Man Falls to his Death after going off the Trials of the Ski Resort-News

Posted On: 4 Mar 2020

A man from Connecticut met with a fatal accident after he lost trail tracks marked by the Stowe Mountain Ski Resort. The incident took place when the skier lost track of the trail and fell at the bottom of the cliff. The body of the individual was retrieved from the bottom of the cliff. As per the authorities, they were informed of two skiers who went off trials while skiing on Saturday. From that moment on, the authorities started their investigation. They searched the area to locate the skiers. One of the two was found alive and well in the nearby woods. He was successfully rescued from the spot.

His partner, however, wasn’t that lucky. According to reports, the two skiers might have separated after going off-track. It took two hours for the authorities to find the body. The autopsy is soon to be conducted. On the surface, the case looks like an accident with no signs of any foul play. The relatives of the dead have been notified and the real identities of the two skiers have not been given out by the police.

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