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McCauley Mountain Ski Center: The Best Place to Ski on



Here come the amazing winters and with it, the chance to enjoy and have fun. While the idea of having fun differs vastly from person to person, most are divided into two categories. The one who prefer to stay alone at home and spend their time watching their favorite TV shows or reading a book, sitting by the fireplace. The other type consists of the thrill lovers who wait all year for this incredible season to go out there and have fun to enjoy skiing and other adrenaline-pumping activities.

Nestled deep in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, this small mountain range has the attitude of a big mountain. The McCauley Mountain Ski Center has an average snowfall become the hub of all ski and snowboard lovers. Also, the facility of snowmaking is also available here. McCauley Mountain Ski Center is situated in the town of Webb, Herkimer County, New York. It is almost outside the settlement of Old Forge. This ski resort provides a total of 70 acres of skiable terrain and also 55 acres of snowmaking area. A total of about 21 trails is available for all levels of skiers.

McCauley Mountain Ski Center is ready to take you out of this dull, mundane world to an entirely different place, a paradise of snow where you could ride on your skis and snowboards and feel that heavenly bliss of speeding down the powdery slopes in a number of turns.

McCauley Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 1563 feet

Summit Elevation: 2250 feet

Vertical Drop: 633 feet

The beauty and charm of this place are undoubtedly captivating. The powdery mountain giving pleasure to the eyes, the skis and snowboards acting as an aid to advance down the icy trail in full speed, the different surface lifts providing access to these runs, various terrain parks, and several other things. McCauley Mountain Ski Center has certainly become an ideal place for all snow related fun activities.

When the earth is ready to put on a white gown and cover the entire meadow in the soft and pure snow, we know that winter has arrived. Moreover, when winter arrives, everyone must go skiing. McCauley is definitely one of the best ski centers and a place with breathtaking beauty.




The total area of skiable terrain that McCauley Mountain Ski Center provides stretches up to 70 acres, and 55 acres of area is also provided for snowmaking. There is a total of 22 runs provided by this ski resort. Of these 22 runs, 36% is for the beginner skiers, 45% is provided for the intermediate skiers, and 18% is available for the advanced skiers. However, there are no runs for the expert skiers.

McCauley Mountain Ski Center is well known for its diverse terrains.

The vertical drop of McCauley Mountain Ski Center is about 632 ft, the base elevation reaches up to 1562 ft, and the summit elevation rises to 2250 ft.

There is a total of 5 lifts. Among them, there are four surface lifts and one double chairlift. There are no triple chairlifts. The mesmerizing beauty of the McCauley Mountain Ski Center can be viewed through these lifts. The experience that these lifts provide is just out of this world. They are comfortable plus the safety is well maintained.

There are two T-bar tows, two rope tows, and one double chairlift. There is top-notch grooming, bump runs, and glades for the expert and intermediate skiers. Double black diamond runs are also available. Easier trails from the summit are also provided. This makes McCauley Mountain Ski Center one of the best places in the region to ski and have fun with dear ones.

The Chalet also has the facility of free wifi.


During the summers, the McCauley Mountain Ski Center organizes a scenic chairlift ride. In this people have a great experience of riding over the beautiful mountains and their eyes get a chance to feed on the scenic beauty of this mountain. This however, reopens by late June and remains closed for the season.

The other special events include the Polar Bear Ski Club Consignment Sale and the Winter Carnival.

All these events make McCauley a great tourist attraction. These add to the beauty of this already beautiful place.

These events work like magnets which attract people from almost all over the world.

McCauley Mountain Ski Center is also home to two Olympic skiers namely, John “Louie” Ehrensbeck and Hank Kashiwa. These two popular personalities have even made this place a really popular one. In fact, McCauley Mountain Ski Center skiers also take the training in order to be eligible and apply for the Louie Olympic Tune.

Lessons and Programs



Apart from teaching the techniques of skiing, the McCauley Snow Sports School believes in a more interesting way of making people learn new techniques by an entertaining way.

A variety of adventure programs is available because this is the place where this great sport is introduced. Basically, the goal of these lessons and programs is to develop better skiers and snowboarders for their next adventures.

In these programs, they teach the techniques by splitting the groups according to the age, ability, and independence but they do not forget to combine the group whenever needed.

Children who are introduced to these programs are required to have prior knowledge of managing the equipment and handling the ski lifts. Also, regular attendance is recommended for better results. This helps a lot in the enhancement of the skills of the beginner skiers and also assist them in understanding the various techniques related to skiing.


McCauley Mountain Ski Center provides an excellent variety of lodging options. The required lodges, cabins, hotels, cottages, and so forth are available within 2 km of the skiing resort or slightly far away, so the customers face no such lodging problems.

Clark’s Beach Motel, Great Pines, Marina Motel, The Big Moose Inn, The Edge Hotel, The Lodge at Headwaters, Adirondack Lodge Old Forge, Country Club Motel, North Woods Inn, Pine Knoll Lodge and Cabins, and Waters Edge Inn are among the best lodges near the resort area.

These lodges have been designed keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of the people. The food that is served out here is hot and delicious, mouth watering to be precise.

All these lodges are fully equipped with all the necessities plus additional care is also provided. All in all, it is a really comfortable place to have fun with your acquaintances.

The Perfect Place in the Region!

If you are a snow-crazed person and are obsessed with skiing and other snow sports, then McCauley Mountain Ski Center is a perfect place for you. Not only skiing, but people come from all over the world to experience different adventures provided by this ski resort and also for the mesmerizing scenic beauty of this place which has the power to bewitch the mind and soul of each and every person. The scenic chairlift ride is just breathtakingly beautiful.

When your famished eyes feast on the scenic beauty of the snow covered mountains and your body advance down the powdery slopes when you are all geared up with your skis and snowboards on, you will definitely feel that excitement and thrill that is just out of this world.

So, if you are also a snow lover and if the smell of winter instills that excitement in you or even if you are a sports enthusiast, then this place is eagerly waiting for you. Be it skiing, snowboarding, snowmaking, beautiful chairlift rides, or snowshoeing, this place is really one of the best for every snow related adventure. Even if you are new to all this, you must give it a try because it is worth it. Not only this but the captivating beauty of nature which can be viewed during those scenic chairlift rides or the skiing adventure is ever ready to shower its breathtaking beauty on you.

What are you waiting for when the mountains are calling you with the pure snow sprinkled on them? Grab your passes and book your tickets for this place because McCauley Mountain Ski Center is worth the visit. Visit McCauley Mountain Ski Center and have the best winter time ever!

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