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Winter Memories – Leutasch Ski Resort


Winters are here and no matter how long we want it to stay; it leaves just after a few months leaving us with plentiful memories to last a lifetime. Indeed, winter does bring happiness and joy to all. We yearn for winters because not only does it usher the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s Eve but we also enjoy the companionship of our near and dear ones. Imagine the drizzling snow outside the window as you circle with your family engaged in playful sports and frivolities. Don’t you think such memories are worth a lifetime? I am sure you do. The memories we make during this season of warmth and love are the memories which define our existence.

Well, staying indoors in winters is an option nonetheless, but can it live up to the fun you would have if you took up on vacation with your family and friends? Well, here’s an idea! The Leutasch Ski Resort is located at Skigebiet Hochmoos, Weidach 381a, and 6105 Leutasch, Austria and overlooks an exquisite view of the Austrian Alps. This ski resort is situated in the Olympia-region of Seefeld and accommodates the skiing area for every type and level of skiers. A vacation in this part of Austria is surely the perfect getaway amidst the snow-covered mountains for a family outing to spend quality time with your loved ones and also take a break from the everyday life. So let’s take a sneak peak at this beautiful resort in Austria!



Resort Details


The Leutasch ski resort is perched at an elevation of 4461 ft (1360 meters) at the summit, 3740 ft (1140 meters) at the base and 721 ft (220 meters) from the vertical drop. There is 124 km (77 miles) of cross-country pistes, six km (approx. 4 miles) of downhill pistes, and four individual pistes. Out of the 20 acres of skiable terrain, 13 acres have snowmaking capabilities. There is a total of 3 lifts, and the prices of lift tickets start from 14 Euros to 32 Euros. Lift tickets are essential during your stay here in Leutasch as these will help you to get to your preferred location from where you begin your skiing and snowboarding adventure. Here’s a detailed report of the skiing activities.


Skiing Activities

Leutasch Statistics

Base Elevation: 1140 m

Summit Elevation: 1360 m

Vertical Drop: 220 m

The resort offers spectacular skiing adventures for intermediates and experts alike. These trails and slopes are fully functional to give you the best experience while in Austria.

For Intermediate Level: Out of the total number of ski slopes and trails, 50% have been allotted for the intermediate skiers who have crossed the hurdle of being first timers in this sport but still require practice to advance their skills in this form of sport.

For Advanced Level: From the total number of pistes and slopes, 38% have been allocated for advanced skiers. Such skiers are extremely well familiar with this snow sport and are capable of undertaking difficult twists and curves in these slopes.

For Expert Level: The remaining 12% of the total number of trails and slopes are awarded for expert skiers who are highly proficient in the sport of skiing. They have the potential to undertake challenging curves and dangerous twists which lie amidst these slopes and can tackle them efficiently.

All the safety precautions are taken into consideration while guests are utilizing the slopes and trails. Immediate assistance is provided in case of any accident, injury or mishap.



Snowboarding Fun


Snowboarding is another level of fun in the Leutasch ski resort. Apart from skiing, Snowboarding is another adrenaline-punching and thrilling adventure sport which gives you unlimited fun and mirth as you descend those slopes. Since skiing has been popular for a long time, many people engage in sports apart from skiing such as snowboarding to feel a different level of excitement. Moreover, Leutasch has featured in cross country center staging Olympic events in 1964 and 1976 as well as the World Championships in 1985. These slopes and trails also fair well for snowboarding activities.




When five cheerful chefs are presenting their creativity through mouthwatering food in 25 different menus, when a wild herbal creamy mushroom spread a delicious scent time then again you can only remember the delightful experience of being in Brandnertal. Brandnertal not just offers a fabulous cuisine but also ensures that your stomach never stays empty by offering Mountain breakfast at the Douglass hut at Lake Lüners every day from 8 am to 10 am. Indeed it is tempting, and the very fact that good food never goes out of fashion evokes a feeling of visiting Brandnertal.



Accommodation Facilities


Due to its location in such a prime address, the Leutasch Ski Resort offers a host of beautiful hotels and lodges which are guaranteed to make your vacation worth the while. All the hotels and accommodation facilities have provisions for families, friends, couples and single guest individuals and the environment is apt to suit all the lodgers. Here is a preview of hotels recommended for your vacation.

Hotel Central: One of the best hotels in this location, Hotel Central strives to make each day of your stay in this hotel a memorable experience. Their outstanding cuisine, their professional service, their immediate assistance as well as their empathetic attitude towards the guests are some of the factors which make it one of the best. The package price for rooms starts at 90 Euros per night.

Hotel Helga: Tradition meets modernity- this the perfect way to describe Hotel Helga. This hotel accommodates all families, large and small with the commitment to make their stay as pleasant as possible. They love the idea of hosting and make elaborate preparations for their guests so that they guests can go back home with happy memories. The price for standard rooms costs 125 Euros per night.

Hotel Haymon: This family run hotel enterprise is situated in a very quiet location which is distant from the pedestrian zone and away from the hustle and bustle of the streets. Although it is located in a quiet area, it has close access to nearby towns and villages for any requirement of yours. The price for this hotel starts at a mere 188 Euros per night.


Ski Rental


Skiing and Snowboarding equipment are a must-have and you possible cannot forget to keep them nearby. You can either purchase the skiing equipment, or you can avail the rental facilities available at ski rental depots in the Leutasch Ski Resort. The economy package of skiing and snowboarding equipment costs 99.20 Euros which consists of a ski set along with a pair of boots and this is a very basic yet efficient pack of skiing set.

The evolved performance package equipment costs 146.80 Euros with super cool and effective ski set and a pair of boots. Finally, the excellence equipment package equipment costs 170 Euros which consists of the ski set and boots but is of supreme quality for you feel the power of skiing as you make your descent down the slopes.

So this is all that is needed to be known before you embark on this amazing journey. A beautiful country such as Austria is a definite “Yes” when in need of a vacation from the machine-like life.

Thus, Leutasch Ski Resort has everything on offer a ski lover looks for. Right from rental and accommodation services to fun activities like skiing, snowboarding and snow shoeing on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this place. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, book your tickets, pack your backpacks and head out for this amazing ski resort with your family and friends. Have fun!

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