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Losenstein-Hohe Dirn: Small but Spectacular!


Over the years, as you grow up holidays feel less and lesser exciting. The charisma that existed in the childhood slowly fades away. You may end up spending more time at home than elsewhere. Want to change all of that? The time has finally come to regenerate your spirits. If you are speculating what you should be doing in the upcoming holidays, there is an enthralling activity that you should try out. Along with accelerating speed and thrill, relive your childhood fantasies by Skiing across the picturesque slopes and mountains. This is an amazing activity to immerse yourself into, in the winter vacations.

As it is physically demanding, it will also strengthen your bones and muscles and make them more flexible. With a lot of health benefits like enhanced sleeping habits, healthy heart, better eating habits, etc. associated with Skiing, you simply cannot afford to miss this wonderful experience. Travel through the pollution free environment and refresh your life with the epic adventure of Skiing. Skiing is most suitable for winters with a lot of availability of fresh snow. As a winter sport, the activity has been gaining wide popularity among various groups of people.



Hohe Dirn – the best place to have fun!

Losenstein-Hohe Dirn Statistics


Base Elevation: 836 m

Summit Elevation: 1185 m

Vertical Drop: 349 m

Among the various places where you could Ski (Called as Ski Resorts), there is a small and unique Ski resort by name Hohe Dirn which should hold your attention. Hohe Dirn is a mountain in Austria. The associated Ski resort stands at an altitude of 836 meters to 1156 meters from the sea level. The climate at the place is generally cold with average temperatures ranging at about 8-degree centigrade providing the chilling atmosphere for some electrifying Skiing experience.

To pinpoint the exact location of Hohe Dirn, it is at the border of Losenstein and Reichraming. The stretch of slopes available for Skiing extends up to 11 kilometres, long enough for a comfortable Skiing experience. There are in total 4 Ski lifts that facilitate in the transport of Guests. The resort is quite prominent in the surrounding areas for a lot of various activities that take place during summer and Winter breaks. The terrain around the resort is covered with beautiful hills providing the perfect background to click your photos.

This resort is one of the ideal locations to go to, especially if you live in the surrounding areas. Skiing is also about family bonding. It is not just a solo but also a family activity. People from all ages can participate. If you along with family, you will definitely have some quality time together. That being said, Skiing with friends is more fun and enjoyable. The activities are not just limited to Skiing or Snowboarding. With all the snow around, there is a lot more you can do with your imagination being your limit.


Know More About The Terrain


Out of the total 11 Km of slopes, as much as 6 km is categorized under easy. This means that about 55% of the slopes can be used for skiing comfortably by almost anyone including amateurs and children. Another 4 Km stretch is classified under medium difficulty which accounts for 36% of the total slope. There is enough terrain of about 1 Km to satisfy those who seek challenge too.

That slope is rated as difficult and offers some contest to professional skiers. The slopes will not fail to satisfy your Skiing appetite. Artificial snowmaking equipment and valley run are also available. However, there is no Snowpark or a Fun park where you could conveniently practice some tricks or relax for a while. Halfpipe (A ‘U’ shaped ramp like structure in snow which is primarily used by snowboarders) is also absent.




The Ski Lifts in the Location


The 4 Ski lifts present in the resort can efficiently transport up to 3720 passengers per hour. The number isn’t high but being a small resort, it is sufficient. The total lift length extends up to 2 Km. All the four lifts are of the T-Bar type, which are given separate names. The Hambergerlift is 657 meters in length with a carrying capacity of 1000 passengers per hour. Another lift called Schosserlift has a length of 618 meters long with the same carrying capacity of 1000 per hour.

Both these lifts were manufactured by the company, Swoboda. Kurvenlift, manufactured by Doppelmayr is 567 meters long with the same carrying capacity. The last lift, Schullift (This lift is a slight variation and is actually J-Type) is relatively smaller at 170 meters and a carrying capacity of only 720 passengers per hour. Ski lifts play a major role in the overall skiing experience, and Hohe Dirn has just enough of them.


The Other Activities and Costs Incurred


One can participate in snowmaking, snowball fighting, sightseeing and other fun filled activities. With your companions around, together you can do anything limited to your imagination. Camping with friends or having a Snowboarding race, everything is up to you to decide. Skiing is definitely not the limit. You can even try Ice Skating and Snowshoeing. Cross country skiing experience is truly unique in its own way.

Other interesting activities to try out include Snow Sculpting and Snow-tubing. With a lot of hills present around in the area, you can also plan for trekking. Also, don’t forget the upload your social media profiles with exquisite pictures and updates from your adventure. The money spent is standard and reasonable. The various expenses at the resort would be to get the skiing passes, rent any equipment if needed or the boarding costs. The Skiing passes for children will generally cost less. If you are planning a longer stay, it is recommended to buy the season’s pass which is relatively cheaper than individual tickets. The prices may vary depending on the season, but it is totally worth it. Also, don’t forget to check for some family discounts and group offers.



The Other Important Things


Don’t forget to make a note of dates when the resort is open. The general seasons time are from Mid-December to Late March. The Ski resort is open from 9 AM to 4 PM on regular days. However one should keep a track on the weather conditions. Sometimes when the climate is harsh and not suitable for Skiing, the resort may be closed. Skiing activities may be suspended during important public holidays. Sometimes the resort may be closed on the occasion of Snow Sports. Make sure to contact the relevant authorities and confirm the availability of the resort before you plan your visit. The nearest major city to Losenstein is Steyr which is just 20 KM away. One can easily reach to the city by direct trains or buses.

Hohe Dirn is one such place you should have in your ‘List of places to visit and explore’. With the beautiful slopes to slide down elegantly, this is a really good skiing spot. You will meet a lot of like-minded people who will visit the place just like you. At the end of the tour, there will be immense satisfaction with holidays well spent. Come along with friends, relatives, and family and enjoy skiing and make pleasant memories at this beautiful resort. Come along and have a refreshing time and revitalize your body in the upcoming holidays. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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