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Fayston, Vermont is nurturing the Mad River Glen for the energetic and adventurous skiers to explore the snow since 1947. Mad Glen River has the most massive terrain which is ranked by the Ski Magazine as the most challenging in the east coast of United States.  This beautiful place is located in the Green Mountain Range which sits on the Mad Glen Valley. This place has a summit elevation of 3637ft and base elevation of 1600 ft. with a vertical drop of 2000 ft. Mad Glen Valley experiences an average snowfall of 150 inches every year.

The founder, Roland Palmedo wanted to build a ski area for the enthusiastic and dedicated skiers with less commercial interests and amenities. With time Mad Glen River saw the new forms of development. In 1948, the single chair was completed and first operated. Along with this five trails and a small base, the lodge was also added to the development project of the valley. The next decade was the major turning point for the valley. Three double chairlifts, and a rope tow for the children to learn easily and new trails were added in the area.

Mad River Glen Statistics

Base Elevation: 1600 feet

Summit Elevation: 3637 feet

Vertical Drop: 2037 feet

In 1972 the ski area was sold to Truxton Pratt who later handed the authority to his wife after his death in 1975. His wife sold it to a group of skiers in 1995 and Mad River Cooperative was formed. It is the only cooperatively owned ski area in America.

About the Place!



Mad River Glen has a well maintained 115 acres of skiable terrain. Your adventure fantasies will come true at this place. It has a total of 45 trails which will let you down explore every fold of the snow bed in this winter season. The Valley has the longest run of 1 miles (1609 meters) which will take only 4 minutes for you to ski down. To work on jumps and other tricks, this valley also has a terrain park for you. The endless list of adventures will leave you awestruck.

To take you to the peak of the mountain, this amazing resort is equipped with five lifts which have the capacity of uplifting 3,574 people per hour. The Mad Glen River Valley has the ability of snowmaking across 16 acres area. Ranked the 235th largest in the United States this place has well-equipped lift infrastructure to manage the crowd. Crowded days may bother you with lift lines, but on other days you can smoothly peek inside the area.

Mad Glen River Valley is among the two ski areas in the country to use single chairlifts which only lets one person sit at one time. The single chair lift is the most flexible and fastest chairlifts in the United States. The lifts take an average duration of 9-12 minutes to move from base to the summit elevation.

Ski Mag has ranked it at #15 among the top 20 ski resorts. This place will not only take you to an adventurous journey but will also offer a luxurious stay with your family in this frost weather. Being such an amazing place for adventure lovers, the Mad Glen River Resort attracts visitors from all across the region, all through the winters. You can also visit the place with your dear ones and have a lot of fun, enjoying the various activities on offer here.


The backbone of Green Mountains is the home of this valley which experiences the snowfall which covers the entire England. Apart from that it also picks up the ‘backlash’ snow after the storm has gone. The elevation makes the air of the cooler and allows more precipitation than other surrounding terrains. Mad River Glen has to face triple the snowfall of the lower elevated areas of the north of New England.

Adventurous trails

If you want to experience the real adventure, this place will be worth spending this season. Mad Glen Valley has a total 45 trails with a variant of difficulties. This place is known for its hardest ski area in the Northeast of the England. The trails are built for the convenience of the skiers and will let them ski in the snow at their own comfort level. The trails are nurtured over these years and kept just like they were decades ago. You can have fun skiing down these adventurous slopes on a chilly winter morning.

20% of the 45 trails are for the newcomers who want to play and glide down the snow this season. This place will let the crowd learn and enjoy this winter activity and make it memorable for them. Intermediate trails will let the skiers learn the activity better and improve their skill to ski down the mountain smoothly. The 45% of the trail area is for the masters of the activity. The advanced skiers can move freely from the parts of the valley and enjoy the snow in an adventurous way.

Explore something unique here!



Mad Glen River has a box of surprises for the adventure lovers to make their ski vacation memorable. Wood skiing will let you experience the steep and difficult terrain in the lap of the mountain. While you cannot enjoy snowboarding at this place, there is something which will cheer up your mood instantly. This place has a large proportion of telemarked skiers, and they host a yearly festival weekend every March which allows you to have a great time at this resort.

Lifts Rates & Tickets

Mad Glen River Valley has a range of 5 lifts to take give you a mesmerizing look from the top of the mountain. This place has two triple chairs, two double chairs and one surface lift for the snow admirers.

You can spend a great and pocket-friendly vacation at Mad Glen River with their affordable rates of riding the lifts. An adult can enjoy for a whole day only at a cost of $79 while a youth’s lift ticket is of $63. The prices of the tickets may vary in the less busy and less important days.

To make your thrilling adventure hassle-free, you can also get a season pass to avail the mountain resort for the whole season. It will cost $992 for an adult to enjoy the snow bed for the season and $195 for a youth’s season pass. While amidst all this fun, why should the old people sit at home when they can enjoy the soothing ambiance of the valley at the cost of only $195?

The lifts will start working from 9 am- 4 pm on the weekdays and from 8:30 am- 4 pm on the weekends.

Get mad over MAD CARD



You cannot afford to miss the fun here in Mad Glen River Valley because they have all the madness piled up for the upcoming season. They are welcoming you with open hands with their best MAD card which will let you access the mountains for three transferrable days at a cost of $159, i.e. just $53 per day to ski any day of the season. You can also bring a big smile on someone’s face this winter season with gifting this MAD card.  

As the winters are always the lazy season of the year and Mad Glen River Valley is making a step ahead to make your gloomy months the most exciting one. With a very affordable price, this place is ready to serve you with all the fun and adventure you are craving for this season. You just need to be filled with energy and charge up every part of your body to enjoy the thrill this place will give you. Make yourself ready for the unlimited fun and come here to make memories with your loved ones. Go, visit Mad Glen River Resort this winter and make the most of the chilly days.

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