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Maple Ski Ridge Ski Resort – A Winter Experience like No Other



Winter and warmth – the terms go hand in hand. A comfortable couch, heater on its full mode, a mug of hot coffee and a great read – sounds like bliss in the cold months. Doesn’t it. Though many times, we may feel content by enjoying the snow and snowfall from the inside of our homes, a break from the cabin fever once in a while will give you the much-needed escape from the procrastination that surrounds us in the winter months.

This winter, go for a skiing trip. Experience firsthand what it’s like to ski at full speed down the slope, the feeling when you reach the peak of the mountain and the childlike joy you’ll experience when you have snow ball fights with your loved ones.

Maple Statistics

Base Elevation: 750 feet

Summit Elevation: 1200 feet

Vertical Drop: 450 feet

Looking for a pocket-friendly ski resort to where you can escape for a winter vacation this year? Maple Ski Ridge Ski Resort is the place for you. Established in 19632, Maple Ski Ridge Ski Resort is the perfect place for family people and amateurs looking up to build their skills.

Let’s take a look at what makes Maple Ski Ridge Ski Resort for an amazing experience and what all the Resort has to offer to you:-




Located in Schenectady, Maple Ski Ridge is a Ski Resort close to the capital region of Schenectady County. Quite near to many prominent cities, the resort is at a driving distance from many prominent cities. The Maple Ski Resort is located at a distance of 1.50 miles from Scotia, 2.07 miles from Bellevue, 2.34 miles from Rotterdam, 3.51 miles from Alplaus, 3.74 miles from Rexford, 4.28 miles from Pine Grove, 4.92 miles from Fort Hunter, 5.34 miles from Niskayuna. 7.71 miles from Verdoy, 7.72 miles from Guilderland, 8.37 miles from Charlton and 9.26 miles from Clifton Park. The resort is connected to these cities by major highway stretches, and being a mountain, not easy to miss while driving. So, lying in proximity to your city or town, this place is the perfect holiday destination for anyone who loves to have fun during the winters.


The resort lays claim to a lift-served vertical drop of 450 feet. The base elevation at Maple Ski Ridge Ski Area is 750 feet high above sea level with the summit elevation at the height of 1200 feet. The resort experiences an annual snowfall of about 10 feet.

Lifts And Trail

The Maple Ski Resort has a total skiable area of around 25 acres. The resort features a total of 10 runs. Out of this 11 % are the beginner runs, 44 % of the runs count as intermediate runs and the remaining 44% are reserved for the experts. The longest run in the resort spans an area of 1 mile. So,regardless of whether you are a beginner at skiing or a professional, you can have fun skiing down these amazing slopes during the winters.

The resort features a total of three lifts which include two chair lifts and a quad lifts.

Unique Attractions And Special Events


Maple Ski Ridge Ski Resort hosts various tubing events during the months of winters.

The Resort also features a Vacation Camp during the same time as school vacations for children to come and enjoy riding and skiing and have a little time of theirs on the snow while you relax for the day.

Maple Ski Ridge hosts the Snow Box Derby each year on the last Saturday of the month of February. So come with your friends and family, build a box and race down the cliff.

In the month of March, Maple Ski Ridge hosts various snowmobile races and a fat bike race.

Membership Passes and Rental Service



Maple Ski Ridge offers the following Season Passes to its visitors:

Individual Passes –These passes are perfect for anyone who loves to ski and ride and can do it the whole day. At $225, ski any time of the day when the resort is open.

Family Pass – This pass offers great value for family tickets.  Spend time together with your family and create long lasting memories at attractive discounts.

College Season Passes – To give college students a break from the constant studying during the semester. Maple Ski Ridge offers low price passes to all students. Passes start at $99.

Evening Season Passes – If you are office going and need a recreation after a long day at work, evening passes are your way to go.  Passes are valid from Tuesday to Saturday evenings from 5:00 pm until closing at 9:00 pm at only $129.

The resort also offers you the facility of renting equipment at the resort so that you don’t face any hurdle in your perfect skiing experience. Be it skis, boots, poles or helmets – rent anything you need at quite affordable prices. The Rental and Repair Shop offers tuning services, hand sharpening and bevel, side edge and base beveling to give new life to your equipment. On an average, ski rental services cost around $25 – $30. So, you can enjoy skiing and have endless fun without worrying about the equipment.

Skiing Lessons



Don’t miss out all fun and adventure of ski as you’ve never done it before? Afraid to ski because of this? Maple Ski Ridge Resort is there to help you out. The Resort offers both winter and summer training, private lessons, group lessons, lift lessons, adult lessons and lessons for children. Children can choose from Weekend Lessons, After School Lessons, Arctic Ride, and Mountain Side. Adults can also opt for weekly lessons or private lessons.

Lodging And Resort Services

The guests at Maple Ski Ridge Ski Resort have many options to choose from for lodging, like the Quality Inn, Super -8, Hampton Inn, The Parker Inn and Suites, Belvedere Inn, The Stockade Inn, Vintage Chic Inn, Days Inn, Double Tree and Stardust Motor Inn to name a few. All the Inns and motels are located either in Schenectady or located near the town with easy accessibility through public transport.

The rooms at the hotels are priced in the range of $125 -$200 and come with all basic and luxurious amenities according to the time of the year. With a lovely bed and breakfast service available at each Inn, it is sure to start your day on a good note and end it at a restful mode.


The resort pricing comes about $ 26- $ 40 depending on the activities you opt for, the number of lifts you go for and whether you choose to visit during the weekends or the weekdays. In this regard, Maple Ski Ridge Ski Resort comes under as one of the most affordable ski resorts as compared to other average resorts. For an adult, the rental cost also comes to be at $ 30 for the whole day thus ticking off one more box on your list – that of pricing and budget.

Activities Available

Apart from skiing, the ten runs, and three lifts, Maple Ski Ridge Ski Resort also offers tubing, snowmaking, and night skiing to the guests. The resort also hosts it annual Fall Festival in the month of October featuring many fun snow-related activities for children and adults alike.

This year, ditch the usual vacation spots you’d usually go to or dinners at some lavish restaurant and connect with nature at Maple Ski Ridge.  Get your adrenaline rushing and bring out the adventure junkie in you. Go back home, not only with the memories of a breath-taking experience for a lifetime but also with some new friends with whom you share a common interest. And nothing can be said about the contentment and internal happiness that will bring out a smile on your face every time you remember this trip.

So go ahead, plan a vacation, book your passes and be prepared for a snowy adventure with your friends and family at this place. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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