens are all welcomed. From Skiing to tubing and lots of other fun activities, your family and friends have a fire packed day in this amazing skiing resort. Go ahead, pack your bags and hit the place soon to enjoy the thrill of winter sports and return with memories that you can cherish for lifelong.

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