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The frost is settling down on the leaves, and the snow is spreading its arms wide across the nation. The warmth of the blanket and a regular cup of coffee is needlessly the best thing in this weather. The winter season is always the dense and calm weather which gives a resonating peace in mind. However, the winters are not only for sitting inside the house when you can do lots more exciting things in this season. Winter sports can really bring that excitement resting inside your body out in this gloomy weather. And if you are so fascinated to experience that thrill then Liberty Mountain Resort is the best to go for a fabulous skiing vacation. Located at the Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania, United States, this place is going to be on your travel list in this winter vacation.

Back to the 1960’s



Originally developed as a major real estate development project, this resort was named Charnita in the prior years of development. In 1970 Charnita faced bankruptcy, and it had to shut down its development. In the late 90’s Snow Time Inc. purchased the mountain and it was renamed Ski Liberty and later it was named Liberty Mountain Resort which grabbed the attention of the snowboarders. The Snow Time Inc. built the resort from scratch and in 2003 added Boulder Ridge Snow Tubing Area. To spread its arms, Liberty Mountain purchased the Carroll Valley Resort in 2010 and extended their boundary along with adding 99 rooms in Liberty and two restaurants. An 18 holes golf course was also made part of this resort.

Activities on The List

Liberty Mountain Statistics


Base Elevation: 570 feet

Summit Elevation: 1190 feet

Vertical Drop: 620 feet

The fun is waiting for you here in this 100 acres area where you can unleash every bit of excitement. The summit elevation of Liberty Mountain is 1,190 ft., and base elevation is 570 ft. with a vertical drop of  620 ft. You can easily reach the uphill with the help of lifts which can uplift 13,400 skiers/hour. This adventure hub has all the fascinated things which you need to calm down your excitement. Liberty has 22 trails which are definitely going to be a worth exploring thing. This area is covered with snow annually at a range of 31 in (0.78m). The longest run of this mountain which is named as Dipsy Doodle is 5,200ft. And don’t drain your enthusiasm because there are three massive terrain parks in Liberty Mountain Resort for the enthralling skiers to explore the snow bed.

The people who cannot join in the fun house in the daylight do not let your excitement sink because there is a night skiing facility here in 100% terrain for seven days a week. And if you have not tried night skiing before, this is the best chance to do so. Skiing down the slopes of a mountain on a winter night is the most adventurous thing to do, and you cannot afford to miss out on experiencing this adrenaline pumping activity. So, buckle up your shoes this winter because ultimate fun is waiting for you here.

The Adventure Trails



The Liberty Mountain Resort is the hub of real adventure which you can experience in folds. The place has 22 trails which have different levels, keeping in mind the suitability of the skiers.

Out of 22 trails, 27% area is for the amateurs who wants to step into the enchanting world of this snowy adventure. They will find this place suitable for them to learn and master the skill of gliding in the snow. The names given to the easy trails are Nova, Sneaky Pete, Dipsy Doodle, First Class Area, Lower Blue Streak, and Snow Cat Alley


41% area is for the intermediate group who are already aware of the skills a skier need to slope down the mountain. They need to polish the skills and ski smoothly on the snow. For the intermediate trails, the names given are Adventure Alley, Upper Heavenly, Lower Heavenly, Whitney’s Way, Lower Ultra, Lower East wind, Lower Strata, East Side, and Sidewinder

14% area consists of the skiers who are already a master in skiing. They have the will to surf in the snow and learn new tricks to ski in the snow. West Side Park, Upper Blue Streak, White Lightning are some of the names given to the advanced level trails.

Now, the remaining 18% is for the expert group who are already the ruler of this game. They just need to have some fun in the snow and showcase their expertise. The expert trails are Upper Ultra, Vertigo Park, Upper East wind, Upper Strata.

Earlier the half pipe at Liberty Mountain was open for half a month of the ski season, but now the area is filled in with snow and is now termed as East Side Terrain Park.

Lift to the Heights



If you want to reach the heights of the mountain and touch the foggy sky, they will grant your wish happily. This place has nine lifts which will let you enjoy the cliff of the mountain in a jiffy. Five quads, 1 J-bar, and three carpet lifts are there to take you to the heights. You can enjoy the picturesque view of the mountain from the top, and the beauty of the view will take seconds to mesmerize you.

Shop it here!

Let your endless fun take wings because they are just round the corner to give you everything.  Liberty Mountain Resort has its own shop in the vicinity of the skiable area to provide every equipment needed to glide in the snow. You can also rent the equipment you need for your skiing session at affordable prices. If you rent the equipment in advance, you can avail discounts as well, so this place has a lot on offer for its visitors.

Master strike – Boulder Ridge Snow Tubing



Enough of the expertise thing, you can have fun without any experience as well with Boulder Ridge Snow Tubing. You can have an ultimate blast of fun with your dear ones here. Just relax and let the moving carpet do its work. A perfectly designed 15 carved lanes covered with moving carpet will just let you experience the real fun without many efforts. You can take the boots on rent at the cost of $5.

Children of age 5 and above can easily enter the area and ride the main tubing runs. This activity is worth spending though it will not cost you much. So bring your family here starting from your 5-year-old kid to your grandparents and rebound that family bond here again. Moreover, the toddlers do not have to cry because Liberty has something for them too. The Pebble Ridge Kiddie Tubing is specially designed for the kids of ages 2-4. See your kid’s wide smile as you push them in the snow wearing their tubes.

Hours and rates

You cannot afford to miss the fun here in this winter vacation. Just as the first snowfall happens, rush here with your family to enjoy the snow. On weekdays except for peak period, it will cost you $21 for one hour which will include the use of tube and lift. Whereas if you want to enjoy for two hours, it will cost you $26. On the weekends for one, it will cost you $28 and $33 for three hours which will also allow the use of tube and lift.

For the kiddie zone, it will cost $9 in the weekday as well as in the weekends, and it will allow only the use of the tube.

Well, isn’t it more than enough for a perfect family vacation at such an affordable price? The list of things is not over yet because this resort will give you not only a memorable thrilling vacation but also a relaxing ambiance at the resort which holds 900 room slopeside/ golf side hotel to have a stay with your family.

So, let your winter be the best season by making a trip to this exotic place with your family and spend some memorable time here with them amidst the snow

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