Leysin Ski Resort – Snowy Heaven

We all love winters for some reason or the other- be it the cozy quilt, late night hot coffees or the amazing warm clothes collection.  But that is not all about winters, especially if you are an adventure freak. Spending winter afternoons under the warmth of the sun is yet another petty happiness of life. This winter, exploit the endless list of fun and adventure at our ski resort and fill it with memories that you’d carry with yourself for a lifetime. This season, don’t let your winter pass by as monotonously as it does every year. Indulge in some thrill activities this winter at this beautiful snowy heaven – Leysin Ski Resort.

We all wait for this season and we already have random things added in our to-do list of winters. How about engaging in activities like Skiing, Snow-boarding, Tobogganing, etc. at our ski resort. Placed at 1854 Leysin, Switzerland, our ski resort – Leysin Ski Resort will sure shot vanish the boredom and lack of thrill that one might face during the lazy season of winter. 

About The Place

Leysin is located at the height of 1263 m (4143.701 foot) from the sea level. In the earlier times, this place was an ideal place to take refuge during Roman Empire’s Fall in the 5th century. The dense forests here ensure fresher and purer air than elsewhere. It is well-known around the world as one of the most reputed centers for the treatment of tuberculosis. 

Since 1956, this place has started gaining fame as a tourist spot as it was then renewed and turned into sports cum tourist resort. This place is under continuous development and growing with each passing moment.

During winters, this heavenly resort is open from 08h45 to 16h30. On the other hand, during summers, the place is open for tourists from 09h00 to 17h00. The various activities one can enjoy here during winters vary from Skiing, Snow-boarding and Tobogganing to having a fun time in the snow park.  In the summers, it offers activities like Mountain Biking, Hiking, Climbing & Via Ferrata, Paragliding, etc. 

After reading in brief about this little beauty on earth, do not have second thoughts about visiting this place and add it to you bucket list right away!

Skiing & Snowboarding

Experiencing Skiing and Snowboarding is an out-of-the-world experience at this wonderland. There are different fields available here for skiing. 

1. Les Mosses-La Lecherette: This ski area is spread over an area of 40 km (25 miles) over the altitude of 1450 to 1750 m (4757 to 5741 foot). Hence, it is suitable for all kinds of skiers. Although, its simplicity and ease make it quite popular amidst the families. Children below the age of 9 can ski for free here. 

2. Leysin: The ski fields here spread over 60 km (37 miles) of land. It is located at the altitude of 1’300 to 2’200m (4265 to 7217 foot) guaranteed with snow capped mountains. This is equally famous amongst both the families and the youngsters. 

 Children below the age of 9 can ski for free in both the resorts.


Leysin Statistics

Base Elevation: 1250 m

Summit Elevation: 2205 m

Vertical Drop: 955 m

Bored of the old ways of enjoying and sliding over the snow? Here it is, the new thing that you’ve been yearning long for. Tobogganing, also referred to as “Snow Tubing” is the new way of gliding over snow which is much loved by the freestylers.  This activity is open during the winter season at the Leysin Ski Resort. Every year, in winters, a new tobogganing run is made by the Olympic medal winner, Silvio Giobellina. The speed that one catches while tobogganing can reach could be extreme. The most difficult of the tobogganing runs include those wherein there is a 360 degree turn integrated and also those where one leaves the ground and lands on an air-bag. 

Tickets for the Tobogganing activity can be booked online 48 hours prior and after that, it can be booked at 079 377 96 71 (from abroad: +41 79 377 96 71) while the resort is open. 

Ludic Space

Right at the beginning of the Les Mosses ski park, a fun-tastic offer is made available to the families visiting the site. It includes a Nursery School and The Les Mosses Park. The Nursery School is located next to the Restaurant La Drosera. It is a relief for families with babies, as here, the babies above the age of 2 years are taken care of on an hourly, half-day and full-day basis. While the elder ones in the family enjoy a day at the slopes, the children have their own fun source from various activities organized for them. 


At the Ski Resort, there are several parks made for the hanging around of families and youngsters which vary in matters of the altitude they are located at and also in the matters of what all they have to offer.

1. Les Mosses Snow Park: This Park is situated right next to the Les Mosses-La Lecherette. It has got installations like slide bars, jumps, moving walkway, draglift and other obstacles which make it easier for the amateur skiers to learn quickly.  It is a great place for freestyle ski lovers as it is a specially created snow park with obstacles and boardercross. 
2. Leysin Snow Park: Every year, new obstacles are formed here to add to the thrill of the place. This place has hosted the most-reputed events of Skiing for many years. Events like Nescafe Champs Open is organized here. The major attraction here is a 5m (16 foot) high superpipe which gives an unbelievable playground to the experienced skiers and gives them a platform to follow their freestyle instincts. 
3. Animal Park Park: Right next to the very famous Kuklos revolving restaurant is an animal park and play area for kids. This has been very recently, i.e., last year added to the Leysin Ski Resort. It is situated at an altitude of 2048 m (6719 feet).  Being located right next to the well-renowned revolving restaurant, this park enjoys many a children visitors who are delighted to meet the animals present here. The animals one can find in this park can range from a sheep, goat, rabbit, alpacas to quails and chickens. This is open all through the summer season.


The Leysin Ski Resort if full with entertainments that could make you plan a 2-day weekend get-away with friends or families. It’s now just the adventure-freak activities that it has to offer but also it has n number of restaurants and hangout places to be explored. 

1. Kuklos: The most prominent restaurant at Leysin is the revolving restaurant situated at an altitude of 2048 m (6719 feet). It has been one of the most center tourist attractions of this place and adds to the beauty of this tourist spot. This restaurant provides a panoramic view of the Alps as it rotates 360 degrees within an hour and a half. 

From here, one can see the Lake Geneva, the Swiss Riviera, the Rhone valley and the Jura mountain chain. The 360-degree view of this restaurant can also be seen online as the website provides a webcam view. 

2. Yurt Freestyle Bar: Yet another site to hangout, this place offers delicious pizza, flammenkuche, and snacks along with some chilled drinks. This place is open on all das during the winter season (depending on the opening of the Ski slopes and weather conditions). 

3. Snow Village: Your love for igloos and food could be well satisfied at this lovely eatery. This place offers one a typical Scandinavian vibe with its setup and food that have to offer. The specialty dish of this place is Fondue. One has to pre-book a visit to this place to experience this next level eatery. 

These are just some of the places to chill at when you’ve visited Leysin for a get-away. With so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on the fun here. So pack our bags and hit the place with your family soon. You’ll love it, we promise you that!

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