Winter Heaven “Masserberg Ski Resort”:

Are you a winter person? Does the dialogue “Winter Is Coming” from the famous television series Game of Thrones fascinate you? One more question please! Do you have a ski enthusiast hidden beneath your skin? If the answer to all these questions is a YES, then you are on the right track and we are going to guide you to the ultimate destination. The right place for you is Masserberg Ski Resort. If you are a beginner and want to get some basic skills sharpened, then this is the spot you have been looking for. Wondering where it is? We have the complete information here. Let’s go then!


Masserberg statistics

Base Elevation: 560 m

Summit Elevation: 841 m

Vertical Drop: 281 m


About the Resort:

The ski resort Ersteberg-Masserberg is located in the County of Hildberghausen, Germany. When it comes to something unique like beauty, size does not matter. In spite of being a small resort, it has a lot to offer if you are starting your ski expedition. An excellent place for all beginners in the field of winter sports, it offer you an easy to intermediate ski grid for practice that can help you to hone your skills.


Details about the Ski Slope:


Coming to the real deal, the winter sport area of this resort is located between the elevation of 730 meters and 830 meters. The top lift is 830 meters whereas the bottom lift is 730 meters, offering a vertical drop of just 100 meters. To reach the slopes, the resort offers you a single ski lift which is fairly reasonable as there is not much rush that you are going to encounter here. The ski slope of 0.7 kilometers is finely set up if you are new to the sport. While around 86 percent of the slope (0.6 km) is labeled as Easy, there is a circuit comprising of 14 percent of the total (0.1 km) that can be called Intermediate.

Operating Timing and Season:

The general season here at Masserberg Ski resort begins in Early December and typically ends late in the March. While the season continues, the resort opens at 9am and closes at 4pm. The timings are prone to vary in case of public holidays, school holidays and weekdays. The resort offers a brilliant scope for all the budding ski enthusiasts, especially the kids who are willing to get into the realm of winter sports.

Cost and Packages for Ski Trips:


The resort offers very nominal rates when it comes to serve the customers. Starting with the adults, 12 trips of the grid are going to cost you just 13 Euros. Whereas for kids up to 14 years of age, the cost for 12 ski trips is just 9 Euros. And the icing on the cake- These 12 trips are valid for a complete season. If you are not in a mood to buy too many trips, then you can purchase a single trip as well which will cost you just 1.5 Euros. Economical but fun, isn’t it?

Resort Policies:

Coming to the policies of the resort, this place offers a very friendly environment for children and senior citizens. Also, if you are planning a visit here with your family, you do not have to worry as they will welcome you warmly like a generous host. If you are totally ignorant about the sport of skiing, the resort has a Ski School as well that would be more than happy to help you out. The Ski School offers you multiple learning courses such as alpine skiing and cross-country. Snow Board, Snow Shoes, Sports Outfitters and all the other skiing equipments are available here at nominal cost. And even if skiing doesn’t suit you, you have other multiple options such as Sleigh Trip, Curling, Paragliding, Ice Skating and Snow Tubing as well. So stop thinking and pack your bags. Masserberg Ski Resort is waiting for you!!

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