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Loser – Altaussee – the best place to spend the winter days!


To be without words is a rare experience. Yet, if this phenomenon were more so to do with amazement than with some ailment, that would truly be beautiful. A similar feeling grows when someone visits Austria, the land of music that not only flows through its streams, which flows through its mountain, flowers, and people. It is a rarity that the real experience of anything is ever complete without people, especially those of a foreign land. However, the mountainous beauty that can be witnessed in Austria is as close as it gets.

It is nearing the end of vacation time, and most of us are wanting of one place which would help us find irregular beauties of life before we return to our everyday work. Austria might just offer such an irregularity, one that need not be challenged rather enjoyed, through the connection it forms with our soul. Here is what we have planned for your fruitful vacations in Austria.

The ski resort Loser- Altaussee is located in Ausseerland, Austria (Salzkammergut). Providing an unparallel experience in skiing and snowboarding, the resort offers some of the best views of the Alps. The arena for winter sports is designed with excellent slopes offering a thrilling ride down the mountains.  The total number of lifts is marked at 9, providing a traffic-free ride up and down the runs. Family holidays will surely be fun here, with delicately designed freeriding slopes for trainers and novices, everyone can take a ride! See below the details regarding the lifts and slopes.



Interesting facts

Altaussee Statistics


Base Elevation: 800 m

Summit Elevation: 1800 m

Vertical Drop: 1000 m

If Austrian winters are not exciting enough, view the list of interesting facts to overload yourself with exhilaration. Topping the list is the average elevation of the ski resort measured at 1,770 meters (1.09 mile) while the base elevation is 850 meters (0.5 miles). Another fun fact to add to your list is the total run of the slopes at 33 kilometers (20.5 miles) for pure skiing delight, not forgetting a total of 9 lifts to offer traffic-free movement of passengers. To end the list, two ski and snowboard schools offer courses for learners and experts.



Naming the lifts and its types can be a tiring business, especially when the list is long and detailed! So let’s begin at once, but before that take a deep breath! There are 6- person detachable chairlifts equipped with weather protectors, these travel to and fro the Sandling and Loser. The second topper is the 6- person Sandling- Jet chairlift that travels up to beneath the peak of the Sandling (the loft also offers rise through a curve). Another surprise is the 6-person Loser- Jet 1 that runs up to the Loser 2 double chairlift, which travels further up to the Loser Hutte. For accessing the slopes above the treeline use the Loserfenster detachable quad chairlift. The fun does not end here. In the category of basic lifts, there are two tow lifts, a pommel lift, two practice lifts and a people mover.

The average carrying capacity of the lifts is 11114 persons/ hour, and the average run of the lifts is 6.2 kilometers (3.8 miles).




Novices- For the beginners and learners in the world of skiing there is a special terrain designed over a length of 18 kilometers (11.18 miles). Beginners can try the side beneath the 1,717 meters (1.06 miles) high Sandling for a lead into the forest glades. If you are skiing with family use the easy, 19 kilometers (11.8 miles) long family slope for a fearless and comfortable ride. For free riding us the slope between Hochangera and Braunig Alm.

Semi- Pros- Lacking in experience but willing to dare? Try the 12 kilometers (7.4 miles) long intermediate slope. Best for semi- pros in the business as the slope is designed keeping in mind the need for wide and well-graded runs. You can also take help from the experts at the ski school.

Pro- If you dare to challenge the snow, slide along the 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) long, difficult slope. The challenging gradation of the run will entrap you in a ride of a lifetime. Try the FIS slope for a thrilling experience and slide down to the valley in great excitement.


Interesting facts about the slopes


Longest slope- The 9 kilometers (5.5 miles) family slope is the longest with an elevation difference of 920 meters (0.57 mile). The run is best suited for easy rides and relaxing adventures.

Most difficult slope- For the daredevil, there can be nothing more challenging than the 0.3 kilometers (0.18 mile) long run at Loser- Alm- Schuss. The elevation difference for this slope is 150 meters (0.09 mile). It might increase your excitement to know that this slope is the steepest in the whole of Salzkammergut.

The resort is capable of artificial snow making with 50 cannons at its disposal. The terrain offers valley runs and multiple-valley runs leading down from the Sandling and Loser to the base.




Ski tours- One can also travel on foot while exploring the ski routes. The ski tour path from the Loser Arena up to the mountains is a sheer delight for hikers and walking enthusiasts. The breathtaking view of the Alpines is a pleasure for the eyes and the soul.

Cross -country skiing-  If you wish to try a cocktail of cross country travel and skiing excitement then the cross- country runs are meant for you. The region offers a total of 2 classic cross- country ski runs and two skating courses.

Alternate Adventure-


You can try paragliding and sleigh trip on the side to add variations to your adventure.

Descending the slopes while paragliding can be a once in a life time experience. The panoramic view of the Alps can be an adventure in its self. If you wish to live your Christmas dreams, try the sleigh rides. A perfect sport for the children and the youngsters, this ride can be a gift for the adults too.


Lift tickets


Well, we cannot forget the money. Let us have a look at eth average amount we need to spend to enjoy all this fun.

The prices of the passes vary according to time duration and season variation. Ski passes for the peak season are € 39.50 for the adult, €35.00 for the youth and €20.00 for the children. You can avail family and group reduction; the resort also offers youth reduction.


Important timings


Following timings should be kept in mind before visiting the resort. General season is experienced between early December and mid- April. Also, the timings vary according to external limitations like weather predictions.

Following timings should be kept in mind before visiting the resort. General season is experienced between early December and mid- April. Also, the timings vary according to external limitations like weather predictions.




In winters you need a comfortable bed and an even more comfortable home. Try the ski apartments for a home as a stay at affordable prices. If you do not fancy big rentals, try the affordable range of hotels and guests houses in the region.


How to get here?


The resort is located in the middle of the Styrian Salzkammergut. If you are traveling from the north or the west, you can ride via Salzkammergut. While traveling from the south and the east drive via the Ennstal and then trough the Salzkammergut. The nearest airport in Austria is Graz (GRZ) and Klagenfurt (KLU).

Make your winters an unforgettable one with a vacation in the snow paradise of Austria. Travel to Loser- Altaussee and experience a memorable journey into the heart of the season. Because with so much on offer and so many things to and enjoy here, you cannot afford to miss out on the fun. So, what are you waiting for? Get started by booking your tickets, packing your bags and then head out straight for Loser- Altaussee with your family and friends and make the most of the ongoing winter days. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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