Snowy wonders in Losenheim


If you are a wanderlust person in search of a place that can give you ultimate travel and skiing satisfaction, we suggest you visit and enjoy skiing at Puchberg Schneebergbahn, a skiing resort in Losenheim and add a new and exciting chapter to your travel dairies. The Puchbergschneebergbahn ski resort in Losenheim is the ideal winter destination for all age groups. The little ones can learn to ski, while the grown-ups can try for the larger pistes and huts, and seek adventure of a lifetime.

Puchberg is a beautiful village situated 80 km south of Austria’s capital Vienna in Lower Austria. It is well known for hiking and relaxing in the fresh and healthy air. The Schneeberg is the highest mountain in the region with a height of around 2075 meters. The beauty that these mountains behold is inexplicable. Those who have never walked across its mossy alpine meadows, which are mossy, those who have never enjoyed the astounding panorama, can never understand why these mountains have attracted so many eyes.

Here in the middle of the Viennese Alps, you find an adventure park with many highlights. Here you get to enjoy and have fun almost throughout the year. Travel time to Schneeberg is 1 hour and 20 minutes. The new Salamander trains meet the most rigorous environmental and emissions standards and its travel time is around 50 minutes.


What travellers can look forward to:


Who wouldn’t love to encounter nature at its best? Visit Puchberg Schneeberg and discover paradise mountain tours like never before. They have ample snow and snowboarding facilities. With sufficient snowboarding, ski mountaineers will find true paradise. The winter mountain terrain and the composure of nature are delectable, and the ascent route can be chosen freely so that one can seek diversity of tours up the mountain. Whether beginners or skilled – you will always get things according to your requirements.


All-year ski fun-

Losenheim Statistics

Base Elevation: 810 m

Summit Elevation: 1210 m

Vertical Drop: 400 m

What if you get to ski during summers as well? Sounds fun right? Well, here you get to ski during both summers and winters. Winter sports, regardless of snowshoes and weather, is now a reality, thanks to the construction of a plastic Matshang. This plastic Matshang is called the Wunderwiese – and almost feels like natural snow, thereby attracting skiers all year round. Another is the Wiesenflitzer, a 140m long tyre chute. The unique background gives a feeling of gliding on snow.

In this way, ski and snowboard fans have the opportunity to pursue their passion and to “descend” down the slope even when it’s not snowing in reality. The “Schneebergbahn Lift Company” has invested almost 3 million Euros in improving the quality of the whole skiing area. The new ski centres, snowmaking facilities, and pistes have greatly improved. The new Schneeberg Lake stores around 5000 cubic meters of water that is used for snowmaking purposes. The roads have also been widened, and Edelweiss cottage has been redeveloped, making it a lot more attractive and suitable for families. One can do cross country hiking, ice skating, ski touring or sledding. The ski lifts are open in winter with sufficient snowboarding. State-of-the-art snowmaking equipment ensures a perfect skiing experience. Family-friendly slopes promise a great experience for all age groups.


Kids on the slopes!


There is this quaint valley, just one hour’s drive from Vienna, wherein, the magnificent ski resort which is home to the Puchi’s Kinderland children’s zone lies.  Puchi’s land ensures playful learning and skiing for children. Puchi’s Kinderland is the perfect place for young ski-fibres to make the first skipping attempts. Funny figures and traffic signs provide a special experience. With the magic carpet, the youngest are surely brought to the start of the run


The chair lift-

One of the most amazing things that one can experience here is the chair lift. In only a few minutes from 870 to 1,210 meters: the quad chair lift is the most comfortable and fastest connection from the valley to the saddle. This is the ideal starting point for countless promising hikes on and around the 2,076 meters high Schneeberg, the highest mountain in Lower Austria. The four-seat chair lift facilitates the climb to the unspoiled area which invites free-riding fans and experienced skiers to enjoy some deep-snow skiing. Those who would prefer to climb the mountain itself can also enjoy fantastic ski tours. Directly above the mountain station of the chairlift is the Edelweisshütte. The Almreserlhaus also offers a beautiful view terrace. From the mountain station, it is only a 10-minute walk to the Schutzhütte.



Hike in every season is certainly fun. The whole trip becomes a lot more exciting when it comes to hiking in such a lovely place. Wonderful experiences in a beautiful hiking area with impressive nature awaits you here. Puchberg is one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Lower Austria, with more than 80 km of hiking trails and alpine hiking trails. The Wanderlust has no limit. The splendid panorama view into the Puchberg Talkessel and up to the Neusiedlersee takes you from everyday life to an entirely different world. Visit in summer and enjoy one of the most beautiful terraces of the Viennese Alps. In the district of Losenheim is the Schneeberg chair lift. In a few minutes, you will be transported to the mountain station at 1,210 m above sea level. Here is an ideal starting point for numerous hikes on and around the Schneeberg.



Culinary & Accommodation


Who wouldn’t love staying in cozy rooms with beautiful landscape view and tasty cuisine that can stimulate your taste buds like never before? Visit Losenheim and enjoy pure kiwi hospitality. The gastronomy and accommodation companies of the Viennese Alps convince with particular openness, cordiality, and hospitality.

Cottages on the mountain ensure that you enjoy the innumerable leisure facilities of the Schneeberg and be pampered by the huts. Lovingly prepared house man’s costumes and refreshments for every taste, ensure a comfortable stay. In the summer, you can enjoy breath-taking views while you enjoy your break on one of the sun terraces. In the winter, the warm restaurant invites you to a cozy hut with a great fireplace.

Gastronomy in the valley ensures dedicated hosts, friendly service and regional specialties made from first-class ingredients – all this characterizes the region’s gastronomic establishments. Enjoy inviting cordiality and true culinary delights! You can enjoy these amazing recipes with your near and dear ones after a fulfilling day of skiing down the adventurous slopes on offer here.

Visitors can also stay overnight and enjoy. The accommodation companies of the region offer a varied range of comfortable accommodation possibilities. Whether wellness hotel, inn or cozy guesthouse. The accommodating inns have peaceful settings like parks to relax, sunbathing lawn to bask in the sun and lot more. The also provide excellent cuisine. Some inns and places to stay include

The Edelweisshütte hut at the chair lift mountain station, where a breath-taking view of the Puchberg valley floor and the face of the Schneeberg awaits, Hotel Restaurant Forellenhof (“Wanderer welcome” is the name of the Forellenhof in Losenheim at 800 meters above sea level) and much more. The Schneeberg chairlift, Laning, and Langwies always have snowmaking equipment and provide safe snow conditions.

Visit Losenheim and enjoy the miscellany of this miracle meadow. Experience and encounter some great slopes and great skiing and fall in love with the serenity and immense beauty of the mountains. Losenheim has so much on offer for its visitors that you can enjoy a completely refreshing and adrenaline pumping experience at the skiing park. And with so much on offer and so many things to do here, you cannot afford to miss out on the fun. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, book your tickets, grab your gear and other essentials, and head out straight for the Losenheim with your family and friends and create memories that will last lifelong.

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