Mauth-Finsterauski Resort – A perfect vacation resort in Germany!



After going through all the hectic stuff throughout the year, all what a person’s body and mind ask for is a holiday to go to because vacation is the only time when one can expect a whole new phase of himself. Vacations have to be perfectly planned because nobody wants to risk the main opportunity to relax with their loved ones, right? Spending time with your family amidst the beautiful mountains all around you is an amazing choice for every vacation because one never gets bored of mountains. One can try winter sports up there to add a dash of thrill and excitement to their amazing vacation. A lot of ski resorts offer a range of slopes for you to learn skiing. One awesome choice to go for is the Mauth- Finsterau ski resort which has a tremendous elevation range and comes at affordable prices. Located in Reschbachtal, Bavaria Germany, the Mauth- Finsterau ski resort offers everything what a person who wants to try skiing this vacation would wish and that too at affordable prices. It is an optimum resort that takes care of your budget and provides you expert trainers to teach you how to ski by taking care of all the risks involved so that you can be assured of reliability to ensure your family’s safety.

 Mauth-Finsterauski Statistics


Base Elevation: 1000 m

Summit Elevation: 1100 m

Vertical Drop: 100 m

Resort details

The Mauth-Finsterau ski resort is a small but fine resort and takes care of all your needs. The winter sports area is located at an elevation range of 1000 meters (3280 feet) and 1100 meters (approx. 3608 feet). The resort offers only beginner level slopes, which is why it is an optimum family ski resort. Not only is that, but a valley run also available in the resort. The resort also offers skiing in the night for the people who prefer that. There is an ideal entry available for day time visitors.


How to Reach

The Mauth-Finsterau ski resort is accessible by all modes of transportation. You can drive your car all the way up there, or you can use a train, or you can also reach the nearest airport via air and take a bus or cab from there to the resort. If driving by car, you can reach the Skilift Mauth, Gefilder Straße, 94151 Mauth, Germany where a stone parking lot is available where you can park your car, and it is free of charge too. You can also reach the nearest station via train and take a bus or cab to reach the resort as there isn’t any direct train connection available. You can also reach the nearest airport and take a bus to the resort.

Ski lifts

Ski lifts are an essential component of a ski resort. They are required to transport the guest up and down the slope. Being a tiny resort, the Mauth-Finsterau ski resort has only one lift, and it is sufficient because there are only 0.5 kilometres (0.31 miles) of slopes available in the resort. The only lift present in the resort is a rope tow type lift which has a carrying capacity of 600 passengers per hour. The total lift length of the beginner lift is 0.1 kilometres (approx. 0.06 miles). The resort is a very inexpensive one and takes complete care of your budget. The main season day ticket for adults is $6.37 (6 Euros) and $4.78 (4.50 Euros) for children.

Skiing and snowboarding statistics


The Mauth-Finsterau ski resort offers optimum slopes for beginners in skiing. The people who know very little about skiing have come just to the right place. Unfortunately, if you want to improve your skills in skiing from intermediate level or you are an expert at skiing, then this resort is not for you. There are only easy slopes available in the resort. The total length of slopes available is 0.5 kilometres (0.31 miles). So if you want to learn skiing to improve your control, then this resort would be a great choice. So you and your family can come up here and enjoy this wonderful sport.

Learn to ski

If you don’t know how to ski, you need not worry because the Mauth-Finsterau ski resort has got you covered in that too. There is a range of ski courses available in the ski school at the Mauth-Finsterau so you can select from them as per your budget and comfort. Group lessons are available for people who prefer groups of people trained at once. Here, a group of two people is trained at once in the case of group courses. While on the other hand, there are the private lessons where one can have an assigned trainer to himself. Those who prefer private classes can go for private courses in the resort.

Accommodation and Lodging facilities

A lot of accommodation facilities are available near the Mauth-Finsterau ski resort for you to select from. The hotels range from inexpensive to luxurious so that you can stay in whichever hotel you feel like as per your budget and requirements. Family resorts are also available for you to have a comfortable stay with your family during your vacation. Some of the top facilities are: Scottish Highlander Guesthouse: With an amazing view all around the hotel, the Scottish highlander guesthouse offers family rooms for people to have a cosy stay. The hotel is close to the resort and has all that you’d wish to have on your vacation. All modern amenities like free Wi-Fi and gourmet are available in the hotel. Ferienwohnung Familie Köck: The apartments in the Ferienwohnung Familie Kock are spacious than most in Mauth. They offer a tranquil environment and a pleasant stay to all their visitors. At an affordable price, the apartments have almost everything one would need on a vacation. With so much on offer and a wide range of fun activities to try out, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this place. Go ahead and visit Mauth Ski Resort with family and friends. You won’t regret it, we promise! So what are you waiting for? Book your flight tickets and confirm your stays and have a vacation full of thrill and excitement these winters with your loved ones at the Mauth-Finsterau ski resort.

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