Les Diablerets-Switzerland

Les Diablerets – The Best Winter Destination for Ski Lovers!

Too sick of the fast-moving world and need a break? Les Diablerets is the place for you. Far off, in the snow-capped mountains of Alps, lays a village enclosed in its sheer beauty of nature and offers you all the tranquillity of the world.  Les Diablerets is the village and ski resort located in Diablerets.  This typically beautiful Swiss Resort is a must visit for travel-freaks or people who would like to go on a getaway for a day or two. 

This place not only offers one to have a fun and adventurous time during the winters but during the summers as well as this resort is open throughout the year for fun. Know more about this exotic getaway and plan your visit here accordingly for this is one of the definite destinations of your lifetime. 

About the Place

Diablerets in French literally means ‘The Abode of Devils’. The place is called so because it is a myth that devil did all his wrongful deed past the rock wall (massifs of Diablerets). But today, the place is as vivid and cheerful as one could imagine it to be. The only fear one faces in this snowy-peace-land are the fear he/she faces before they begin their adventure here.


Les Diablerets Statistics

Base Elevation: 1224 m

Summit Elevation: 2120 m

Vertical Drop: 896 m

This place is situated at 3,210 meters (10,530 ft) above sea level. The village is situated at height of 1,160 m (3805 ft). Diablerets is a prominent snow-covered massif of the Alps. This massif extends across a distance of 10km approximately and lies between the Cheville Pass and Sanetsch/Senin Pass. It has got major peaks like Culan (Situated at a height of 2,789 m (9,150 ft)), Tete Ronde (Situated at a height of 3,037 m (9,964 ft)), etc. 

Since 1964, this place can be reached via bus from Gstaad or Les Diablerets to Col du Pillon, and from there via the aerial tramway, you can travel to the summit station at Glacier 3000.

Adventure Activities

Going out into the nature’s lap, that too in a mountainous region and no adventure? HAH! This is something that is next to impossible. Hence, at Les Diablerets, a range of adventure activities

1. Hiking: Mountains and Hiking go hand in hand. The hiking area at Glacier 3000 spreads across 75 km (46 miles) which is a marked route.

2. Skiing: With a huge area spread across 125 km (77 miles) of pistes, it has three different regions for skiers. These three ski areas are Isenau, Le Meilleret and Glacier 3000. The most popular ski region amidst families and beginners is Isenau, on the other hand, Le Meilleret sets a link with the ski region of Villars-Gryon. Glacier 3000 is one for the experienced skiers as it has one of the most difficult slopes of the region, Combe d’Audon.  

3. Snow Bus: If you avoid risk-taking and would still like to experience the adventure of going over snowy surfaces, then this is the safest option available for you. Here, you are taken on a ride of the glacier in a bus in your own comfort zone.

4. Tobogganing: The tobogganing run is 7.2 km (4.5 miles) long which is the longest in the world. It starts from Les Mazots, which is 1717 m (5633 ft) above sea level and ends at Les Diablerets, which is 1151 m (3776 ft) above sea level.  The run is all lit up and flood-lighted for the night. 

5. Sledge Dogs: Lovers of dogs? Then this is a must for you. Four paws dragging your cart across the snowy surface which give you a total Santa Claus ride feel except for the fact that here it's dogs and not reindeer. 

6. Alpine Coaster: From Roller Coasters to Alpine Coasters, the adrenaline rush which hits you is unbeatable. With around 10 steep curves, 520-degree view, 6 waves and 3 jumps, this coaster will get your heart pumping faster than you can think of. The speed it can gain is up to 40 km/hour. 

7. Helicopter Glacier Flight: To see the highest place of the region from a higher position is definitely a next-level thing to do.  You are taken on a helicopter ride which will directly drop you to the peak and not just this, you even get to enjoy the eagle eye view of the snow-capped massif.
Glacier 3000

 At Scex Rouge is the Transfleuron Glacier, which popularly goes by the name Glacier 3000 as it is located at 3000 m (9842 ft) above sea level. It is situated at the uppermost point of Vaudois Alps.  It is open for the public to visit daily and it operated in slots of 20 minutes. 

A wide range of activities is open throughout the year for visitors to enjoy and have a good time. From October to May, you can have a great time here in snow if you love skiing. Hiking is also enjoyed at the same time. For tourists who thrive to enjoy other adventures can indulge in several other adventurous activities offers by this place like Snow Bus, Tobogganing or cross the, first of its kind, Peak Walk. From Glacier 3000, you can get into a cable car which will take you to Botta 3000. Botta 3000 is an amazing architecture piece that provides a 360-degree view of the serene mountain range. 

Peak Walk 

This is the world’s first ever bridge suspension that connects two peaks of which one is Scex Rouge. The suspension bridge was constructed by Seiler AG firm and was opened in 2014. The latest attraction added to this tourist spot has multiplied the number of visitors. From here, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Diablerets massif.

With 3,000 m (9,800 ft) clearance below, the bridge is 107 m (351 ft) in length which is 0.8 m (2.6 ft) wide having a slope of 15%. 


The place is lit up with world-renown events throughout the year and never let its glimmer fade. The major events hosted by this untouched natural piece of beauty are:

1. Nuit des Diables: The literal meaning of this event’s name is Night of the Devil. In this event, various kinds of activities ranging from sports to live performances to music are included. Also, one is provided with booze to add to the fun as they even have bars organized for the event. This event takes place during the summer season. 

2. Festival of Swiss Folk Music: The ultimate event for people who love folk music as well as natural magnificence. This is so because this event is an amalgamation of folk music which is taking place in the arms of unadulterated nature. It is held in the month of October every year.

3. Festival International du Film Alpin:  this one is totally dedicated to the environment as it is the film festival of movies pertinent to mountains and environment. Herein, awards are presented to the movies and people who work on movies of such genre. Also, documentaries based on environment and mountains are hailed here. 

4. Music and Snow Festival: this is an event that extends from January to March. It is different from other music festivals taking place here as in this one, 8 different types of concerts are organized.

Just as the beauty of mountains is irresistible and just because everybody wants time out from their hectic everyday life and monotonous routine the idea of being at Brandnertal becomes even more unavoidable. So now because you are aware of various thrilling and frivolous activities offered by Les Biablerets, tighten up your belts and gear up your instincts because something like this won’t happen twice! Lest Diablerets is a perfect place to enjoy winter holidays with your family and friends. Bring along your loved ones and experience a feeling of eternal bliss like never before! Have fun!

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